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Jun 28, 2016 | Life, Only Berlin

I wrote this entry weeks ago.  I had second thoughts posting this before.  May be, the timing isn’t right yet.  But some say timing isn’t everything, but almost.

I once read that “nothing in itself is truly good or bad. It is when you put it to work that matters in the end.”  This gave me the excuse to finally post my week-long entry.

I love Sarah Brightman’s ‘Time to Say Goodbye.’  So when it was being played on my iPod, I shared it with husband.  “I would want that song to be played on my wedding march,”  I told him.

He listened for a while then handed back to me the iPod.  He sarcastically commented, “The song is more appropriate for a graduation.”

I was hurt.  I told him that he has no right to laugh at my dream especially if he can’t do it for me.

Yes, I dreamt of my wedding.  I dreamt of walking down the aisle and exchange “I dos.”  I dreamt of a unique wedding proposal.

Only then it dawned on me – during the “Time to Say Goodbye” episode – that I am still hoping that someday I will have my own march.

It must have been a dream.  I am, after all, still a girl, brainwashed perhaps by Cinderella and Prince Charming, wanting my own “and they live happily ever after” story.

Then I remember Katie Holmes.  I read in several magazines her own dream comes true story.  She admitted her attraction to Tom Cruise and proudly told reporters that as a teen, she had a poster of him on her bedroom wall.

“We all keep dreaming, and luckily, dreams come true,” was a line she said.  She dreamt of marrying the Top Gun star and indeed, the two had a lavish wedding.

I also remember an interview we had with 25-year old Chef Mitchie.  The young cheerful chef gained popularity as host of the now defunct cooking show Ka-Togue at QTV 11.  The show ran for more than three years and followed a competition format.  With her “think out of the box” approach, the then student chef from De la Salle College of St Benilde would always win in every competition.  She vividly recalled her champorado with an orange twist and cookies as its apt partner.

Juggling between studying culinary arts and hosting a cooking show, Chef Mitchie never imagined that she will be considered a celebrity chef and eventually get a number of consultancy posts.   She also got the nod of Greenwich and Sunnex as a product endorser.

“I never thought of seeing myself on TV.  But still, I dream of it.  And indeed, dreams do come true,”  she gladly said.  Her exemplary cooking style earned her own signature line from the imported cookware brand Sunnex.

So, do dreams come true?  Maybe.  As of now, I made my act.  I’ve finally bid goodbye to the person who hinders me from reaching my dream.

* An entry I wrote last May 4, 2011.  The day when husband and I parted ways.  I left him in Marikina. The boys and I stayed with my mother in Novaliches.  After a year, husband and I agreed to live together.  We still have our quarrels.  We still have our misunderstandings. I still think of leaving him during those fights.  He perhaps thought the same.

But we choose to stay together.  We still live together.  Perhaps because we have kids.  Or we just accepted the fact that we are stuck with each other.  Or maybe because we love each other.  

The same person I left five years ago is the same person helping me realize my dreams.  He made me stay at home to look after our boys.  By the way, we already have four children.  He pushes me to write as he believes in my capacity and understands my love for writing.  He supports my dreams somehow.  I support his’ as well.  


  1. mariaisquixotic

    Dreams do come true if you put your heart, mind and soul to it. It’s good that you have someone who supports you all the way. Fights can never be avoided, those always make us stronger, better and bolder. I admire you for sharing that part of your life. Kudos, Momi Berlin. 😀

  2. Nimi Popat

    I am so glad you shared such a beautiful part of your life. I completely agree that dres do come true and fights just makes love grow even deeper. Loved this post. So honest to heart.

  3. Princess Mikee

    With the right mindset and determination, dreams do come true. You just need to make it happen. I am happy that you choose to live with someone who pushes your dream to come true. Keep it up!

  4. heidi

    One thing I’ve learned is that dreams change and we receive blessings, realizing dreams we never knew we wanted. I really enjoyed your post and I think all of us want the grandness of the big day, maybe we are conditioned so.



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