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Apr 27, 2016 | Only Berlin

According to scriptures, the Catholics believe that Jesus came back to life three days after his death on the cross.  As Catholics, we commemorate this through the celebration of Easter Sunday.  We Catholics are always thankful that through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, He paid for our sins.

Thank you for your great sacrifice, Jesus.  And to celebrate Easter Sunday, we searched for the biggest family burger ever in town (no connection though but we all crave for burgers that day!).

It was the queen mother who told us about Mama Chit’s after having seen it on Kris TV. Being on bed rest for days, I was just too excited to go out of the house and see civilization.


The road was almost empty with only very few cars.  We arrived at San Roque in Marikina City in less than 30 minutes and easily found Mama Chit’s quaint cafe.

Boasting of a huge collection of memorabilia from the 50’s to the 80’s, Mama Chit’s cafe was a hodgepodge of almost everyone’s favorite things from eras of old.


Set up was semi self-service, with the customer going to the counter to order, settle on his preferred available table then wait for the food.  A variety of dishes may be found on the menu, mostly western at affordable prices.

We ordered the famous family cheeseburger  which was more than enough for five persons — my three boys, though all love to eat weren’t able to knock out the big burger.  Obviously, the gigantic burger stood out — about 12 inches in diameter. The bun was made from whole wheat with lots of sesame seeds on top.  It had generous layers of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and cheese.  The taste was very Filipino, juicy and sweet perhaps because of the small amount of mayonnaise and pickle relish.




We also ordered pasta for each and fresh fruit shake to quench our thirst.  Our late lunch was very filling and I would say pleasurable. Never have the boys saw a burger as big as Mama Chit’s and definitely it was an experience for them.


After our Mama Chit’s experience, we just crossed the street and bought some putong pulo, bibingka, crackers, and espasol at Aling Remy’s food stall.   I reasoned out that we seldom visit Marikina and we might as well bring home some fun and filling memories.


*One of the many backlogs and fun food trips I shared with my boys, April 2015.  


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