Abbott’s Growth Watch Initiative: Empowering Parents to Combat Childhood Stunting

Feb 19, 2024 | Likes

In the Philippines, childhood stunting remains a pressing health concern, with one in four children under the age of five experiencing stunted growth. Abbott has launched the Growth Watch initiative to address this issue, collaborating with celebrity moms Chesca Kramer and Nadine Samonte and other influential figures and communities to empower parents to identify and address childhood stunting.

Abbott's Growth Watch Initiative: Empowering Parents to Combat Childhood Stunting
Abbott’s Growth Watch Initiative: Empowering Parents to Combat Childhood Stunting

Understanding the Impact of Childhood Stunting

Childhood stunting hampers physical growth. It also poses long-term health risks, including compromised cognitive function and diminished bone health. Despite its prevalence, awareness about stunting remains low among Filipino mothers, with two in three unaware of its significance. Abbott’s Growth Watch initiative seeks to educate and equip parents with the tools to detect and mitigate stunting early on.

Through partnerships with mom communities and influencers, Abbott endeavors to amplify awareness about childhood stunting. It also aims to provide accessible resources for parents. Since its inception in 2021, Growth Watch has already reached over 161,000 families, with plans to double its impact by the coming year. By encouraging regular height measurements and offering nutrition counseling, Abbott aims to ensure children across the country thrive and develop to their fullest potential.

Abbott’s Holistic Approach to Child Nutrition

In addition to educational initiatives, Abbott offers practical tools like the PediaSure Plus Growth Calculator and Height Chart, free growth assessments, and nutrition counseling. Supplements like PediaSure Plus provide essential nutrients to support healthy growth and development, complementing a balanced diet by addressing malnutrition early and comprehensively—Abbott endeavors to transform the landscape of child nutrition in the Philippines and beyond.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to join Abbott’s community and utilize the available resources to monitor their children’s growth effectively. Whether through online tools or direct assistance from Abbott’s Careline, families can take proactive steps toward ensuring their children receive the nutrition they need for optimal growth and development.

Abbott’s Ongoing Commitment to Global Health

Abbott's Growth Watch Initiative: Empowering Parents to Combat Childhood Stunting

Abbott’s efforts extend beyond individual initiatives like Growth Watch, with a broader commitment to improving global health outcomes. Through ongoing research, partnerships, and the Abbott Center for Malnutrition Solutions, the company aims to address malnutrition and other health challenges, advancing its mission to help people live healthier lives worldwide.


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