CRAFeTeria/ no-stress workshop only at The Crafters Marketplace

Apr 4, 2016 | Only Berlin

“You can create your own lovely treasures.”

Said Ms. Melody Manalaysay and I just nodded matter of factly. Call it low self-esteem but looking at her wonderful crafting creations, I cannot imagine how a housewife like me can create something beautiful like hers in just one session. I may want to believe I still can if it’s a series of art workshop.

Somehow, though, looking at our work, I may say we made  pretty decent flowers and key chains for starters.


A variety of tiny treasures I and some fellow mom bloggers created during our three-hour workshop at The Crafters Marketplace.

My 10-year old boy and I attended a three-hour clay play activity last Friday at The Crafters Marketplace. The charming studio is located inside the Rustan’s Grocery at Shangrila-la Mall in Mandaluyong. Surely no one will miss the place because of the beautiful black and white doodling on the wall.

Through the patient guiding hands of Ms. Melody Manalaysay, this mother together with her fellow mom bloggers and their children was able to learn how to handcraft some unique accessories. All of these were made from polymer clay.


Polymer clay jewelry up for sale at The Crafters Marketplace, all carefully and diligently handcrafted by Ms. Melody.

Looking at the  sample works, one may say that these are a true labor of an outstanding artist.   Aside from patience, anyone who wants to make clay art as a hobby would be needing some creativity and skills. He should also possess high attention to details and focus on finishing his goal.  And that day, I guess all mommy attendees plus their little chikitings (children) as help, were able to create their own masterpieces because they were all eyes and ears to the well-accomplished teacher.

But more than listening attentively to the instructor, it was the participants’ attitude to explore new things and try something different that helped them create such beautiful polymer clay accessories.

Ms. Melody taught us through a live demonstration. She was so generous to share with us her talent and even her own things. She not only imparted tried and tested technique but also discoveries like what kind of clay to buy and not. Our seasoned trainer, by the way, is one of the leading clay artists in the country and is the artist behind the shop Crafting Time which she co-managed with her mom Lomie.




The ever cheerful Ms. Melody Manalaysay of Crafting Time.


The first clay art Ms. Melody taught us was how to create a polymer clay flower.  For the materials, we were provided with the following:


Materials needed: 4 to 6 colors of polymer clay, a pasta making machine or rolling pin, one long blade for cutting, a tile as cutting board, a tube of liquid polymer clay (preferable), and a knitting needle.

Six easy steps to follow:

1. Slice the clay into thin strips. Why? To easily flatten the clay.

2. Flatten the clay using a rolling pin until tender.  Or one may opt to use a pasta machine for an easier and quicker way.



Have I told you I attended the workshop with my boy?  My 10-year old kid helping his mama with their first polymer clay flower.

3. Once soft and elastic, form a log. Then divide it into several pieces (pieces should be about the same size). Each piece will become the petal of the flower. Don’t forget to cut a larger piece then flatten it. This will be the base of the petals.


4. Flatten the small cut pieces one by one. Hold the petal and using a toothpick, gently fold the other side forming a semi rosebud. The edges should not overlap. Option: one may etch lines into the petals using a knitting thread.

5. Lay the petals one by one until the whole base is covered with them. One may opt to put another set of petals above the first layer then put a small rounded clay on the middle (preferably of a different color).


6. Put finished product on a tray then bake for about 15-20 minutes.  And tada!


Enroll at The Crafters Marketplace workshops for a no-stress tutorial and by the end of the day, you will feel like an expert already.  Ihihi.  


Ms. Melody also shared with us some mini receptacles containing shiny-shimmering powder she called as mica powder which when patted softly on our hand-crafted accessories will add glitter or color on them.

We certainly had fun.  And I may say we all did feel good about ourselves because we were able to do something we are not familiar in the first place.  I, for one, realized that every individual has his own magic in his hands.  He should not be afraid to explore.   We have seen our first creations and all of us were convinced that we could do better than the previous ones.  So on our next attempt to create key chains, we explored.   Indeed experience is the best teacher.

While waiting for our finished products, we were led to The Crafters Marketplace stall and I tell you– everything in there are so adorable.   I would want to buy them all!  Seriously. Everything is so gorgeous from the earrings to the necklaces. All the bracelets are so lovely to look at and no one would instantly think that they are made of clay. There are also small jewelry boxes and even business card holders. I must say each is one-of-a-kind.  No two items flaunt the same design. And looking deeper in each masterpiece, very evident was the passion put into it. Each, in fact, got its own personality and story to tell.


We enjoyed the short class and I am even thinking of enrolling myself and my boys in some of The Crafters Marketplace’s summer art workshops. Their studio in itself is a breath of fresh air — truly pleasantly different. The owners Ms. Sunshine Asuncion-See and Ms. Alma Borruel-Ramirez are very accommodating and approachable. I came babywearing my seven-month-old boy and Ms. Alma was more than willing to babysit my little man!


