MOMI LAUGHS/ Anecdotes from Tots part 10

May 24, 2016 | Only Berlin

More narratives, jokes and statements from my boys many years ago.


January 3, 2011

Bunso started with “who’s this game” and everyone fired his own tricky or funny question.

Husband’s turn came and his simple question was “who stole cars without permission?”

Bunso hurriedly answered, “CARnapper!  Now is my turn. I answered papa’s question correctly.”
“Who gets plants?” was bunso’s question.

Everyone taught the answer might be a character from Plants vs Zombies.  We’ve named almost all the zombies from the famous game and yet no one still got it right.

Bunso naughtily said, “no body knows! It’s just an easy question.  And the answer is PLANTnapper!”

Everyone had a good laugh.

“Who stole goats?” was my tricky question.

It was second son who answered KIDnapper.  He added a little trivia explaining that kidnapper happens to take away young boys and girls as well without their permission.

“Who detains an old person for ransom,” came second son’s turn.  Everyone kept silent, and seemed to be in deep thinking.

“ADULTnapper!”  second son reluctantly said.  Then flashed his best ‘naughty boy’ grin.

May 17, 2011

Bunso:  Naisip ko lang  (meaning I dreamt of).  I fell from our balcony, and I landed not UPSIDE DOWN (his exact words) but like this (forms just like surfing with legs apart and his two arms stretched).  Then I said, good thing I did not hurt myself (with matching right hand wiping the sweat off his forehead).

* The time when my boy refers dream as naiisip ko.  And he would imitate cartoon characters, that hand wiping sweat off his forehead included).

May 26, 2011

last night

I asked bunso to turn off the light.

Bunso:  Mama, I can’t.  My head is heavy.  I can’t stand up.

Momi:  (worried)  You feeling ill, Bunso?

Bunso:  No, I am just sleepy.  My head is so heavy because my brain is heavy.  My brain is heavy because I am intelligent.

June 10, 2011

I reported for work today.  And with no househelp to look after my boys, I asked the kind help of our relative-neighbor to look after my boys.  To minimize their burden, I brought with me my Bunso.

While walking towards our office building-

Bunso:  Is your office building high, mama?

Momi:  Yes.

Bunso:  At what floor are you?

Momi:  18th floor.

Bunso:  (eyes grew big and wide)  18th.  wow!  It is indeed so high!

Momi:  Oh yes.  So high indeed.  You will see it once we’re there.

Bunso:  Do you have elevators, too?

Momi: Yes.  We have.

Bunso:  Whow!

Momi:  There, there’s our building (while pointing to the highest building along One San Miguel Ave).

Bunso: Whow! So many windows. (He is counting the windows from afar.)  30 windows and more!

June 11, 2011

We shopped for the boys’ school needs last Sunday. While waiting for a ride home, Bunso pointed to the giant transmitter of ABC5

Bunso: Eiffel Tower!

Yesterday, after office, Bunso and I went to National Bookstore Shangrila. There were a number of makeshift floor to ceiling Eiffel Tower designs.

Bunso: Wow! Eiffel Tower. Wow! Yun pa. Ang daming Eiffel Tower!

This morning, I covered the kids’ school books and notebooks with clear plastic sheet.

Bunso browsed through his Geography book and chance upon a drawing of-

Bunso: Eiffel Tower!

We went to SM The block and there was an exhibit of very creative set of landmarks made of lego blocks.  And part of the exhibit was Paris’ Eiffel tower.  Bunso was just so excited he can’t help but ask his mother to take a photo of him with the Eiffel tower on his background.

pic-124 (1)

June 23, 2011

Wednesday after class

Momi: How was school, Bunso?

Bunso:  Fine.

Momi:  What did you do?

Bunso:  We studied.

Momi:  Yes, of course.  What I want to know is what activities and lessons you learned today?

Bunso:  Teacher with the long name (that is how he calls his teacher) asked me to write my name on my paper and draw so many straight lines.  I did it perfectly and told her I know it already.  She does not need to ask me next time.

Saturday morning during the parent-teacher orientation

Momi:  How was Bunso’s first three days in school, teacher?

Teacher with the long name:  Oh, momi!  Bunso can easily identify his books and follow directions.   I told the class to get their writing book and your son got it correctly from his bag.  I also asked them to write their names on a piece of paper, and Bunso can write, very legibly pa.  He also mentioned to me that he learned of writing legibly from his previous school, and  told me never ask him again to write his name.

And that confirms all.

Momi:  Bunso, kindly open the door please.  Our internet speed is fluctuating. There is no air inside our house.*

*because this mother believes that broadband internet service travels via air.

