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Aug 11, 2016 | Likes, Links

My boys and I love jigsaw puzzles. Solving one is something we enjoy doing at home. In fact, this mother set up our 1000 pieces Starry Night jigsaw puzzle near the dining table so anyone who would pass by the place may take a seat and solve a few pieces. And oftentimes, when someone sees someone solving the puzzle, he would sit beside him until everyone in our family gathers and helps one another.


Research shows that those into puzzles, especially when they started at an early age, have a lesser possibility of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease.

True or otherwise, we still do puzzles at home, particularly jigsaw. Why? Because of the benefits this mother see in engaging into this kind of game:


I love to see my boys work together and a jigsaw puzzle has done the trick.  My three boys could stay in one place for hours solving a puzzle piece and they truly collaborate in order to achieve their goal – and that is to solve the puzzle.

Through jigsaw puzzle, I see cooperation among them, each displaying his individual skills and providing constructive feedbacks or encouragements.


My boys or most kids, I guess, tend to be bored when left idle.  As we wait for a train or food to be served, again, the puzzle piece could do the trick.  Puzzles can fill the void.  My children even get excited to finish and solve the puzzle even before the train or food arrives.  This also means I need not tell them to stop running along the corridor or talking silly as their minds and hands are busy with the puzzle pieces.



Even when they were still babies, my boys would play big puzzle mats and even puzzle toys.  And as they grow older, I have come to realize that those large puzzle pieces were instrumental for them to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It cannot be disregarded as well that those educational toys likewise aided them to develop such accurate problem-solving skills.


And the best part is, on those days we cannot simply go out because of the heavy rain or because we do not have the money to spend, my boys and I just sit on the floor most of the time chatting, laughing and working together to finish our big jigsaw puzzle.  Here, we are creating memories.

benefits of jigsaw puzzles

Solving jigsaw puzzles has been a part of our growing together as a family.  And as we visit bookstores or specialty shops, we still buy those big boxes with puzzle pieces to solve.  We just love them.  And it is all the more convenient to buy a few boxes now that they can be readily available via  They always have a new jigsaw puzzle every day!  And the good thing about them is that their pieces are all unique as everyday, they post a new puzzle ranging from nature, places, animals, scenery and more.  They could even customize pieces for you!

Check them out now and enjoy spending time with your family laughing, chatting and working together.  Plus, do not forget, as you solve those puzzle pieces, you are creating memories.




    Hi. Jigsaw puzzles are very good for the brain. Period. Imagine chilcren starting young are able to develop their analytical thinking and thought process on finding solutions. One word of advice. No pens/pencils/markers. I know kids today. They will mark the back side of puzzle pieces. 🙂 Oh, one more question, so you or the kids spent more time on the puzzles??? LOL!

    • momiberlin

      Haha. I so can relate to that- marking the back side of the puzzle mat. I remember, ive included that sa mga anecdotes from tots. Nway, the puzzle board is now hibernating.

  2. Nilyn Matugas

    I’ll be honest I don’t know how long it’ll take for me to finish a thousand pcs jigsaw puzzle! Gosh, your kids are really smart! I think those who are into puzzles are really smart, aren’t they? Dapat makahiligan din to ni Nate! haha.

    • momiberlin

      Ibili na si Nate ng jigsaw puzzle. Hahaha. Seriously though, the boys love puzzles and building blocks. Baka dahil ganun talaga ang boys or naintroduce sa kanila ang ganung games nung bata pa.

  3. Roselle CT

    Solving jigsaw puzzle is my family’s Saturday night bonding activity. We would spend 3-4 hours and then end the night with a midnight snack 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Wow, such a great way to bond with the family.

  4. Maria

    I totally agree! It also challenges the mind of the person doing it and also lets you imagine what the finished product will truly be. I used to play a lot of jigsaw puzzles even if I got no playmate.

  5. Mirriam

    Puzzles! A suitor once gave me a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle which I didn’t dare open for two reasons. first, it is from him and I do not like how he is so clingy even to my family haha second, I am simply too lazy to complete a puzzle yet I can be the most organized person in the world if I choose to be. haha but you are right, Berlin. It’s a great family activity because my two baby sisters are the ones who finished my 1000-pc puzzle

  6. walkwithmisspiggy

    I am a jigsaw puzzle fan! Been loving it since I was a kid and I agree with you it brings peace and orderly because my mom used to give this to me so that I can be busy when she have chores to do and just want the house to be quiet. I can find peace when doing it as well. Great bonding tool with family and friends

  7. Elle Mystique

    Woooh! I think I need a jigsaw puzzle as I don’t want to have Alzheimer too. I just don’t know if I have enough patience to finish one, but I guess I need to start with a set of 50 pieces or less. Also, when I have my own kids someday, jigsaw puzzle would probably be on top of the list of stuffs that I’m gonna buy for them. 🙂

  8. Cai Dominguez

    This is the kind of game I played when I was younger. I miss playing this. I remember we tried to finish a thousand pieces of puzzle and it’s so fun one you complete it 🙂

  9. Michelle

    Nice one, Mommy Berlin! I would love to teach my toddler how to play jigsaw puzzles but he’s just too little and distracted with other things to play it. Plus he’s still on the stage where everything his hand grabs seem to be delicious so he’ll put it in his mouth! Hahaha! But when the time comes that he gets better with focusing and showing patience already with other things, we’ll definitely introduce him to puzzles!

  10. Dominic Barrios

    I used to love Jigsaw puzzles when I was young. I do remember I have Disney puzzles back then and I think I did well too. Must be the reason why I love analyzing things or solving things. Since my daughter is just turning 2, I think I better start looking for a simple puzzle for her to play with. Right now, she loves drawing stuff everywhere. Thank God our walls are still white (FOR NOW).

  11. Zwitsy

    It’s a good activity to try, indeed! If you have kids with you, introducing this to them will not just let them enjoy the play but also challenge themselves to solve the puzzle in a lesser time.

  12. Rene Leanda

    I like puzzles, I remember the jigsaw puzzle I play with when I was young.. I feel accomplished everytime I complete it… Kids should play these kind of games first, before playing with gadgets..

  13. Carola Knubben

    Jigsaw puzzels are great! My parents both love to make them. They often make puzzels together. I love that they have some amazing puzzels. They look great!

  14. Louisa

    Would be great to have an area where a puzzle could be a work in progress. For lack of space we go to online puzzles. Same concept but definitely not the same rewards. As you said puzzles are a chance to get the family together and It’s just really different to have an actual puzzle to work on. Inspired though so am thinking of getting a box set and taking a weekend to do one with the kids.


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