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Dec 7, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

God blessed our family with kids.  For so many years, it was only my mom and me.  Now that I am a mother, I never thought God would give us boys to make the house livelier, noisier, but more meaningful.  And how do we spend some nights together?  The following are just a few of our family bonding activities you could try at home too.


Family Bonding Activities on OUR SMALL THEATER

January 11, 2012


Together, we love watching movies on DVD.  This time, though, the boys thought of something new.

No S.T. (small theater) ticket, No entry.  Second son handed me this small ticket.  I have to present this to Bunso upon entering the small theater (our bedroom).

Bunso set up the video.

Now showing is the animated movie, Rio.

Firstborn entered the small theater hugging a big bucket of popcorn.

Bunso turned off the lights as the movie is about to start in 5…4…3…2…1…

An hour or two before we bid each other a splendid night’s sleep, we are in our favorite spots with our favorite books, not minding anyone nearby.



Aside from reading books, my family shares another common interest – jigsaw puzzle. And we have Vincent Van Gogh’s a thousand jigsaw puzzle piece to keep us together during the holidays.

But we haven’t completed the puzzle til now.

Family Bonding Activities on FAMILY GAME NIGHT

March 14, 2012

Our giant jigsaw puzzle was one tedious undertaking that we’ve decided to put it off until a later time.  We bought a Monopoly game board instead to replace the Van Gogh puzzle.  And the game board was such a hit that the boys would request to play it again and again.

Bunso is our reliable banker (and my secret alliance) And from time to time during the game, he would utter his enthusiasm.  “I love my job.”

We played Monopoly twice that day and thrice a day after that.  And I doubt if the boys will beg off today. As bunso mentioned last night, “Our Monopoly game should be played at night only.  It says here ‘FAMILY GAME NIGHT.’ After office, we play again, ok?”





  1. Yan

    Aw quality time with your kids! Who says you have to go out to have fun? And it was your son who set up everything pa, sweet! You really are blessed! <3

    • momiberlin

      Those are memories na lang. They feel and act as grown ups already so we seldom play already. We still watch together, though.

  2. Sam

    Must be so fun to be in your home, Ms. Berlin!! 🙂 I remembered when I was younger, my dad used to play scrabble and snake and ladders with me and my sister every weekend night. Medyo blurry na yung memory ngayon, pero i will never forget the fun we had back then 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Those memories will always be our reason for coming home. That I always tell myself.

  3. Chardy

    You guys are so sweet! I’m sure your bunso will grow up to be a great kid that would make you proud as you have cultivated so much love and care for your child. I’m so happy to read things like these online.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for finding time to visit and read. And of course, thank you for the kind words.

  4. Liana

    You are so sweet guys! It’s so important to make time for bonding and family activities, because it makes it all when they grow up. I’m so grateful to read things like this online, and it’s so interesting to see those type of activities! Maybe I will do the same!

    • momiberlin

      One thing is for sure, it will always be fun and crazy when living in with kids. You somehow become a kid at heart as well.

  5. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Quality time with kids are the best stress reliever for me. When i see them happy and enjoying whenever im around and i join them super sarap ng feeling. Every friday night is our movie night with popcorn and drinks inside our room. Then on weekends we play either in the garage or inside the house and i can see the sprk on their eyes when me or their daddy is goofing around with them.. ibang level ang saya ng mga bata di ba..

    • momiberlin

      i super agree. and they will not be kids forever so might as well cherish and enjoy the moment

  6. Indrani

    This is a favorite game in my family too. We have spent several summer days indulging in this game. I believe it does help build investment skills in young minds.

  7. Johna

    Aww how sweet! I don’t have kids but a lot of my friends loveee playing monopoly with their kids hehe. I also used to love (still do!) the game. A lot of fun! And it’s great that they’re reading in their spare time at a young age.

  8. ASKSonnie

    Both my kids are in college now, I missed the time when they’re still little and when we do similar activities in the past. Ohh time flies 🙁

    Soon, this time and emotional investment w/ your kids will matter when they make choices (to believe and follow you or follow their friends) in their teenage years.

  9. KT Nielsen

    Wow! I love the dynamics of your family. I wish we can have that too. My husbands works overseas and is home after 3-4 months at sea. So when he comes home, we strive to do things that we can enjoy as a family. My baby is still pretty young so we couldn’t really make traditions yet so maybe in a couple of years or so we would be able to let her join Monopoly games as well. I love that your family loves books. #FamilyGoals indeed!


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