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May 26, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

I have a confession to make.  I hid my pregnancy from most of my friends and even to my mother.  My reason?  Read on to know more.

The One-Eyed Doe

A Doe had had the misfortune to lose one of her eyes, and could not see any one approaching her on that side.

So to avoid any danger she always used to feed on a high cliff near the sea, with her sound eye looking towards the land. By this means she could see whenever the hunters approached her on land, and often escaped by this means.

But the hunters found out that she was blind of one eye, and hiring a boat rowed under the cliff where she used to feed and shot her from the sea.

“Ah,” cried she with her dying voice: “You cannot escape your fate”.

The pregnant daughter

Funny that on my fifth pregnancy, I wasn’t able to tell my mom I am pregnant.  I simply can’t because I am still nursing a less than two-year-old baby.  Good thing my mother would only visit our house at night and every time she visits, I always have my little man by my lap breastfeeding.  She didn’t know anything until one day.

We were alone in the car when my mom suddenly asked me “Are you pregnant?”  I answered yes.  She further told me it was my Second Son who mentioned to her “I think mama is pregnant.  Her tummy is growing big.”

Moral of Aesop’s Fable

You cannot escape your fate.

I am pregnant and sooner and later everyone would know, my mother included.  It is something I cannot hide forever. Any attempt to control fate by doing the logical thing remains futile just like the doe who tried to escape her fate from dying because of her defect.


  1. EINz

    I remember hiding my first pregnancy from everyone including my parents. On the fifth month, on our wedding day, that’s the only time everyone confirmed about it upon seeing me walking down the aisle. Yes, we can never escape our fate. Every thing that happened was meant to be, as we can only fully embrace what exactly was meant for us.

  2. Janice

    Well, as they say, all secrets come out eventually. Pregnancy is especially harder to conceal.

  3. Michi

    You cannot hide anything from your mom kahit matanda na tayo. hehehe! During my second pregnancy, I did not tell anyone hanggat di ko sure na ok yung baby. Nakunan kasi ko sa una.

  4. Nerisa

    Maybe, (just my thought) you were waiting for the perfect time to tell your mom about your pregnancy. Have a healthy one. Shoo away the stress 🙂

  5. May

    Announcing my pregnancy with my youngest was difficult for me too. I was also nursing a 1 year + baby when I conceived and it was such a difficult time for us financially, so I wasn’t expecting good feedback, you know what I mean? Thankfully, things came into place and my baby is now a 6 year old tornado haha!

  6. momshouotout

    so true, we really cannot escape from our fate especially if it involves ones life


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