MOMI INVITES| Freelancer Fair on Sept 2

Aug 31, 2017 | Likes, Links, Only Berlin

Perhaps now is the time to turn that entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Manila Workshops is set to stage the Freelancer Fair on September 2, 2017.  This country’s first and largest Freelance event is now on its second year.  Venue is at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig City and the fair will be from 9:00 am to.6:00 pm.

MOMI INVITES| Freelancer Fair on Sept 2

MOMI INVITES| Freelancer Fair on Sept 2

With this year’s theme Cultivating Relationships, the event promises to give participants a full day of learning.  Expected are a series of talks, panel discussions, and networking with freelancers, industry experts, and businesses.

Filipino freelancer statistics

In the Philippines, there are about 1.4M freelancers working “online.” Mostly, these are virtual assistants, graphic artists, programmers, marketers, and animators among others. Still not included in this number are freelancers who are working “offline.”  These are the photographers, videographers, make-up artists, fitness coaches, and consultants.  As the gig economy is now widely accepted as a realizable option for a career, freelancers in the country are growing in numbers.

Manila Workshops believes

Manila Workshops always believes in the talents of the Filipinos.  The group would want to make it widely known that being a freelancer is a profession. Many successful individuals who have made it in this industry took it to the heart to always be ahead of the curve.  They do this by learning new skills and by adapting to the changes happening.  Given this, Manila Workshops would want to educate people on how freelancing can be a door to many more possibilities aside from being a mere profession.

Manila Workshops invites

So if you are:

  • A successful and experienced freelancer, come and share your knowledge, inspire and help other newbies
  • An aspiring freelancer, come and learn from the experts
  • An aspiring entrepreneur, learn how freelancing can give you the freedom and the funds to work on your dream business
  • A business owner, check out what types of processes or responsibilities you can actually outsource
  • A licensed professional, check out the new trends and how you can stay ahead of the curve
  • An employee, see what the fuss is all about and the exciting possibilities in store when you become a freelancer
  • Looking for a “passion” or something that will ignite the fire in you, come and network with people who are living a life full of it!

Freelancer Fair goals

The Freelancer Fair aims to nurture the career and lifestyle of these people by cultivating three key relationships:

1st step: Relationship with Self – learn how Freelancing can help you plant and water your personal and professional goals

2nd step: Relationship with Family and Loved Ones – discover the freedom and flexibility in store, so you can spend more time with people who truly matter

3rd step: Relationship with the Community – learn and get advice from a community who can equip you with insights, skills, tools, and networks to expand your professional and business opportunities

Momi Berlin invites

Be part of this community.  Learn, be inspired, and soar high.  Push that passion. Believe that you can make a name in the freelancing industry.  Sometimes, all it takes is to be part of a community ready to believe in you and push you beyond your limits.

Join and be part of the Freelance Fair 2017.

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