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Apr 18, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

My little man is enjoying his afternoon nap, so I decided to finish this post.  I wrote the preliminary draft last week, and it’s a shame not to post this as the story of the Kindness of the Farmer is truly worth sharing.

Kindness of The Farmer

Once, a king’s army was going back after a battle. Their food supplies got finished. The king asked his soldiers to go to a nearby village and get the grains. Some soldiers and their commander entered the village and met a farmer. The commander asked him, “Dear farmer, can you lead us to this village’s largest field?”

He took them to a large field. The commander ordered his soldiers, “Cut and collect all the grains.” At this, the farmer got scared, He said, “Sir, come and I’ll show you another field.”

The soldiers went with him to a small field. They collected the grains from that field. The commander asked the farmer why he led them to this field. The farmer replied, “That field belongs to someone else. How could I let you destroy it? This is my field and here I can allow you to do, what I wish.”

The king learnt of the farmer’s kind concern for others and paid him handsomely for his grains.

The Loving Second Son

Kindness begets kindness: Our Second has always been very patient with our little tot.

Kindness begets kindness: Our Second has always been very patient with our little tot.

Among the three kuyas, our little man is closest to our Second Son.  Often, we refer him as the tatay (father) of our 19-month-old boy. Our little tot would run towards the door every time he hears the school bus.  He would climb to his Kuya’s lap every time the latter eats dinner or lunch.  And it is only Second Son who could put him to sleep and wash him without much struggle.

Then I observed the three boys when with our youngest son.  Our Second Son is one doting brother.  He plays with the little one and let the small boy touch his Rubix cube and guitar.  Our young man allows his little brother climb on his chair and give him food whenever he eats.  He even lets the little tot hold his spoon and share his food.  He is never maselan.

When around his two other older bros, the little boy prefers to play alone.  It is because the two boys also opt just to read a book or watch a television show without being bothered.  They do not want their ice cream to be licked, or their spoon be touched.

This morning, Second Son woke up early.  He asked his father’s permission to go around the neighborhood for a morning walk.  He asked as well if he could bring with him our little 19-month old.  His father agreed.

An hour had passed, and the two brothers were still not home.  Husband asked for the car key and made a quick tour around the subdivision.  He found his two sons at Ate Emy’s small grocery store.  Our Second Son bought Dutch Milk and marshmallows for our hungry little tot.

Kindness begets kindness

The stories of the farmer and my Second Son both show that if we do good to others, we also get more good in return.  And it doesn’t matter if the kindness is given to a little 19-month old kid.  He understands the act thus returns the same kind gesture.



  1. Michi

    What a sweet kuya, he knows how to take care the youngest one. Nowadays, you feel scared if your child or children are not yet home, nakakaparanoid na. But when I was young, I can go out and play outside without adult supervision.

  2. Gilian

    True. Kindness no matter how long the return is will always be returned. I remember the story of David and how he looked for someone in Jonathan’s lineage to whom he can show kindness to. It took years but kindness was returned not only to the person but also to his children. 🙂
    Keep raising sweet boys. 🙂 This generstion needs it. 🙂

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    Kuya Miguel is such a sweet and loving kuya! I hope Nate will be like him too pag nagkaroon na sya ng kapatid. Kaso sa ngayon, ayaw nya na naman ng kapatid! lol.


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