MOMI LAUGHS/ Anecdotes from Tots part 11

May 24, 2016 | Only Berlin

I thought my “Anecdotes from Tot” series would come to end.  I still have a handful of scratch paper and some writings saved on my USB.  Please bear with me.  And I promise you this part 11 is truly funny, or perhaps I am their mom that’s why I find all the  hirits worthy of my laugh and time.


January 6, 2011

dsc06826I came from work.  I was too tired and hungry that I told the kids that mama will just eat first before we study and answer the school assignments.

Second son came to me and handed a folded paper.  I opened the paper and saw a tooth inside. Written on the paper was – 6 January 2011, English class.

Second son related to me that he was rocking his chair during English class and then he fell from his seat.  His tooth hit the floor and it fell off his mouth.

He later went to the school clinic for a first aid treatment.  He kept his tooth inside his chest pocket and when he got home rolled it inside a paper.


January 8, 2011

dsc06594The boys are enjoying the Nerf toy mother gave them last Christmas.  Husband and I even joined the boys’ game.

One morning, though, I found this-

January 8, 2011

I was indeed dumbfounded by second son’s photographic memory.

I helped him review for his third quarter exam scheduled next week.  We studied computer and I was in total awe– most likely the same feeling as that of stargazers in awe when total eclipse arcs across the sky– when he told me he knows the exact position of the letters on the computer keyboard.

Yes, you read it right!  My seven-year-old boy knows the location of all the keys of the keyboard.  He just happened to memorize the keys when he plays online games.



January 9, 2011

This is Dumby, and I named him that way. Husband gave Dumby to me two years ago during Bunso’s third birthday.

Instead of sleeping with pillows below my head, I hug them.  I was used to hugging a hotdog pillow.  My long pillow though was brutally attacked by bed mites thus, we threw it long ago.

Now that I have kids of my own and the bed is getting smaller for us, Dumby is my new hug bear.  No need to add more pillows to save on space.

Snappy bear is Second son’s bed mate.  They share a pillow and blanket.  Second son even kisses or smells Snappy bear before sleeping.  He is a Kris Kringle gift to husband by a dear friend from the university he once worked for.  Snappy bear is now six years old.

I have no picture of Puffie.  it is firstborn’s pillow.  He hugs Puffie during his sleep.  Puffie needs regular washing because he sometimes emits a foul-smelling odor that is quite embarrassing.  Firstborn bites the pillow’s edges so one could imagine that Puffie now is not in good condition.  Despite that, though, Firstborn doesn’t want to buy a new one.  He loves Puffie very much.  I got Puffie a decade ago when I joined Dakki networking.  The name Puffie though came from him.

Bunso christened his bed mate Clifford Bantay because the small red dog watches over him while he sleeps.  A gift from husband years ago, Clifford Bantay displays a rather malformed head.  Despite the defect, the dog is still charming.  And just like Second son, Bunso kisses and cuddles his doggie.

Given the names of our bedmate, I then realized that Firstborn, Second son and I were struck by the -y/-ie naming disease.  By good fortune, Bunso was spared.

By the way, we have two hermit crabs, Spongie and Petty. :d


January 25, 2011

Last night, husband and Bunso went to our trusted drugstore three blocks away from the small house.  They will buy Fusidic acid, an eye cream for Bunso’s eye infection.

I was changing from office clothes to pambahay when I heard Bunso wail.  His legs have bruises and scratches.

Husband told this worried mother that Bunso fell into a hole on their way back home.   Some irresponsible contractors left the unfinished hole uncovered.  These workers made a long narrow hole (parang kanal) for a water pipe they are yet to install.

I washed Bunso’s feet and in between sobs, he mentioned to me, “I wish I am a big boy already so I will have big feet and big steps.”

Our neighbor is a barangay staff and we mentioned to her  the accident.  She reported the same to our barangay  chairman.  And in turn, our chairman demanded an immediate action.  The contractors covered the long narrow hole with a piece of plywood. Thank you then.

February 2, 2011


Four-year-old son came from school.  I have just finished cooking supper.  Bunso smiled mischievously and said “I know what our dinner will be.  It’s squash.”  He must be pertaining to ginataang squash with string beans and ground pork, his Kuya Second son’s favorite vegetable.

I smiled at him and lovingly said, “No, our dinner would be ginataang tilapia with petchay.”

I soon realized that the smell of gata was all over the house.  I forgot to use the exhaust fan.

I really do not have the slightest idea that Bunso is that observant, even to my cooking.


February 21, 2011


My Bunso once told me, “mama, we are now in addstraction.”

Confused, I asked him to elaborate.

“We are now in addstraction.  It is like five minus three is two.  Addstraction!”

April 19, 2011

Breakfast today.

