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Nov 9, 2016 | Live, Only Berlin

Feeling helpless is one of those situations I do not want to see myself into.  I find myself independent and bold.  Thus, I always look for a solution to every problem.  And I deal with them confidently.

Last week, though, I felt a little helpless.  I had flu.  Usually, I do not take medication as I breastfeed my son.  I do not want my boy to take anything other than the nutrients from the food I eat.  To battle flu, I  drank plenty of water and ate fruits.  I also slept early than my usual schedule.

A few days after, our one-year-old started coughing.  He got a cold, too. Worst, he had a fever. From that day he got a fever, I wanted to bring him to his Pediatrician.  But I was not able to as my grade five was still at school.  He did not have a house key.  I was also not feeling well that day and just wanted to stay in bed.

I felt a little helpless.

Then I remembered that small card a dear friend gave me weeks ago.  I got the card and placed a call.  An amiable nurse answered on the other line and asked a few questions.  After a few minutes, I was transferred to a Pediatrician.   He sent a prescription via email. I went to the nearest pharmacy.  Then I bought medicines for my son.

I never thought a medical check up can be that fast and convenient. And what I’ve just received was a high quality and confidential medical consultation over the phone.  I only used my MedGate PH access card.

Doctor in your hand

Doctor in your hand

Doctor in your hand

Founded in 1999, MedGate is the largest and first telemedicine company in Switzerland.  It spreads across the globe and is now operating in the Middle East, Australia and now, the Philippines.  It aims to transform the way healthcare is delivered  by integrating a proven Swiss-based medical teleconsultation approach.  With the use of modern technology, MedGate PH pushes for a world-class and a compassionate medical care, wherever and whenever its patients need it.  And what I received last week was that  Swiss medical precision with a Filipino compassionate service.

Let me walk you through my experience.

I downloaded the MedGate PH application on my mobile phone.  After a quick one or two minutes of successful registration,  I pinned my activation code on my first login.  I got the code from the email sent to me by the system.


Doctor in your hand

I used the MedGate PH app because we do not have a landline.  But any MedGate’s physician is always just a landline, mobile phone, or digital video call away.

Afterward, I placed a video call.  Beside me was my son who was inconsolable, perhaps because of fever.  A nurse answered my call.  She took note of all the personal details and symptoms.  After a few exchanges of question and answer, she transferred the call to a Pediatrician.  The Pediatrician helped me with my concern.  About 15 minutes after, I got a prescription and I headed to the pharmacy.

The Same week as well, my firstborn son got some rashes on his elbow.  He told me it was itchy. And because of his constant scratching, that portion led to swelling and redness.  I instructed him to make a call.  He also took a photo of the affected area and sent it through the Medgate Mobile app. After a few minutes,  the doctor issued a  prescription.  Then my boy requested me to buy his medicine.  Today, his elbow is all healed.

24/7 Wellness Partnership

After two tries, I must say I am impressed with how Medgate  works.  Its expertise runs across multiple specialties, adhering to international governance standards.  Calls are received by licensed, experienced and compassionate nurses and are then transferred to an appropriate physician.  All doctors are available 24 hours, seven days a week to provide medical advice and prescription.

For consultations and regular check-ups, MedGate  is heaven.  I need not wait for long queues and deal with noisy waiting rooms of a clinic or hospital.  MedGate Telemedicine Center is just a phone call away!  Let us admit it, too, that when we do not feel well, the last thing we do is leave the house.  Now, we could receive medical care without having to leave even our bed.  We could have that consultation without filing for leave of absence and leaving our workstation.   How cool can that be?

Reliable Medical Care

Aside from check-ups and immediate medical advice, MedGate  can be relied on for a second opinion.  Its licensed and practicing doctors can re-evaluate a patient’s symptom or even explain other possible treatment options.  For emergency medical condition or such nature that cannot be resolved through a teleconsultation, MedGate recommends for a personal visit to medical specialists in your area  that are covered by your insurance plan or health card.  How?  Upon your call, MedGate has access to your location, thus could easily map the vicinity and identify nearest hospitals or clinics.

World-class healthcare

As a team of experienced doctors and nurses, MedGate Philippines is trained to offer the same quality healthcare as its partner in Switzerland.  The precision its Switzerland headquarter offers – utilizing Medgate’s proven technology – is tailored to the Philippines with the compassion Filipinos are known for.  To add, its roster of physicians are actively practicing medicine in public and private institutions.  And they are composed of Pediatricians and OB-Gynecologists, Surgeons, Gastroenterologists, Cardiologists, Dermatologists, Endocrinologist, and even Ophthalmologists.

Doctor in your hand

Again, feeling helpless is one of those situations I do not want to see myself into.  But with MedGate access card, feeling hopeless and being stuck in life are far from happening. Through technology (using mobile phone), MedGate bridges the gap of providing quality healthcare to a growing population. I could always confidently say that my doctor is in my hands anytime, anywhere.  And have I mentioned as everything is done via a phone call, I could even request for my medicine to be delivered to my doorstep?

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  1. Nilyn

    Wow! Maganda nga sya! No need pumila, bumiyahe, tipid sa lahat: time and money. I’m happy both you and Yael are better now. Ang tahimik ng chatroom pag wala ka. hehe.

    • momiberlin

      Yup, no long lines and long byahe. Ehehe. Lol on the chat room.

  2. Michi

    That’s nice, I also feel helpless when my husband is not around. Natry ko na magpacheck-up na wala siya and nakakastress at nakakapagod. It is really nice to know that we can do it online na, curious lang ko sa rates.

    • momiberlin

      It is covered as long as you have your health card. 🙂

  3. Heart

    Nakakatuwa na these days meron ng mga ganito to make our life easier. Gusto ko i-try to. Before this was our planned software ng husband ko pero sa dami ng ginagawa, I did not able to finish studying it and yun nga meron ng nakagawa 🙁


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