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May 25, 2016 | Only Berlin


July 18, 2012

Husband asked something from Bunso.

Bunso obliged yet rudely.

Bunso’s actions pissed husband off.

This mother asked Bunso to say “sorry” to his papa.

Bunso’s reply?

“I am not yet ready to face him.”

February 21, 2012

We moved house from marikina city to quezon city.  and now, bantay has a new home and a new bed, still sharing though with bunso.


July 18, 2012

picture-044This mother has a penchant for tidy beds. I would always want the bed to be perfectly done even if we are to mess it up again in a matter of hours.  A made bed has a dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feel.  And even if we have a small room,  a tidy bed makes the bedroom seem neater.  Also, it would be more pleasant and refreshing to retreat and climb into a neatly made bed than a rumpled one.

At a very young age, my three boys are well oriented on how to make their beds.  I’ve always believe that even how tired they be, they  would still feel light retreating in a neatly made bed than a  wrinkled one.

Simple steps on how to make a bed:

1) I requested the boys to always remove the flat sheet first then run their hands through the fitted sheet.  They can also use the flat sheet to “sweep” the dirt off from the fitted sheet.

2)  They stand beside the bed and pick up both side hems.  Pull both hems upward as if letting the sheet fly on air.  The sheet will settle down towards the bed and they have to run their hands through the middle, removing any wrinkles or creases.

3) Place the pillow on the headboard side together with the blanket.

Last night, Bunso made the bed.  He did everything right, except for the blanket.

Our blanket appeared to be like a cream whipped on top of a pillow.


July 24, 2012

Wikipedia says a vacuum cleaner is a device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust, usually from floors and optionally from other surfaces as well.

Second son — should be given the chance to invent a device– will invent a sub-vacuum to clean all the garbage and toxic under the water.  He reasoned out that his sub-vacuum would suck up as much dirt as it could.  His invention would then make the sea, river, stream, lake, and other kinds of water forms clean and healthy for the fish and corals.  It can collect plastic bottles, candy wrappers, and any kind of plastic.

Nice idea indeed!


July 24, 2012

In our household, we use bibs instead of handkerchiefs.  For me, bibs are more soft and comfortable to use. They are also more adsorbent than handkerchiefs.  Of course, I bought designs that are suitable for my boys’ age — and mine too!

Anyway, one Sunday evening, I ironed some office clothes, uniforms, handkerchiefs, and bibs.

After, I asked bunso to help me put the neatly pressed bibs inside the drawer.

He returned to me, his tone and eyes confused.  ” Mama, it says here DO NOT IRON. You should not iron our handkerchiefs!”

I got the bib and read the tag.  “DO NOT IRON DESIGN.” I explained to bunso that we can steam iron the bib but not the design as the heat from the iron can melt and make a sticky mess on the fabric and on the board.

And I am so proud of my bunso.  He is such a curious kid and voices out his opinions or raises his questions.


July 30, 2012

Friday night and the kids are watching “Rock a Bye Bivalve,” a SpongeBob SquarePants episode.  Second son invited me to sit beside him.  “Look mama, Patrick is just like papa in that episode,” Second son told me.

I joined the boys and watched the episode.

Patrick and SpongeBob found a baby scallop on the ground and decided to raise it by themselves.   SpongeBob agreed to be the mother while Patrick would be the father.  Patrick started going to work and left SpongeBob at home with the baby clam, junior. everyday SpongeBob works so hard vacuuming, feeding junior, ironing, and cooking.  Patrick said that he would be home early to help SpongeBob around the house but instead, comes back at midnight.

“Just like papa,” the boys chorused.  they are  indeed fully aware that their father comes home late at night despite earlier promise to be home early.

Can’t fool them anymore.


January 27, 2012

Bunso:  (reading the sign) This is a noise free area.    Ow,  pwede pala mag-ingay dito.  Noise is  ingay.  Free is libre.  Meaning LIBRE MAG-INGAY.



