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Jan 31, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

Like attracts like.

That is the Law of Attraction. It says that we could use the power of the mind to translate our wants into reality. Or simply put, all thoughts turn into concrete things. And it happened to me one Thursday when I visited the preview of the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair year 7.

Like attracts like at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 7

Sticking to my shopping list

I went to SM Megamall Megatrade Halls 1, 2, and 3 with one goal. I will buy only the necessities my 17-month-old son needs. I will not let myself be affected by those cute bed linens, baby shirts, and colorful toys. I pretty much emerged as the victorious momi as I left the crowded hall with two bags full of baby needs.

I got my baby a big pack of diaper. It will be for his month’s use or more as I am now potty training him. We also got the largest baby bath for him. I could easily remove this baby bath from this month’s grocery list giving us significant savings. And since our son has five teeth, I got him a tooth gel cleanser. It will make his brush time more fun.

irresistible finds at 50% off

Pushing our cart along the jam-packed hall, I stopped by the Fisher Price booth and took a glance at some of the cute tiny shoes. I easily made my pick and got it for my son. My little buddy showed enthusiasm as well as I let him try on the shoes. We were about to line up at Cashier 8 when I chanced upon Bloom Maternity, an Australian owned company offering designer maternity clothing. The little black nursing dress was just too irresistible not to bring home or at least try. It fitted me perfectly and got it.  By the way, I got my son’s shoes and my black nursing dress both at 50% off.

Like attracts like at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 7| My little man’s new shoes 🙂

There was one kiosk within the hall where I stayed for about 15 minutes or more. I weighed things out should I get those too attractive Marcus & Marcus baby feeding set. It would be perfect for my son but was too impractical to buy. My boy already got his feeding set which I also bought at last year’s grand baby fair. So I left the Marcus & Marcus booth a little sad but proud of myself. I was able to control myself from spending much.

Like attracts like at the Baby Company Grand Baby Fair 7| The Marcus & Marcus baby feeding set I’ve been wanting to buy for my son.

Like attracts like

It is said that we are all likely to influence the laws which control the universe. And one of those is the Law of Attraction. I was able to use it to my advantage without putting harm on others. I imagined my son using the Marcus & Marcus baby feeding set and visualized him giggling as I feed him. I put it down after some thoughts, reassuring myself to buy it in time.

The Universe must have heard, felt and seen my desire for that baby item. And I got it for free along with the swag bag. The swag bag contains baby essentials and mommy needs which one could get for a minimum single receipt purchase of P5,000. Getting the swag bag was one of the many perks of being a Mom card holder.

All baby needs and mom essentials found inside our swag bag.

So dear mommies and daddies? Want to turn those thoughts into reality? Use the Law of Attraction to your advantage. But to attract the Universe to be on your side, be happy and free yourself of any negativity. Open your mind and enjoy the natural abundance of the Universe.  Luck and gratitude will always be on your side.

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  1. Aica Batoon

    Aww, your son is too cute! Too bad we did not hear about this event beforehand. I have two beautiful nieces. For sure, if we had the chance to come we will be attracted by those cute bed linens, baby shirts and colorful toys! We are very weak to temptations when it comes to my nieces, I hope they do not get too spoiled! Hehe.

  2. Dominique Goh

    Those are some good bargains that you got. I do believe in the law of attraction and staying positive most of the time. IT does help you be more productive and happy too.

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    Wow! Andami o! Ang cute nung feeding set. Lalo na yung bib! Gustong gusto ko din yan bilhin for Nate dati pero di talaga ako nakahanap. Ganda ng mga nabili mo! nice! ♥

  4. May Palacpac

    You got some good picks there! I remember how fun it is to shop for babies! I miss it sometimes, haha. I don’tthink i can do the grand fair,though. I cannot handle crowds.

  5. jared's mum

    I love how you injected the Laws of Attraction into this post, mummy! ^_^ I am learning all about that, too, this year, as I aim to finish the book “The Secret” soon.

    Going to the Grand Baby Fair is always a treat for mums. I remember carrying big Jared in my other arm while lagging the big swag bag on the other {the secret why I have these big arms, see! :P} and how I felt giddy at the sight of all those awesome baby products which you can get for a steal! It was here where we saw the little man’s favorite, Pocoyo, and he was sooo happy!

    I miss going to the Grand Baby Fair, hopefully I will have an excuse to visit the next one! 😉

  6. Nerisa

    Same here. Whenever I go to a Kids or Baby Fair… I easily get caught in those cute little things and needs to exert a lot of self control just so I wont be spending what is not needed. The Swag Bag has lots of freebies! galing!

  7. Kcalpesh Ajugia

    My wife and I most of the times end up shopping beyond the items mentioned on our list. Especially when shopping for our 5 year old kid. Its good that we would most of the times wait for the sale period to do a major chunk of our shopping. Saves a lot. Fisher Price is a good brand with lot of cute products. I remember on of the fisher price infant to toddler rocking chair we had bought, became an instant hit with the kiddo and he used it for almost 3 years straight. I can imagine your joy, seemingly like icing on the cake when you got those very much desired goodies for free 🙂

  8. Gemma

    Nothing beats free items! I love your picks especially since you took the time to decide if it was worth buying or not. In the end, the universe conspired to make your goals a reality!


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