MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| How big is your heart?

Nov 20, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

I give up!

That was my loud wail. I left husband sitting on the kitchen counter too stunned to even say a word. I closed our bedroom door and cried.

On Giving up

This mother felt too exhausted. With the many household chores, school activities, and writing commitment, l just wanted my alone time. But with an active toddler and a needy infant to feed and take care of, it seems my desire to have my peace can’t possibly happen.

So I just cried. I stayed in the bedroom the whole day.

On Caring

The following morning, I cooked breakfast and prepared the boys’ school baon. I also cooked lunch and dinner.

All the three boys were at school while the two little ones were still asleep. I ate my breakfast in silence. Then husband approached me.

“I instructed the boys to fold their own clothes to unburden you of some chores. Mentioned also not to forget to wash their own plates as they leave for school and after their dinner,” husband relayed.

I was only listening. I know the boys would be responsible for a few days only and after that would again forget such kind of agreement.

On Loving

Then husband continued. “Last night, our Second son folded his shirts and shorts. He asked me if he needs to include yours. I told him it’s up to him. If his heart is too big, he could include your clothes, too. If he doesn’t like to, it is just okay. That evening, I saw him folding your shirts as well.”

How about you?

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MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| How big is your heart?

MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| How big is your heart?

That morning as well, I baked a butterscotch bread to say my thanks.


  1. Swayam Tiwari

    Short and sweet. Mommies have to do the household chores of the kids at all times…in all situations…There is no heart bigger than moms’

    • momiberlin

      I find it as a given that moms do almost anything they think they can for the sake of their family. It is not bragging but it has been part of their DNA.

  2. Joanna Davis

    I think it is normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, it is not easy to be a mother and also have other responsibilities as well. I think that what your husband and children did to make you feel better is admirable. Even if little, your son folded your clothes because of love. It’s such a great lesson your children are learning!

    • momiberlin

      I hope they continue to respect and love their parents. And I really pray that they be good and admirable parents when they become one.

  3. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Oh i feel you! Many times i feel exhausted. Especially now that we have a newborn baby. Two kids were grown up yet still cannot sometimes help me in doing little things. Burnt out is very common for moms like us. And its all ok to vent and sometimes just shut the door and walk out in silence…

  4. Nish DyosaTheMomma

    Oh! How I could relate so much to this! Considering that I only have 1 daughter at this point! I could just imagine your exhaustion and admiring you more for how you carry yourself so well despite wearing so many hats. <3

  5. Gene Rose

    Parenting and family life is daunting more so motherhood. I am not a mother yet but I feel where you are coming from. Most of the time, mothers are taken for granted. And family members overlook the fact that alone time as a mother is important for a mother’s well being. Thus teaching the kids to be responsible enough to do house chores can really mean the world to their mothers. ❤️

  6. mariaisquixotic

    There are times that we just feel we need to shout or slam the door because we have been tiring and burning ourselves to the ground. I really admire you for doing everything for all of them. This is unbelievable especially for mothers. Sometimes, we take them for granted and never truly understand and realize what you have been doing for us. I appreciate what your son did, that was so sweet and truly, actions speak louder than words.

  7. SofarsoSabine

    Baking is always a great idea. To say thanks, yes, I could do the same actually. Being a mom is not always easy. I feel that as well. Staying grateful is important, no matter if you’re a mom yourself of being grateful to your own mother.

  8. Mary Ann Clemente

    Short and sweet. It’s great that your husband was able to determine that you really needed help. How caring of your family. I guess I’ll understand how big my heart is when I become a mother myself 🙂

  9. theresa

    Aaaawww. I felt this mommy. i feel your pain as well. I am like that when our son was still months old. Perhaps it’s PPS. Now, I can say I adjusted a bit. It’s only a single child. What more if we will be blessed with another one. I think I would really sit and cry as well. Hugs mommy!

  10. Milton Coyne

    I remember myself when i was a kid… when my mom is really irritated with all the mess we made in our room and she had to clean it for us… one time I remember her scolding us teaching us how to be responsible because we are not babies anymore… my bro and I tried to comfort her by doing all the house chores haha… I wish the dishes (the chores i hate the most hahaha) while my little brother clean the living room.. we even had enough energy to clean our bedrooms just to please our mom that day and guess you are right.. we went back to scratch after few days haha

  11. Michi (@michisolee)

    I feel you, this also happens to me when I have so many things to do. That is why I’m trying my best to teach my son to do chores para masanay na siya. Moms need a break too, nakakapagod din minsan.

  12. Melisa Sanchez

    I feel you Berns, sometimes it’s very exhausted but I thank God that Lemuel is always there for me to assist me in my house chores and di na sya naghihintay na sabihan alam nya na ang gagawin nya. I think ang generation ng mga bata ngayon ay talagang ulit ulitin ang pag remind sa kanila at dapat malaki ang pasensya mo.

  13. gilian

    Oh, I cried yesterday, too. haha All the chores I can do, sometimes the kids help me fold and I welcome the help. What I can’t handle too much are the emotional outbursts/tantrums if you want to call it, from my 2nd son. The nonsense demands, etc. those are the ones that get me. =) I told my husband I can do chores alll day, just help me when the kids start to cry AT THE SAME TIME. hahaa


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