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Nov 29, 2016 | Love, Only Berlin

My boys’ “Anecdotes from Tots” is now in its 17th installment.  And as I retype everything, I could not help but giggle a little, sometimes laugh hard, and even a few moments shed a tear or two.  My children are growing up real fast, and they even regard themselves like grown ups already.  Will I hear more of those witty and surprising remarks from them?  Perhaps I need to wait for our little man to grow up some more.

Anecdotes from tots on Three Wishes

May 19, 2014

Often, we would walk as we go to church to attend mass.  This gives us time to hold hands and bond with our boys.

Snippets of conversation with my eight-year-old, and they do fascinate me a lot!

Big Bunso:  Mama.

Momi Berlin:  Yes, Big Bunso.

Big Bunso: If you will have three wishes, what would be your wishes?

Momi Berlin:  Hmmm… you first, Big Bunso.

Big Bunso:  Ok.  My first wish would be …. I want us to be incredibly wealthy.

Momi Berlin:  Rich?  Why, do you consider us poor?

Big Bunso:  Not really.  We just don’t have that much money to buy everything and anything we want.  We are not extremely wealthy.

Momi Berlin:  Ow, ok.  Your second wish then?

Big Bunso:  I hope our house would not easily accumulate dirt.

Momi Berlin:  (This then made me realize that the boys hate cleaning the house).   Why is that?

Big Bunso:  So that I need not brush the carpet everyday and scrub the toilet.  Cleaning is a real bore.

Momi Berlin:  I see.  And your third wish?

Big Bunso:  Now that I’m incredibly rich, I would build a church and also a hospital.

Momi Berlin:  (Wider smile.   my eight-year-old boy knows how to give back.  Thank you, God!)

Anecdotes from tots on Decorating Cake

July 10, 2014

We tried our best to decorate our chocolate cake with a piping gel and put our names on it.


Anecdotes from tots on Decorating Cake


But to no avail. 🙁



Anecdotes from tots on Plural of Pants

August 5, 2014

Big Bunso’s notebook says “be ready for unannounced quizzes.”  And so I prepared my kid just in case.

We reviewed the plural and singular forms, gave him study exams after then read some more.


Anecdotes from tots on plural of pants is Jean 🙂

He knew how to change f to v then add es, and also knew when not to modify the f and just s. But he got his pants wrong.

Anecdotes from tots on Oh Captain, My Captain

January 11, 2012

This is our little boy.  He approached me one Saturday morning with train tracks around his waist and a long sword tucked inside.  He introduced himself as Captain Bunso.


Anecdotes from tots on Oh Captain, My Captain


Anecdotes from tots on 30 is too old an age

October 17, 2012

It was Sunday.  Firstborn helped me with my usual weekend cleaning.   Adele’s  “Rolling in the Deep” slowly filled the room.

Momi Berlin:  What is the name of the singer again, Firstborn?

Firstborn:  Ow, it is Adele.

Momi Berlin:  Ah, Adele.  What title then?

Firstborn:  Rolling in the Deep, mama.

Momi Berlin:  She sings great.  Do you think so, too?

Firstborn:  I don’t like the song that much, mama.

Momi Berlin:  Ow, how come?  How old is Adele, by the way?

Firstborn:  She’s already too old.  Around 30, I guess.

Momi Berlin:  (to herself)  30 is too old for him.  ouch.




  1. Michi

    Natawa naman ko because my son has the same wishes. He wants to be rich too, so he can buy everything he wants. He wants to have a big house kasi panget daw house namin at small lang, he likes to have a swimming pool and big backyard. He likes to have a yaya or helper para wala na daw siya chores. lol It is really nice to listen and have a conversation with kids.

    • momiberlin

      You bet. And as we listen to them, we learn from them as well.

  2. Ria C

    I like the raw honesty of a kid. They speak their minds and their hearts and what so great about that is, they are so pure. I like how your kid is already thoughtful with his actions. Nice one!

  3. Nerisa

    Having conversations with your children opens a lot of learning opportunity. On how they see the world, what they think of what we do. And I feel so old na tuloy…. older than Adele… huhuhu

  4. Ana

    Talking with kids is really a hilarious at times. They sometimes arrived at things that older people like us will surely find funny. I remember last time on our way to the church, my mom saw the 3-year-old son of our neighbor riding on his kiddie bike. She then asked him if she could ride on his bike and the kid answered it would make his kiddie bike exhausted carrying my mom.


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