We did a little briefing re mountain climbing.  This mother enumerated to the boys the do’s and don’ts of walking along steep trails of mountains.

bunso: is it cold there? up the mountain?

This momma nodded.

Bunso: will there be snow?

Bunso is really looking forward to playing snow he often sees on TV programs and books.



September 11, 2011

We gave the boys an Angry Birds puzzle board.  On their first few puzzle solving moments, I saw their excitement and even heard a few arguments.

A day after, I saw how the boys put the puzzle pieces on the puzzle slot with ease. I looked closer and found out that they wrote guide words for each puzzle slot.

We again bought a new Angry birds puzzle board. This time, the puzzle does not have a board where the pieces could fit in.  No cheating for this one, I told myself.

I inspected the new Angry Birds puzzle and discovered numbers written at the back of the puzzle pieces!






  1. Neri Ann

    Kids knows the trick on the puzzles! I never did that. Bright minds!

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. Wait for your boys. Hahah

  2. Klaudia

    Hm , I love your stories , always a nice little giggle when visiting your blog 🙂 These years are so precious , great that you are writing it all down ! And even better , that you are sharing all this as well !

    • momi berlin

      Would love them to read this as well when they are old enough. And i am more than happy to share this with you. Hope these made you laugh or at least ease some tension or stress.

  3. MEGumiho

    Haha. Thanks for sharing these memories 🙂 I would like to document my kids’ moments as well 🙂

    • momi berlin

      You are welcome. Yes, document them and you will find yourself laughing whenever you remember everything or by just reading them again.

  4. Georgia

    I really love these posts, I’ve read a few now and it’s so nice to document little moments in your children’s lives! I’m always surprised at how quickly kids memorise things and just how observant they are.

    • momi berlin

      Yes, it amazes me too to see them real observant.

  5. jendialouise

    wow you surely have intelligent and nice kids. It is so inspiring to read such stories like yours. It is also a proof that you raise your children very well.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you then for the kind words. Wait for your baby to do the same acts. Ihihi

  6. Jessica Ayun

    Hahaha! They are so wise in the puzzle game. LOL. They are making life easier. Haha.

    • momi berlin

      Haha. Perhaps making life easier but I hope as they become young men, they will be fair and honest, please.

  7. Amazing Life Daily

    Gosh, you sure have amazing kids. I wanted to comment with remarks on the first few anecdotes you wrote but let me talk about angry birds and the ‘cheats’ they did. All they did was to be smart and make it easier for them. Sure, it takes away the fun of redoing the puzzles, BUT, being smart is at times better than being good at analytics.

    • momi berlin

      Haha, if you said so. And the father would surely agree with you.

  8. Teresa Dumadag

    I love your kids’ quotable quotes! Last summer, on our way to our older sons’ recitals, our eldest said, “We are now in Sing-along!” We all laughed! Then, we corrected him telling him how it should be correctly pronounced. 😉

    • momiberlin

      Hehehe. Kids are real funny without the intention of being one. Ihihih/

  9. Nica

    I enjoyed your post really good story 🙂 Your kiddos are amazing. When I was a child I have never had a chance to play like that haha. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will definitely back for reading your other posts.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you then for finding this post entertaining and even bookmarking the blog for future reads.

  10. Sriparna

    I second my last comment on another post of yours; you kits is smart 🙂
    Every small thing he does is so amazing! The way type capturing all these joyous memories is just awesome… Hope the puzzles of life are solved with such smart cheats; )

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for appreciating their funny musings and sometimes bizarre statements

  11. yogoandcream

    Your kids are lucky to have a blogger mom. Once they grow up, they’ll read this for sure and reminisce on this funny things they did. They’ll also cherish you even more for the things you did for them and the patience you have with them. Just felt disappointed for the puzzle pieces as they by giving out a guide or a cheat, the person won’t be forced to really solve the puzzle and may not increase the logic. -Me-An

    • momiberlin

      Hahaha. If they read this. I hope they have learned their lessons on not to cheat anymore. Ihihi.

  12. myztary

    Haha these stories are really funny. Love this. Escpecially the one about the puzzle cheat. That’s so smart haha. Great how share these stories.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you for finding my kids smart. And thank you as well for enjoying the post.

  13. momi berlin

    Thank you if my kids’ stories lightened your mood.

  14. chrmgmb

    This is my 2nd time reading these stories about your kids. They’re really witty and funny! I bet your day never gets boring with your kids. My favorite one was santa. Poor santa he became a target 🙂

    • momi berlin

      And ow yes, thank you for reading. Hope you would also find the other posts interesting 🙂

  15. Dorothy Mae C. Torretijo

    You have an amazing kids indeed. I really love your posts because you docuent every single moment with them. And I know they will enjoy reading it too when they grow up.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you. I hope they will remain amazing as they grow old. Ihihi.



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