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Jun 9, 2017 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Who would have thought that one can create packed lunches using Maya Pancake Mix?  Well, in our family, we use Maya Ready Mix in making waffles and crepes.  We haven’t tried using it for salad wraps, though.

This momi would love to share a recipe she got from Maya Kitchen. Yes, to put the fun back into packed lunches, the Maya Kitchen has come up with great meal ideas.  These are all practical and full of flavor and variety as they aim to satisfy especially our school kids.

Whole Wheat Crabsticks Salad Wrap

back-to-school Maya Kitchen packed lunches

back-to-school Maya Kitchen packed lunches

This light and easy lunch is a yummy combination of green and red lettuce.  It also has carrots, cucumbers, and crab sticks in a wrap using Maya Whole Wheat “Think Heart” Pancake Mix.

3 pieces egg
2 tbsp melted butter or vegetable oil
1 1/2 cup fresh milk or water

1 pack Maya Whole Wheat “Think Hear” Pancake Mix 200g

green and red leaf lettuce
10 pieces crab sticks (imitation) or kani, shredded
2 pieces carrots, julienned and lightly blanched

1 piece medium-sized cucumber, peeled, seeded and julienned

1/2 cup Japanese mayonnaise, as needed
wasabi powder or paste, as needed

honey (optional)


Prepare Crepe:  Mix all ingredients in a bowl until well blended and smooth.  Pour 1/4 cup crepe mixture into a lightly greased preheated non-stick pan and tilt from side to side until crepe mixture form in the pan.  Let it set and cook.  Set aside to cool.

Prepare Dressing:  Combine mayonnaise and wasabi.  Mix until well blended.  To equalize the taste you may add honey.

To assemble: Lay one crepe on a clean working surface and arrange on topside of crepe the lettuce leaves, crab sticks. carrots, and cucumber.  Drizzle mayo dressing over the vegetables; close and wrap.  Best serve cold.

Yield:  10 wraps

Maya Kitchen Packed lunches

As mentioned, Maya is generous enough to share even more recipes on the website.  But if you are seriously considering leveling up your cooking skills, you may join the Maya Kitchen’s basic culinary workshops.   For schedules and other details, check Momi Berlin’s Directory.

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Maya Kitchen Website | Facebook | Instagram |Twitter


  1. Emman Damian

    What a great recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mona Verdida

    Wow. This is a great baon idea for the kids and for adults, too. 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!

  3. Ria C

    This whole meal pack is something even adults can enjoy, and not just the wee ones. 🙂 I think I can prepare this too for one of my breakfast meals at work.

  4. Nilyn Matugas

    Uy, this looks tasty ah! Naku, lapit na si Nate magschool. Gusto ko din gawan sya ng packed lunch din! It’s healthier at tipid na din, kesa bili ng bili sa canteen.

  5. Michi

    Packed lunches are better than buying in school or offices because you can save money. In addition, you can pack healthy meals that will suit your diet. May whole wheat pancake mix pala, yung regular lang nakikita ko pa.

  6. Amanda-Curly Sue Review

    Great recipie. It looks so tasty and I love that it is simple to make! It would be great for kids lunch boxes or even for me to bring to work. I think I’ll add it to my recipie list. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Teresa Dumadag

    I love crab stick or kani salad. It would also be nice to eat it with a tortilla wrap. I love that it’s paired with grapes. 🙂 I think this is something my husband would love as his packed lunch to the office. My kids are homeschooled so I don’t prepare packed lunches for them.


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