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Sharps celebrates 110 years of transforming lives

Sharp Corporation celebrates its 110th anniversary. In its celebration, Sharp introduces a new management system to realize the following improvements:

  1. Emphasize Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
  2. Raise its social value
  3. Revitalize its brand for sustainable growth


Its introduction of ESG shows the company’s vision of a sustainable environment, better health, and innovative solutions for the people.

Sharp Corporation commemorates its 110th anniversary on September 15. Its history started when founder Tokuji Hayakawa launched a metalworking shop in Tokyo in 1912. He later invented the “Ever Ready Sharp Pencil.” This twist-type mechanical pencil later becomes the origin of the corporate brand Sharp.

Sharp is a worldwide developer of core technologies and innovative products that play a crucial role in shaping the future of electronics. The company sets its business vision as “Changing the World with 8K+5G and AIoT.” 

8K technology creates images that divulge a world beyond everyday reality and gives birth to thrilling discoveries. In contrast, 5G is the next generation of mobile data transmission. Its notable advances in capacity, data transmission, and speed deliver ultra-low latency and multi-terminal connectivity. Also, 5G expands communication potential to facilitate all-around connectivity between users and all devices. 

AIoT, on the other hand, is Sharp’s unique synthesis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), a tactile and intuitive approach created through the application of cloud connectivity and artificial intelligence. The purpose of this is to fully suit everyday appliances and transform devices from valuable tools to active partners and address the necessities of households and society as a whole.  

Three core brand businesses

Sharp uses its three core brand businesses to achieve its vision: Smart Life, 8K Ecosystem, and ICT. The company also has two device businesses: Display Devices and Electronic Devices, which act as support in an integrated fashion in pursuit of the “One Sharp” business. 

Business creed

Based on its business creed of “Sincerity and Creativity,” Sharp continues to introduce unique products and solutions. Hayakawa also creates Sharp to introduce “products that other companies want to imitate.” Many of its unique product solutions are world-firsts and Japan-firsts, which contribute to the development of society. This makes Sharp reach many milestones over its 110 years of service. 

Noteworthy Sharp innovations



Development of photovoltaic power generation (Solar power)

1961 and 1962

Development of convection microwave ovens in 1961 and the introduction of Japan’s first mass production model a year after


Development of the world’s first all-transistor calculator


Development of mobile phones 


Delivery of various featured products such as the industry-first camera-equipped mobile phone


Introduction of Plasmacluster air purifying technology, which is incorporated in other Sharp products. It achieved 100 million units shipped worldwide by October 2021


Introduction of AQUOS LCD TVs and shipping of 500 million units by the end of September 2020

2021 and 2021

Production of face masks and reached 300 million shipments a year after

110th-anniversary logo

Sharp creates its 110th-anniversary logo as a sign of gratitude for the support from its stakeholders over the 110 years. The gently changing colors express transformation to green and blue colors, representing the image of ESG business. 

Business Transformation to Re-emphasize ESG


In its 110th year, Sharp introduces a new management system to realize transformation to re-emphasize ESG, raise its social value, and revitalize its brand for sustainable growth. 

Management emphasizing ESG carries out four major policies: 

Further strengthen healthcare-related business

Sharp introduces products, services, and solutions centering on preventive care. Such products strengthen sensing functions installed in its home appliances and develop unique healthcare-related sensors. Likewise, Sharp creates new healthcare-related devices, along with carrying out partnership and M&A(Mergers & Acquisition) aggressively. This way, a system formed measures people’s health-related data naturally in various scenes and provides a solution optimum for each individual. Eventually, Sharp aims to realize people lead a self-directing healthy living.

Contribution to carbon neutral, 

Sharp contributes to carbon neutrality by reducing its GHG(Greenhouse Gas) emission and expanding renewable energy in society. Under its long-term environmental vision, “Sharp Eco Vision 2050”, Sharp declares to realize net zero emission of GHG emissions through its activities. As a mid-term target, Sharp aims to reduce 60% GHG emission by 2035. To realize this target, Sharp will further expand its energy solution business by developing business in the aerospace and automotive appliances, expanding PPA(Power Purchase Agreement) business, and accelerating research of the latest technology solar cells such as perovskite for practical use. By such means, by 2030, Sharp expects to contribute to the reduction of GHG emissions equal to approximately 12 times the emission of its in-house activity and contribute to the carbon neutrality of society. 

Management based on HITO (people)

The Personnel system will be further innovated based on four perspectives: Hybrid personnel with multiple professions, an Innovation-cultivating environment, Talent-based optimum personnel stationing, and Opportunity for growth provided to excellent members. The initials spell out HITO, meaning “people” in Japanese. 

Specifically, a performance-based personnel system to support young talents, an attractive work treatment system to gather professional personnel, fulfilled structure to support the growth of personnel, and rejuvenating and speed-up of the decision process will be executed to cultivate and young and spirited corporate culture. 

True global company

Sharp aims to expand global business by strengthening sales strategy in each region and promoting management innovation. While already being recognized as a strong electronics brand in Japan, it seeks to further develop its brand worldwide to contribute to society with its featured products, solutions, services, and technology. 

Specifically, the development of global personnel and acceleration of partnership and M&A with global companies will be promoted while introducing new products with the latest technology simultaneously worldwide and strengthening local-adapting products and services to raise the brand on a global scale.

Truly, many lives have been enlightened by the trusted presence of Sharp through the years. Sharp continues to stay as our stable and assuring companion, wherein its products are designed to meet the daily needs and desires of its consumers, providing a breath of satisfaction with its advanced technology, revolutionary designs, and overall solution. Sharp continues to transform the lives of the people as it serves as our friend through the years. Just like how friendship serves as a lifetime commitment, Sharp intends to keep it that way for years to come.

In celebration of its 110th anniversary, Sharp Philippines conducts various activities and promotions to express its gratefulness to its customers for their support to the company over the years. These include CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in public schools, a B2B (Business to Business) exhibit this September 22-24 at SMX Convention Center, Manila, and special promotion and giveaways on all of their Koten events for September and October as well as other exhibits where 110th Sharp merchandise will be given away.


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