TECNO and Dolby Join Forces, Redefine Mobile Entertainment

Jan 31, 2024 | Likes

A New Era of Immersive Audio for TECNO Users Worldwide

TECNO, the trailblazing technology brand, has unveiled an exciting partnership with Dolby Laboratories, a pioneer in immersive entertainment experiences. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the mobile entertainment landscape by introducing the breathtaking Dolby Atmos spatial sound experience to TECNO’s global user base. The eagerly anticipated integration will debut on TECNO’s upcoming POVA 6 Series, which is scheduled for an official launch at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024.

TECNO and Dolby Join Forces, Redefine Mobile Entertainment

“At TECNO, we’re constantly looking for new ways to elevate the user experience and bring more high-end capabilities to our devices,” shared Jack Guo, General Manager of TECNO. He expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Dolby to bring Dolby Atmos to our users worldwide. This exciting development will allow users to discover a new level of audiovisual immersion and enjoyment with their TECNO smartphone.”

Dolby Atmos Unleashed: A Multidimensional Audio Experience

Dolby Atmos is renowned for transforming the mobile entertainment experience, providing moving audio that envelops listeners from all directions. Whether users use stereo earbuds, headphones, or built-in device speakers, Dolby Atmos promises an immersive sound experience with unparalleled depth, clarity, and detail. The technology enhances the audio quality of various content, delivering a more natural and nuanced listening experience for music, games, movies, and shows.

Unveiling the POVA 6 Series: A Gaming Experience Like Never Before

The upcoming TECNO POVA 6 Pro 5G, part of the POVA 6 Series, is poised to be the first device featuring Dolby Atmos technology. Scheduled for an official release in late February at Mobile World Congress 2024, this device is designed to provide a thrilling gaming experience for the modern youth, immersing users in the action with the cutting-edge Dolby Atmos technology.

Expanding the Partnership: Future-Ready Devices Across Series

Following the global launch of the POVA 6 Series, the collaboration with Dolby is set to extend to all future TECNO CAMON and PHANTOM Series devices. This strategic move underscores the shared vision of both companies to create premium experiences for users, enhancing mobile entertainment for global consumers seeking unprecedented innovative experiences.

TECNO and Dolby Join Forces, Redefine Mobile Entertainment

Anticipated Launch in the Philippines: Paving the Way for Global Adoption

The launch of the POVA 6 Series is expected to make its debut in the Philippines after the Mobile World Congress 2024, making it the likely first country to experience the revolutionary Dolby Atmos technology on TECNO smartphones. This marks a significant milestone in introducing immersive audio experiences to consumers worldwide. TECNO and Dolby’s collaboration signifies a commitment to pushing boundaries and setting new standards in mobile entertainment.


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