Brilliant Mineral addresses mineral deficiency

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Brilliant Mineral products help address mineral deficiency

More than 2 billion people, or one-third of the world’s population, is affected by micronutrient deficiency (MND) or malnutrition. This disease is caused by a dietary deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

Brilliant Mineral addresses mineral deficiency

Challenges of micronutrient deficiency

Several countries where people suffer from nutritional problems face severe cases of micronutrient deficiency. And this remains a major challenge. This growing concern is a major challenge to the socio-economic development of a nation. It even contributes to the vicious circle of underdevelopment of a country which becomes a disadvantage, especially for the already underprivileged communities. Such obstacle has long-ranging effects on productivity, learning ability, and health. Eradicating Micronutrient Deficiency then becomes a prerequisite for ensuring fast and appropriate development. And itentails the government to promote massive public information initiatives.

Some factors leading to micronutrient deficiency are poverty and lack of access to a variety of food. The lack of knowledge of optimal dietary practices and high incidence of infectious diseases also major factors. 

Access to an adequate variety and quantity of good-quality food to battle MND is a must to stop Micronutrient malnutrition. And VRT Brilliant Mineral Oil Corp makes this happen. VRT Brilliant Mineral Oil Corpis the only company in the Philippines that distributes products containing 16 high-grade minerals to help the body perform its functions.

It is important to note that MNDs are preventable. Individuals need to be aware that there are options available for them. 

micronutrient deficiency is preventable

Several options exist to combat MNDs, including supplementation, fortification, and food-based approaches like dietary diversification. The choice of intervention strategy or strategies should depend on the cause, severity, and scope of the MND.

VRT Brilliant has been an avid advocate of minerals for the past 10 years. Its general manager, Mervin Tobias, relayed that his father recovered from an almost fatal heart attack. The heart attack was due to the supplementation of minerals.

“For more than a decade, my father has been a living proof of the wonders of minerals. VRT Brilliant products aided him to walk and have a normal life again,” Tobias added.

The flagship products of VRT Brilliant are VRT Brilliant Mineral Oil and VRT Brilliant Mineral Drops. Each contains 16 high-grade minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, cobalt, vanadium, calcium, chromium, boron, manganese, sodium, sulfur, zinc, molybdenum, phosphorus, and selenium

VRT Brilliant Mineral Drops

Brilliant Mineral addresses mineral deficiency

The Brilliant Mineral Drops (BMD) is a food supplement rich with 16 minerals essential. BMD keeps the body healthy and functions properly. In addition, BMD helps prevent the body from various mineral deficiencies that could lead to illness.

Add five drops to water, juice, beverages, or any food preparation. A daily BMD supplies you with the top minerals your body requires to survive against diseases and ailments. These include Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, and Potassium. Naturally, these minerals are highly concentrated on specific foods, but BMD is also packed with these minerals.

“The Brilliant Minerals Drops is one of our best sellers because it helps improve eyesight.”

VRT Brilliant Mineral Oil

Meanwhile, the Brilliant Mineral Oil is a mineralized essential oil that can help reduce or relieve headaches and body pains. It also helps relieve sore muscles, arthritis, and rheumatoid. As it relieves other aches and pains in the body, it also supplies the body with minerals. It is formulated with the different relaxing aromas of Green Tea, Cool Water, Powdery, Cucumber, Melon, and Lavender.

“Most users of our Brilliant Mineral Oil say that they feel and experience instant relief after applying the oil. I think we are the only company in the country today which carries products that have these powerful minerals. And the people should be aware of the importance of minerals in our body’s normal functioning. Minerals promote good health,” the young manager quipped.

Brilliant Mineral brings back nutrition

Micronutrient deficiencies (MNDs) have direct effects on individuals and indirect effects on societies. Globally, there are substantial efforts to improve the nutritional status. However, tremendous work is still needed to reach all individuals with or at risk for MNDs. Now more than ever, there is a need for mineral supply for the body. While food may not be readily available due to a thousand reasons, thankfully, there are other possible options.

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