MOMI LAUGHS/ Anecdotes from Tots part 13

Jun 22, 2016 | Only Berlin


March 5, 2012

the-unitFriday night.

We are watching The Unit, an American action-drama series about top military secrets modeled after the real-life US Army special operations unit commonly known as Delta Force.  One episode shows a group of military men rescuing a journalist.

Second son:  What is a journalist, papa?

Husband:  Ask mama.  She is a journalist.

Second son:  Ah!  I got it.  Someone who journeys a lot.

Momi Berlin:  (to husband) Was that the impression I created to this household?

FAMILY EATS TOGETHER                                                                                                          

March 5, 2012

Saturday breakfast.

Momi Berlin:  Come now, Bunso. Let us have our breakfast.  Papa and Kuya Second son are still walking (we usually do morning walks on weekends with the kids. This time, though, I am not yet done with the cooking). We may go first and they will just follow.

Bunso:  No, mama.  Don’t you remember?  Papa once told that we should all eat together.

NOTED, my son.

CAMPFIRE SONG                                                                                                                                

December 1, 2010

There was still some paint work backlogs.  As soon as the kids went to school, I started with the wall under our bookshelf.  By 2:30pm, I was all done. I took my brunch and had my bath.

Bunso came from school at 3:10pm.  We reviewed his lessons at 3:30pm.

I told him to eat on his own for I will just take a nap. That was 4:10pm.

In my dreams, Bunso was repeatedly singing Spongebob’s campfire song .  The song became louder and louder until I opened my eyes and saw there was light from our comfort room.  Bunso’s voice was coming from there. And Bunso was sitting on the toilet bowl. It was 5:15pm.

“Why didn’t you call me?” I asked bunso.

“Nahihiya ako e,” Bunso said.

It is only now that I have heard the word “shy” from Bunso, and he is only four.  He is beginning to be conscious na.


February  20, 2013

Tonsillitis is in the house.  Asked the boys to gargle Bactidol.

Firstborn tried very quickly.

Heard Bunso’s  sharp and sarcastic remark to his older brother:  “You are such a baby!”


February 25, 2013

Because of the  recent fire incident near our subdivision, I gave the boys a few pointers about fire safety.  And what did I get as a response from my seven-year-old boy?

Bunso:  During fire, I would get a book from our bookshelf.

Momi Berlin:  And why a book, Bunso?

Bunso:  Because we will be homeless.  We will just sleep on the street. And with nothing to do, we might get bored.  So I will bring a book so I may read something while on the street.


August 2, 2011

Second son and Bunso stayed with me while I do some quick work related stuff.  I finally decided to quit and spend the rest of the night with the boys.  Why?  Despite me looking too busy with work, they bother me still with a few jokes and they would repeat a certain joke again and again.  I can’t resist the temptation, laughing with the boys was far more enjoyable-

“Mama, we have a story to tell.  There were once before two birds.  Repeat and Irepeat.  Repeat left the nest.  Who was left behind?” My two boys narrated in unison.

“Irepeat,” I said.

“There were once before two birds.  Repeat and Irepeat.  Repeat left the nest.  Who was left behind?” They narrated again and they can’t help but laugh (as in super loud).


April 29, 2013

dsc06828That’s why we run out of shampoo in just a few days.

The boys made their own shampoo.  They claim it to be their all-original formula.  With empty m&m canister in tow, they put “a little drop” (they claim it to be a little drop only) of shampoo into the canister then mix water in it and shake.  Their formula, as they claim, is more effective than their shampoo because it 1) produces more suds, 2) smells more gooood, 3) is definitely cost efficient.

The mother here — though likes and approves of the new formula — finds it costly than the boys’ shampoo because with that “a little drop only” comes playing with giggling and laughter and messing around.


May 14, 2013

dsc07162My good friend Smash gave me a few “get well soon! gifts.

Bunso:  Everything is nice.  I like this accessory.  It’s your favorite color, I think.

Momi Berlin:  Yes, I love everything she gave me.  And yes, especially this accessory.

Bunso:  Oh, it even has a capital B on it!

Momi Berlin:  yes, B for my name.

Bunso:  Oh, I thought it means BEST FRIEND.


August 19, 2011

While waiting for his school service, Firstborn plays with his Optimus Prime.

Firstborn:  Look mama, I could transform Optimus Prime.

Momi:  Very good then, Firstborn.  I thought you would never play with Optimus Prime anymore.

Firstborn:  Mama, why can’t I transform Optimus Prime that quick just like in the movies? I think those movie directors are  just fooling us.


August 6, 2012

picture-120I arrived from the office last Thursday night and it was Bunso who opened the gate for me. I immediately saw his shirt’s back in front.

Momi Berlin:  Bunso, you wore your shirt the other way around.  This should be at the back.

Bunso:  Yes, mama.  I did that on purpose.  The tag is so itchy. I wore my shirt this way so anytime I feel itchy, it would be easier for me to scratch.  No need for me to reach for my nape.

Smart solution, Bunso.

That same day, I cut the tag off with scissors close to seam line so nothing would bother Bunso at all anymore.

