INVITES/ Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work – A Fun Baking Workshop For Kids This May

Apr 29, 2016 | Only Berlin

Mommies and kids find cooking and baking sessions fun especially this vacation. The kids like to play and imitate their moms in the kitchen, mold some dough, and bake easy to prepare cookies and breads. Moms enjoy seeing the kids able to work on their own, even with their little hands, and be able to make simple treats all by themselves.
This month of May, every Saturday, Brotzeit will be having their Brotzeit Junior Chef @ Work where little ones can have a fun afternoon of making their own favorite Brotzeit food. They can learn how to make their own Fladen, Cookies, and Pretzels. It will be an exciting experience for little kids complete with aprons, cooking tools, and certificates and they will get to taste and bring home the products that they made.
See posters for complete details or check Brotzeit’s pages on Facebook, Instagram and website.
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17x22in_Kids Party Package Menu A5 Size_FA Path_041316

Sign up at least one week before each class. You may also contact Malou Gonzalez at for schedules and registration.
Come with your kids and experience the fun of being Junior Chefs!


  1. Nina Sogue

    This could’ve been fun if the son is of age na. I still have a few years to wait. I’m super excited to try out these activities with him 🙂

  2. Cheanne

    I’ll be joining this too! We haven’t done this before so I’m excited. 🙂 see you there!

    • momi berlin

      Yup! See you there. Excited here. Too.

  3. SofarsoSabine

    So much fun to cook together with kids. I loved it when I was a kid to watch my mom cook or bake. I still remember those times as fun. Im sure your kids would love to do this!

    • msbolin

      I really hope they will enjoy the activity. I used to watch my grandmother cook and she would even let me stir and adjust the fire. Such fond memories.



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