November 9,2011

Bunso:  Parang naaasawa na ko sa iPod mo po.

Momi Berlin:  (confused).  What do you mean by that?

Bunso:  Nagugustuhan ko na po ang iPod mo.

January 9, 2011

Bunso has a certain attitude.  He calls my mother “lola” instead of the usual Momi Elvie whenever he is angry with her. And so one day, I asked him.  How would you know Momi Elvie is already a lola (grandmother)?

“Ang face nya parang magulo-gulo (She has wrinkles on her face),” says my honest little boy. 🙂


November 1, 2011

Usual no work, no classes breakfast scene.  Sunday morning.

Firstborn:  Where does the fish keep its money?

All:  where?

Firstborn:  Riverbank!

All:  hahahaha!

Husband:  Where does the fish put its food?

All:  Where?

Husband:  coral ref

All:  hahahaha!

Second son:  How does one call a dead fish?

Firstborn:  Angel fish.

Second son:  ehehehe.

All:  Wehehehehe.

Bunso:  What do you call a fish that super loves fish?

All:  What?

Bunso:  Catfish!

All:  hahahaha.

Fun breakfast indeed!


October 15, 2011

Saturday morning

Reviewing Sibika for Second son’s second quarterly exam

Second son:  (singing “Lupang Hinirang”)  …ang kislap ng watawat mo’y  tagumpay na nanginginig..

Momi Berlin:  hala!



  1. Richelle Molon

    Lupang Hinarang na nanginginig ang natawa ako.

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. Nanginig talaga ako nung narinig ko sa kanya yan. Hahah.

  2. Edel San

    Sometimes its best to listen to kids especially if they are in a tantrum-mode. Meeting the tantrum head-on won’t give you a nice outcome.

  3. Coi (@coifishh)

    Lol at naaasawa ko na ang iPod mo po and sa mukha na gulo-gulo! HAHAHAHA! And yes, I sang Lupang Hinirang accdg to your son’s lyrics hehehe ;P

    • momi berlin

      Hahhaa. You sang it? Hahaha. Yes, I like the face na gulo-gulo. I think its a pretty precise description. Ehehe.

  4. Mommy may

    Fish Joke 🙂 and the lupang hinirang na nanginginig.. hahaha!

  5. momi berlin

    Thank you for enjoining. Ihihi. More anecdotes to come. Hope you will not get tired of reading. 🙂

  6. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

    Panalo sa akin ang noise free sign na kwento mo! Documenting these moments surely warms the heart. Keep it up!

    • momi berlin

      Indeed. Sarap balik balikan. 🙂

  7. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    I’m sure your blanket looked like a “beautiful” whipped cream on top of a pillow. Lol! Soon, he’ll master the art of fixing the bed.

    • momi berlin

      Hahha. I hope so , too, he will learn it in time.

  8. Qarah Moments

    I love the sub vacuum idea. I wish we really have that. hahahaha! I enjoyed reading your post.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you. Would love to have that sub vacuum as well.

  9. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Super duper cuute! I love the sub-vacuum idea,though. I could only wish it was that simple to clean up the rivers..

    • momi berlin

      I also wish, too. But i hope we could all be caring to our trees and rivers so we would have problems like pollution and too much garbage.

  10. queenofthebangs

    They are sooo cute! I love the fish jokes and the spongebob reference. Haha

    • momi berlin

      Haha. Watch out for your little darling’s funny stories, too. Soon you’ll experience these too

  11. Nini Perez

    The sub vacuum is a wonderful idea! Smart child, caring for the environment at such a young age.

    • momi berlin

      Yes, and up to now, he cares that much. He takes care of our trash disposal.

  12. Mommy Levy

    I enjoyed this post. Kids are funny talaga.

    • momi berlin

      Yup, they can be real funny. Ihihi

  13. momi berlin

    Hahaa. Clifford is old na. But it still shares bed with the big bunso. And yes, the lupang hinirang is super nakakanginig tlaaga.



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