Nov 19, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

I saw John Carney’s Begin Again.  And I liked it.  Sometimes too poignant and at other times a little heartwarming, nonetheless, the flick was pretty impressive.  The storytelling was told in an unconventional way that kept me wanting the two leads to end up together.

Though some scenes were unsurprising and some dialogues tedious, the abundance of music made the film likable.  At least to me.

The characters drove me insane for one hour and 40 minutes. The flick had the most unusual engaging pair.  They were pretty much appealing.  At first, I hated Mark Ruffalo’s messy, bushy, and fat appearance, but I have learned to accept him the way I first admired him at “13 going on 30.”  And Keira; her cheeks looked sunken, but I enjoyed watching her sing, pause, stare, and smile.

The movie started with two lost souls joined to create beautiful music.  And because “Begin Again” is an unusual film, even I did not see the ending coming. Very subtle.  The ending was pretty much the same as the songs of Gretta —

And yes the songs.  Bet the soundtrack will be a hit, perhaps more will come back for the music.



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