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Jun 30, 2017 | Only Berlin

I have been married for 15 years and God gifted us with four boys. And anytime now,  we are expecting the birth of our fifth boy.  The arrival of each baby brought a major adjustment to our growing family.  There are times we struggle that even the boys suffer from their parents’ mistakes and misjudgment.

A mother’s pride and joy

It takes a mother to understand a mother's heart

It takes a mother to understand a mother’s heart| My three boys at Art in Island a few months after I resigned from work.

Luckily, I would like to assume we have three understanding and compassionate older children.  They help their parents take care of their youngest brother.  They even help with the household chores.  Our kids also value their education. At the end of each school year, we always have the privilege to shake hands with school officers and accept their congratulations.  Our boys never fail to bring home school medals and certificates.

A mother rediscovers motherhood

It takes a mother to understand a mother's heart

It takes a mother to understand a mother’s heart| Mama and our Little Man at 2 months old

Life has been pretty easy with us.  Then  I learned I was with a child.   My husband and I decided that I resign from work to be a full-time mom to the three boys and also to look after our baby number four.   We welcomed our new bundle of joy with so much love and hope.  Our happy home became happier and noisier.  It was also with the arrival of our Little Man that fulfilled my longing to be a full-time mother.  I was able to breastfeed my son, babywear him, and co-sleep with him.  Indeed, I felt motherhood and understood its essence.

Motherhood, as I live it, is a gift not everyone can appreciate until she learns to truly live it.

A mother’s new bundle of joy

It was during our most trying times when we learned I am again heavy with a child.  Our Little Man was at the hospital for almost a week because of some illness.  Thus knowing I am expecting didn’t bring joy to me at first.


Also, I have been used to taking care of our youngest son. I know having another kid to look after would certainly mean less time for my Little Man.  I imagine how our sleeping pattern would be.  Our 22-month-old boy just can’t sleep at night without being near his mother.   I could always offer my breast and soothe him back to sleep whenever he needs to nurse.     I also realized breastfeeding during the night is easier when the baby is nearby.  More than the ease, it is night nursing that helps sustain my milk supply until now. Plus, it truly is a lovely experience to wake up next to a smiling baby.


So imagine my agony thinking of ways to co-sleep with him and our new baby.  I simply cannot betray my son and let him sleep with his big brothers in the boys’ room. Not yet.

Everything that can work, will work.

That is Yphrum’s law. And I felt that heaven and earth must have heard my cry and gave the solution right in front of me.

It takes a mother to understand a mother’s heart 

What makes motherhood easier and enjoyable nowadays are the innovations the market is offering.  And mostly, these breakthrough products are designed to help mom’s life easier.  Perhaps moms have little tolerance for things that do not work the way they should be.  Such mothers make the improvement themselves or totally introduce an innovation they believe as the solution for their needs.  They give birth to a new baby product and share it with other moms because they truly care.  Such product is the babycuddle bed we got for our baby number five.

It takes a mother to understand a mother's heart

It takes a mother to understand a mother’s heart (photo credit:
Babycuddleph Facebook page)

With a babycuddle bed, I could co-sleep with our infant on one side, he placed comfortably within the cuddle nest.  The stable bumper of his bed would provide the protection he needs as he sleeps beside me.  And on my other side is our Little Man who still breastfeeds at night and can’t sleep without being in my arms.


We are yet to try the babycuddle bed.  Our OB-Gyne told me I am ready to give birth anytime this week until about two weeks from now. And I am so excited to see our baby’s reaction to his bed.  But more than that, I am just thankful for the special passion some moms have to bring an idea to life.  The result of this dedication and pure love to their children are just invaluable.


Baby products such as the babycuddle bed are worth their weight in gold.  More than the comfort these products bring to moms like me, it is the act of sharing with other mothers their “baby” that makes it truly precious.

After all,

It takes a mother to understand a mother’s heart.

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  1. Melisa Sanchez

    “The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”.
    Excited na ako Berns na makita si baby no.5 🙂 I salute you Berns for being a good and responsible mother nakikita ko talaga ang iyang pagpupunyagi para sa iyong mga anak at pamilya :*

  2. Michi

    I bought a crib for my son but he only used it for one month, nag co-sleep na lang kami kasi mas convenient. How I wish may babycuddle bed na nung time na yun. Raising one kid is not easy, how much more 4 + baby in the womb, so don’t forget to tap your shoulder because you are doing a great job. 🙂

  3. EINz

    That’s a good product! I remember before, co-sleeping with my newborn makes me paranoid and worried that I may rolled over her while asleep! This product is very helpful to moms, especialy new moms.

  4. Nerisa

    Having a baby is always a blessing. And for you, its times 5 pa! 🙂 That baby cuddle bed is so cute. nakakatuwa mag baby ngayon. there are a lot of new things in the market to help aid new moms. .

    • momiberlin

      yes, i couldn’t agree more. so many new discoveries and innovations all to help a mom’s life easier and more comfortable.

  5. Jerzee Benavente

    I’m glad to know that you found a product that will ease your problems in co-sleeping when baby 5 comes out. I just hope I won’t need one myself anymore. Hahaha! But this new found product of yours will surely help other mamas with the same dilemma.

    • momiberlin

      hahahahha. i pray that God blesses you with another kid. Hahhahaha. having a baby could be real fun. And yes, love the babycuddle and excited to use it.

  6. Nilyn Matugas

    If in case I get pregnant again, I would love to have this one. The crib never worked for us. I hope this one’s affordable. hehe. I’m excited to see the little boy! Also, Yael is so cutie patootie pa dito sa pic nyo. I know it will not be easy but I adore you for being so strong for your family.

    • momiberlin

      Yael didn’t like to stay in his crib as well so we co-sleep. it turned out as an advantage as i could sleep as he breastfeeds. Ihihi. And thank you for the kind words.

      The babycuddle is such a promising product. by the time you have a new baby, surely out baby number 5 is big by then. I could give this babycuddle to you to use.

  7. Ayi

    How I wish I discovered this earlier! My kids have 18 months gap and dividing time and attention between them was a bit struggle. It’s all about timing and taking advantage of one’s naptime so I can pay attention to the other. hehe. On second thought, congratulations on Baby Number 5! Boy again! 🙂



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