MOMI TIPS: 3 reasons cloth diaper is better than disposable one

Sep 22, 2015 | Only Berlin

“We are out of diaper again,” the wife tells her husband and he answers with a grimace.

  • Disposable diaper eats up so much of an average-earning family’s grocery budget.
  • Aside from that, using disposable diaper means more trees being cut and makes a family a major contributor to the local landfill.
  • Oftentimes, leaving a soiled diaper increases the possibility of diaper rash.

These and more are the reasons that finally makes this mother to use cloth diaper all the way.  Before with her three boys, she used cloth diaper on day time and disposable at night.  Her lampin before was a birds-eye cloth she folded and used clasps. Now with her Yael, she learns that there is indeed a fashionable cloth diaper which can hold urine just like a disposable one.  Also, she finds this fitted diaper very convenient as it is shaped like any disposable diaper. And instead of using pins, it has adjustable snaps to make it possible to fit any sized baby, from newborn to toddler.


So for now, this momi is saying good bye to disposable diapers and is very much addicted to cloth diapers.

By the way, for the fashion conscious moms, there are various designs that may go well with your style.  And add to that the great potential to save money and Mother Earth.   So why not give cloth-diapering a try.

To start with, you may check Thrifty Mama Shoppe at

Happy cloth-diapering!



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