ON CLASS STANDING AND REWARD                                                                                         November 15, 2010

I went to school last Saturday to get the kids’ report card.

Teacher Jo told  this mother that Bunso’s behavior has improved.  Teacher Jo added that Bunso seldom shouts at class or bullies his classmates.   She likewise related that Bunso told her that his mama promises to buy him a bay blade toy should he stop from shouting and roaming around the classroom.

Hmm, never mentioned anything like that to Bunso. Good job though to our Bunso who placed third on the honor roll.   He is presently in kindergarten.

– – –

Spoke to firstborn over the phone.  He told me that he is third in class as well as in the overall second grade students’ standing at his school.    He quickly added that he is grade two’s most responsible student, thus wants an el drago bay blade.  “That would be your reward to me for getting three awards for the second quarter,”  he said.

– – –

Grade one Second son got the first honors award.  Though he wanted a bay blade too, he would gladly prefer to have a new bag first.  He showed to me that his school bag “falls by itself” because of his books’ heavy weight.



  1. Nya

    I loved this post so much, haha, absolutely hilarious. It’s incredible how kids are so creative, isn’t it? I wish we’d conserve some of this ‘dreamy’ creativeness as we grow up (even if not all solutions are practical). I specially liked the ‘book’ one 🙂

    • momi berlin

      Love the save a book as well. Thank you.

  2. Carola

    Great stories! Funny to read. It’s also nice for your kids that you’re writing down these memories. They will have fun reading this when they are grown ups! Love the ‘save a book’ story.

    • momi berlin

      Thank you for appreciating the stories. And I do hope they will find this post funny as well when time comes they will read this.

  3. Sriparna

    Lovely experiences. I love your kid’s smart idea about the shirt’s tag…it was so cute and easy 🙂 lovely share of events!

    • momi berlin

      Thanks. I hope he will continue to be a smart lad.

  4. Richelle Molon

    A Journalist! I repeat, a journalist. Please repeat. 😀

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. I am a journalist. Hahaaha

  5. Ivan Jose

    Lovely anecdotes. It’s always refreshing to read real life family stories. Kids are always so funny.

    • momi berlin

      They are all funny indeed. And its their innocence that makes them funny and well appreciated.

  6. Amazing Life Daily

    Simple lang ang bata pero you have to admire and appreciate the innocence no? Plus, I have to say, they are getting good at putting you on the spot with the toy. HEHEHE.

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. I agree. They can be so smart and innocent but sometimes they put us on the spot. Ehehe.

  7. mariaisquixotic

    Your stories always inspire and tickle my funny bone. Their innocence is so pure that we go speechless. Kids will always be kids. Putting their parents under the spotlight may be their mission. Hahaha! 😀

    • momi berlin

      Hahaha. Love their innocence as well. And thank you for appreciating my kids’ stories.

  8. Cykaniki

    Children are such full of creativity, sometimes we faced things super complicated but their innocence will make us realize how things should be if we go back to the basics, kiss and hugs to your kids from a mom of 2 kids. Godbless

    • momi berlin

      Thank you for the kiss and hugs. Returning the virtual hugs and kisses to your family.

  9. chrmgmb

    Your kids are so witty and well raised. Who’s to blame? You! Congratulations in raising intelligent and responsible kids.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. WIll take that as a compliment. :)’

  10. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Ay, your kids are just too entertaining! Plus, they’re so galing! Kudos really to you and husband for doing a great job raising them. 🙂

    • momiberlin

      Thank you. Your boys are equally galing din! 🙂

  11. Tamz

    Such cute stories and funny at times. Kids have that effect on you 🙂

    • momiberlin

      even their simple kind gestures or simple musings are funny to me already. Perhaps I am their mom.

  12. Jane Rosewood

    Haha..Don’t you just love kids? They could be so funny and creative sometimes. There have no limits to their imagination. The part about the itchy tag is hilariousss.. Such innocent and imaginative way to take care at a problem. Loved it.

    • momiberlin

      Thank you for loving it. Yes, he can be so imaginative. Most kids are. Ihihi.

  13. Marge Gavan

    Hahaha.. Your kids are witty. I liked the book part most especially. It’s actually refreshing to hear about a kid wanting to read a book to kill boredom nowadays because most kids just want to play computer games.

    • momiberlin

      And I thank God they have this liking for their books. Thank you as well.

  14. rowenarose

    Love the stories… Witty I must say! I hope I can keep stories like this so that I can read this to my kids

    • momiberlin

      Better keep them. It is both entertaining to read and acts like a sweet way to reminisce.

  15. Aldrick 'chiki' Zabala Agpaoa

    Awww! Kids are really entertaining, aren’t they? This post just made my day and I imagine myself when I was a kid, too! At least their childhood will be memorable and they will always think about these when they grow old. Hope they save up all their experience in a diary so they can reminisce! Lovely! 🙂

    • momi berlin

      I bet if they document everything. But they sure make my day bright.

  16. SofarsoSabine

    This made my day. What a happy children. It’s so good to read this. They are really making your day right! I can’t wait until I maybe have another baby!

    • momi berlin

      Children are indeed God’s blessings. I will also pray for that baby of your n



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