MOMI BREAKS FREE| Way to happiness and financial freedom

Apr 9, 2017 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

My husband and I share the same vision.  We love to see ourselves financially able in 10 to 15 years from now, and just enjoy our kids or perhaps grandchildren.  Of course, we have already established that foundation that supports street children who do not have home and food for the night.  It is our dream.  We do not ask for gold and fame, but only what is enough for our family to enjoy and for others needing our help.

Thus, two years ago, I  broke free from being tied up in the corporate world and followed what my heart desires – be with my boys. With husband only bringing food to our table, life has been hard.  We made adjustments, and that includes our four children cooperating with the new system.  While the head of the family works even beyond his usual 8 am to 6 pm, the mother takes care of the house and the boys and does a few writing gigs.  The children, on the other hand, focus on their studies and help in the household chores.

Momi breaks free

I’ve found that true happiness can never be found in money.  True happiness is a choice.  If I wanted to be happy, I can choose to be happy whether I had the money or not.

– Don Soriano, Break Free

MOMI BREAKS FREE| Way to happiness and financial freedom

MOMI BREAKS FREE| Way to happiness and financial freedom

Momi creates passive income

I resigned from my corporate work last February 2015.  Before that though, I made a few investments.  I made sure my paper assets – bonds, mutual funds, and stocks – are well-established.  The money earned through these assets generate income without any effort coming from me.

Momi invests on personal development

Second, I invested in my personal growth.

I have a goal, and that is to look after my boys.  I also see myself writing while my boys are at school.  Writing is a passion and I best express that passion through blogging.  So I attended a “how to start a blog” workshop, then made sure to apply what I have learned ASAP.   And why start with personal development?

Let him who would move the world first move himself.

– Socrates, Lifted from Don Soriano’s Break Free

I may say, I have quite established the career I see myself going to.  But I never stopped from one workshop.  I continuously learn through reading, attending seminars, and listening to who I consider as my mentors.  I have come to love and adapt one of my husband’s habits – listening to audio books.  I always aim to improve myself, and I share to my colleagues what I have learned as well.

Momi learns to master herself

As I have mentioned, I make sure to apply what I have learned ASAP.   Because I know myself.  If I want to live the life I dream of, I have to act on it before that strong and barely controllable emotion lose interest.  Knowing myself makes me more conscious of improving on my weaknesses.

I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny.

– Nelson Mandela, lifted from Don Soriano’s Break Free

Husband breaks free

Last January, husband broke free from his 10-year job and decided to put up a construction business.  He is also a real estate broker as he always believes sales gives great opportunity to earn a lot.  Getting that good life and our dream foundation wouldn’t be possible if we do not aim for financial freedom first.

Very timely as well that I have come to know one amazing Filipino entrepreneur, Don Soriano.  He successfully broke free and achieved financial freedom at age 27 – three years after being bankrupt and left with P500,000 debt.  His sincerity to share his success story pushed him to write his equally amazing book Break Free.   Upon reading his book, I have come to know that I made a pretty good start.  But because I do not see myself as an entrepreneur but a loyal partner to one, I shared Don Soriano’s book to my husband.  I know it will give him guidance to the path he dreams for us.

I also support Don’s advocacy toward financial literacy thus I would love to share the book I find compelling.  I highly recommend the book Break Free to all those who would like to break free from a life of struggle and love the life of their dreams as entrepreneurs.  Together, let us break free and enjoy happiness and financial freedom.

MOMI BREAKS FREE| Way to happiness and financial freedom

I found my 19-month old “reading” her momma’s Break Free copy. He perhaps would love to break free as well. 🙂


  1. Gilian

    I might give it to my husband as well. Haha well, after reading. 🙂 We also have this goal to financial freedom.

    I believe in personal development. It’s really a useful key to xonti ue on being successful and avoiding that low season in life. It helps in keeping on moving no.matter how slow. After eache self development is another level of success.

    For us living abroad, I always try to encourage pinoys to invest on their skills on not stay long here. The mindset shoud be how to live well in the Philippines. 🙂

  2. Michi

    Like you, I don’t dream to be rich. I just want to have a comfortable life where we could provide our needs and sometimes wants. I agree, as a stay at home mom, it is really nice if we also improve ourselves by reading new books, learning new skills and attending webinars or seminars. I hope we could also gain financial freedom before our retirement years. 🙂

  3. Nilyn Matugas

    Ahhh! We still have a long way to go when it comes to financial freedom. Hopefully, we’ll get there little by little. For now, we both have to keep on working muna. lol

  4. May

    What an interesting book to read! Sadly, I’ve got tons of books here still waiting for me to leaf through them. I’ve been pretty slow with my readings nowadays. Lagi kasi akong inaantok. I don’t get enough sleep kasi. I’ll take note of this.



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