Imagine one of the owners babysitting your baby?  Ms. Alma and my seven-month-old boy in one of their bonding moments. 


So if you and your kids are still looking for something to  do this summer but do not prefer to get you sweating, enroll at The Crafters Marketplace’s workshops or  Kiddie Art Camp.  Their classes are going to be real fun.   For the Clay Art activity, for instance, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and to do some kneading.  There might be times you will feel it’s kinda tough, but definitely, it would be all fun!


IMG_3868 (1)

Interested?  Call The Crafters Marketplace now!

When we left the studio, my son happily told me, “I cannot believe I made something like that out of clay!” And I smiled at him.  I was thinking the same.


  1. Richelle Molon

    I always feel intimidated with your writing style, Mommy Bolin.

    Fun-filled session indeed.

    • msbolin

      Full filled indeed. And can’t wait to have more sessions like this with you and the little boy. Thank you, by the way.

  2. Our Eat Dates

    This is nice for my daughter but think I would consider in 1-2 years time… Thanks for sharing!

    • msbolin

      Yes, your daughter will surely enjoy the workshop. And I think the mom, too. 🙂

    • msbolin

      Haha. Same here thus really thankful to have experienced it last Saturday. Let’s try it. It’s real fun!

  3. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    This is a really nice article Berlin 🙂 I’m happy to be with you on this workshop 🙂

    • msbolin

      Thank you. So happy to spend our Friday afternoon with you, too.

  4. Nini Perez

    I didn’t realize it was this educational! Sad that I missed this one. I like crafts pa naman. Glad you and your young man enjoyed. 🙂 At kasama pa si baby.

    • msbolin

      Yes, the little Yael always with his mama. crafters marketplace has Summer workshops. You may call it email to inquire. I plan to take calligraphy with my boy.

  5. nanaystrip

    Interesting workshops! Sayang, I won’t be able to attend the coloring class later. Kitakits sa future events , Berlin!

  6. Cheanne

    I’ve always wanted to do polymer clay crafts! I even bought 2 small blocks of polymer clay before but never even opened it. Tsk tsk. Hehe

  7. Louisa Mercado

    Looks like a fun activity. I think my daughter and I would have enjoyed this.

  8. Pearl P.

    Looks very fun! You gotta let your creative juice flowing to be able to create lovely pieces. Would love to try this with the kids 🙂

    • msbolin

      Haha, im tempted to buy a few pieces and try it at home. Try it, too. It can be therapeutic and calming.

  9. Mommy Anna

    How I wish, I have artistic side so I can make also like this 🙁

    • msbolin

      I doubt myself as well but turned out we all can do something creative.

  10. Mommy Rockin' In Style

    Ang ganda ganda naman talaga ng nagawa nyo e. I doubt if I can do the same lols. Looks you two had so much fun, pati si Yael hehehe.

    • msbolin

      Haha. Thanks. I thought so too we will end up kawawa with no creative output. We all can be creative naman pla and surely with your talent in mixing colors and eye for beauty, your work will definitely be outstanding.

  11. ninasogue

    Wow, this looks really fun! I hope I joined this one too. I’ve always wanted to learn polymer clay making.

    • msbolin

      They give free classes! Ask for sked. Ihihi. I want the doodling nanan.

  12. Donna Cristobal

    This is a great bonding activity for parents and kids!

  13. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    My daughter enjoys crafting activities but I must admit na wala akong tyaga to do anything craft-y ..huhuhu…

    • msbolin

      Hahaah. Its ok. You excel on your kitchen naman e. And that to me and to so many others is an art itself.

  14. Maria Teresa Figuerres

    This clay play activity is really interesting. I’ll ask my son what activity he’d like to partake in. Thanks for the heads-up!

    • msbolin

      You are welcome. When you push through, enjoy!

  15. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    My Lukas will surely love the place. He’s the artsy craftsy one among my kids. I’ll look into this. Question, alam mo yung dati sa middle ng mall na parang you get to paint figurines? Are those made of polymer clay?

    • msbolin

      Haha, I tried that as well. Perhaps made of clay, too but not polymer because they could break into pieces once dropped. Hope your Lucas be able to enroll this summer and try the clay art. There are so many workshops to choose from. 🙂

  16. den

    This looks so much fun! Maybe something we can consider after a few years since Bunny is still a toddler.

    • msbolin

      Yes, she will surely enjoy such activity.

  17. Ayi

    I like! I’m sorta addicted to crafts these days, although more on calligraphy and kids’ crafts lang 🙂

    • msbolin

      They have calligraphy! Na excite tuloy ako. Ihihi. My son and I will enjoy in their calligraphy classes. Try mo rin. 🙂

  18. Chirag

    This looks so much fun to do. Gonna try it someday for sure! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • msbolin

      You will surely enjoy once you try it.



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