Bunso:  Do you want me to open the electric fant?  The electric fant will surely produce that needed air.  (Electric fan to his has a “t” thus electic fant.)


June 26, 2011

Bunso:   Mama, why does Kuya Second son looks different?  He looks ugly with his eyeglasses on.

Second son:  No, Bunso. I am Cyclops and I have laser on my eyes.  I will laser all enemies and that includes you.


June 30, 2011

Bunso: Mama, I was asked by the teacher with the long name to stay at the red chair.

Momi:  Where is the red chair located?

Bunso:  The red chair is beside the teacher’s table.  And the teacher’s table is just very near the blackboard.

Momi:  Why did she ask you to sit on the red chair?

Bunso:  Because my fat classmate irritates me.  He keeps talking and talking.  I told teacher I can’t concentrate because that fat classmate was too noisy.  Then she asked me to sit on the red chair instead so I could concentrate.

Momi:  (is thinking otherwise.  I need to make a call to the teacher with the long name).


July 6, 2011

dsc00458Yesterday evening, we were doing the assignments of the boys.  Bunso handed over his Science book and turned the pages to lesson 6.

Bunso:  Mama, I now know how to call you.

momi:  What is it then, Bunso?

Bunso:  you are a working girl (pointed to the drawing of a girl in a corporate suit). Then time will come you will be a grandmother like her (pointed to the drawing of an old woman below the working girl).

July 11, 2011

I saw second son playing with his Kuya’s Optimus Prime.  Went near him and saw the masking tape wrapped over Optimus Prime’s wings.

Momi:  What happened to Optimus Prime?

Second son:  Kuya broke Optimus Prime’s wings.  I wrapped it with a sticky tape so the parts will be glued together.

Momi:  Why didn’t Kuya fix that toy?

Second son: He told me he does not want to play with Optimus Prime anymore so I just fixed it myself.  I will take care of him from now on.


July 22, 2011

dsc00569My five-year old Advanced Casa boy perfected all his mastery exams.  And he demanded for a quick reward.  He didn’t wait for me to go home.  He asked ninang (who was looking after them that day) to text me and that I buy a box of Jollibee chicken crunchers.


April 17, 2011

On our way to Trinoma to meet a dear friend, second son is  singing.

Momi:  What is the title of that song?

Second son:  Pray.

Momi:  May I hear it again?  Kindly sing loudly, please.

Second son:   (singing while skipping)

Momi:  From what cartoon program?

Second son:  Not cartoon program.  It’s from MTV

Momi:  MTV?

Second son:  Yes. MTV.  We watch MTV everyday before lunch.

Momi:  Who sings pray?

Second son:  Justin Bieber.

Momi:  (OMG. felt I am the most out-dated mother in the whole universe.)


  1. Tamshuk

    These anecdotes are so cute.. Absolute pure innocence:) Reminds me of the conversations I used to have with a close friend of mine when she told such stories about her lil girl.

    • momiberlin

      Its their innocence that makes everything so charming and worth the smile.

  2. John Peña

    I really love talking with kids, such pure, transparent, and innocent thoughts. Good thing that I have nieces now and I really love talking to them. What can I say, maybe I’m still young at heart 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Yes, definitely a young at heart at that. I may add, a very patient soul to spend time with kids.

  3. Georgia

    I love reading these anecdotes!!! These remind me of conversations I have with my daughter. I especially love the “my brain is heavy”

    • momiberlin

      Hahaha. Simply makes you smile even if there are problems, no?

  4. Jessica Ayun

    I can imagine how fun your home is. Loving these anecdotes compilations. Make me smile time by time. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for the nice words. Our house can be real noisy but yes, fun.

  5. Neri Ann

    Your kids are really funny! I wonder when my twins can talk na. Siguro andame na ding reasons and all.

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. Antabayanan mo na ang mga reasonings nila n

  6. Teresa

    I admire you that you still make time to document these stories about your kids. When they read these in the future, I’m sure they will be touched by your gesture. They will also probably find these anecdotes amusing. Keep it up!

    • momi berlin

      Thank you. I still have lots of scratch papers full of writings. I do hope they will appreciate this compilation later in life.

  7. Milton Coyne

    your kids are really funny and I enjoyed every piece of story here.. I find it cute when he tried to restore his Kuya’s toy
    thanks for sharing this.. I really enjoyed it…

    • momi berlin

      Thank you as well for finding time to read.

  8. Chhavi

    Awww, this is adorable. Reminds me of my niece. She is totally cute with her words and actions. I loved reading this

    • momiberlin

      Hahah. Kids are the cutest when they cant pronounce things properly or have a name for things.



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