Pampers Diaper on Sale!

Pampers Diaper on Sale!

What's your diaper? We have read and heard it a hundred times. Disposable diapers make up a significant amount of trash. Million tons of plastic diapers end up in landfills which may be bad for the environment. But does this make cloth diapers the better choice? Cloth...

TIPS on Raising Children 

Raising Children  Raising children can be one of the most stressful but rewarding experiences a parent may have. Seeing them grow up from a child to a young adult can be affirming and emotional. However, with this may come worries relating to their turbulent teenage...

The best protection all day long for our baby

The best protection all day long for our baby

The best protection for our baby We have known this brand for 15 years already. We learned about it through experience. And though we try other brands from time to time, we always go back to our tried and tested Pampers Baby Dry. As a couple blessed with five boys,...

How exciting is Shopee 3.15 Consumer day?

The first mega sale of the year is here! Introducing, Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day! And wait, there's more! Shopee welcomes Primetime Queen Marian Rivera as its newest brand ambassador!  What to expect more during the Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day? ₱1 Deals, Free Shipping...

How to choose the right baby items

How to choose the right baby items

The best for your baby The moment you see two lines in your pregnancy test, you probably jump for joy and feel a rush of happiness at the promise of your forthcoming parenthood. But, of course, many ideas and thoughts come into your mind. Among others are what gender...

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