Pru Life UK Shines at Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards with Five Wins

May 27, 2024 | Likes

Celebrating Excellence and Social Responsibility

In a remarkable achievement, Pru Life UK has secured five prestigious awards at the 2024 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards, highlighting their commitment to social responsibility and corporate citizenship. The awards recognize Pru Life UK’s dedication to making a sustainable impact on Filipino families’ lives.

Pru Life UK Shines at Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards with Five Wins

Award-Winning Campaigns and Initiatives

Pru Life UK’s PRUBabies campaign earned a Silver Stevie® for “Community Relations and Public Service Communications” and a Bronze for “Diversity & Inclusion.” This initiative aims to protect 175,000 newborns against the costs of selected infectious diseases by offering free PRUMedCare coverage, providing cash assistance for diagnoses and deaths related to these diseases.

The company also received a Bronze Stevie® for its PRURide Philippines 2023 event, the largest cycling festival in the Philippines, which brought together over 5,000 cyclists and families.

Committed to Community and Financial Literacy

President and CEO Sanjay Chakrabarty expressed pride in these achievements, stating, “These recognitions illustrate our steadfast commitment to being the trusted partner and protector of Filipino families. We dedicate this success to the communities we serve, for fueling our relentless pursuit to champion financial literacy and sustainability.”

Pru Life UK was also honored with a Bronze Stevie® for Project Padayon and a Silver Stevie® for the Cha-Ching financial literacy program. Project Padayon, in partnership with ASSIST, empowers Bantayan Island residents through training programs on SME empowerment, family health, disaster risk preparedness, and climate change resilience. Cha-Ching educates millions of children on financial habits and responsibility, shaping a financially literate generation.

A Trusted Partner for Every Filipino Family

Pru Life UK Shines at Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards with Five Wins

Pru Life UK continues to lead the industry, setting new benchmarks for social responsibility and corporate citizenship, firmly dedicated to being the most trusted partner and protector of every Filipino family’s future.


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