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Oct 3, 2016 | Likes, Only Berlin

Experience is the best teacher.  Cliche as it may but indeed true.  We most likely learn useful lessons from our own experiences.  Oftentimes, when we are faced with a difficult situation, we remember the past experiences and see the wisdom behind those events.  I, too, would like to say experiences are truly impressionable.  They tend to leave an impression on our minds.  Just like the impression of careless stains and guilt stains because of menstruation.

I had my first menstruation at age 12.  At school, there were a number of times that I had stains on my school skirt. And usually, I would cover that stain with another stain — use a marker or even a chalk.  And I got those stains because 1) I was too careless, or 2) I did not change pads on schedule.  And over the years, I would still get stains on my skirt or pants.  When will I ever learn?

Experience is the Best Teacher

Again, one of the most reliable sources of knowledge is the experience.   As we experience something, we understand it more and learn from it.  If we did something wrong, we tend not to repeat the same mistake again.  Those mistakes help us better prepare for the future.  And so from my own experience not to have those blood stains anymore during menstruation, I learned the following:

Use a Longer Pad With Wings

There are a number of sanitary napkins with side wings attached to them.  These side wings have adhesive strips which can be wrapped around the underwear to prevent blood leaking out from the sides.  Also, those side wings help one move more confidently as the sanitary pad is securely fastened around the panty.

Experience is the best teacher

Experience is the best one teacher; and I learned of this one brand that completely solves my monthly woes.

Use a Thicker Pad at Night

Menstrual stains commonly happen at night when the blood leaks out from the pad onto the panty.  This can be prevented by using a thicker sanitary napkin once in bed.  A thicker pad helps absorb more blood flow at night and thus prevent leakage.

Change Pads Often

One proven way to prevent stains is to change pads as often as possible.  Wearing a sanitary napkin for long periods can lead to stains.  Once the pad is half-full, change to a new one.   This greatly reduces the chances of blood leakage and stains from occurring.

Amez Sanitary Napkins

One brand that includes several layers and multiple anti-leak channels is Amez Sanitary Napkin.  It has the promise of multi-level leak protection, high level of absorbency, immense softness of a breathable cotton, and specially-designed and combined herbal essence.  Honestly, using it makes one feel the highest level of comfort even if she tosses or turns, jumps or skips.

Experience is the best teacher

Experience is the best teacher.

I also happen to feel a little recharged using the Amez Sanitary Napkin and the Amez Pantyliner.  I learned that this brand has anions or negative ions which:

  • eliminates unpleasant smell
  • protects against germs
  • balance PH and hormone levels
  • lessens vaginal irritations and infections

Benefits of Anions

Science explains that the air we breathe contains electrically charged particles called ions.  As the positively charged ions are called cations, the negatively charged, on the other hand, are called anions. Research says negative ions relax people, increase their alertness, and even improve their health.  Likewise, a high concentration of negative ions in the air  makes it refreshing to breathe. Moreover, anions are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral.

Bloodstains can be real tough to remove especially if they have stained your undergarment for a long time.  The use of a reliable sanitary napkin can help avoid such episodes.  Health-wise, the use of pads with anions or negative ions is highly beneficial, too.  I did not learn of these things overnight, though.  Again, experience is the best teacher. I learned them as I experience life one day at a time.

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Note:  This momi received Amez products in exchange for writing this content. All opinions expressed, though, are her own, and are in no way influenced by the brand or any other sources.


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