How to lose lockdown weight?

Feb 23, 2022 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin

Lockdown weight

Quarantine may serve as one effective measure to somehow reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, being in lockdown comes with its own physical and mental challenges. In addition, some individuals – us included – gained weight during the pandemic.

A lot of factors undoubtedly contributed to our weight gain. For one, we noticed increased activity in the kitchen. With the boys staying at home, we often cook meals and prepare snacks. This resulted in more family bonding over food and even midnight snacks while watching Netflix. In addition, our usual park and church visits were also restricted; thus, we live a more sedentary lifestyle than before.

Conscious of the extra weight we gain, we plan to be physically fit and manage a moderate weight. We are confident we can shed the extra pounds as we adapt gradual changes into our daily routines.

Eat breakfast

We learned it the hard way.

Skipping breakfast only led us to eat more than we could during lunch. We also tend to snack more throughout the day as we feel hungrier than ever. To add, not having breakfast equates to missing out on essential nutrients, which are not helpful to our health.

Be active

We try fast walking early morning around the subdivision for at least 30 minutes every day. It not only helps us burn off excess calories but, more importantly, makes us feel physically strong and energetic.

Cut down on junk food

We breakfast junk food. That is one bad habit we are not proud of. We intentionally remove junk food from our grocery list to avoid the temptation. As much as we can, we opt for healthy snacks. We also increase our fruit intake.

Plan meals

We do not know how to count calories on each meal. But, we lessen – if we can’t totally eliminate – sugar in our food. We also eat more fish and chicken meat and lessen on pork and beef. So proud, too, that we can give up on processed and oily food and eat more baked and broiled dishes instead.

Drink plenty of water

We have tried it, and often, a glass of water is what we need to suppress appetite and even boost our metabolism. We also find it easier to exercise and help us burn more calories as we increase our water intake.

Take supplements

We researched and found that tropical fruit Garcinia Cambogia is a popular weight-loss supplement. But, more than helping keep the blood sugar and cholesterol levels in check, it puts the brake on our appetite. And from the many food supplements with Garcinia Cambogia, we tried Vitabears Fat Buster. It contains pure Garcinia Cambogia, which suppresses appetite and decreases the fat that our body stores.

In the one month we regularly take Vita Bears Fat Buster, we may say that it indeed aids in our digestion. As a result, we enjoy regular trips to the comfort room and reduce that usual bloated feeling after having too much food. Love, too, its green apple flavor.

Vitabear Fat Burner and the rest of the brand’s other variants are manufactured in South Korea, which undergo strict safety protocols and health guidelines. Each product is carefully formulated to be as effective as possible while retaining its yummy flavor.

lose lockdown weight

We follow a not-so-strict weight loss plan. We do not even ban food, as it will only make us crave them more. We lessen some sweets and remain intentional to our goal – lose weight healthily and appropriately. To add, we take supplements to help us enhance fat loss and decrease calorie absorption. We find it no reason not to enjoy occasional treats, too, as long as we stay within our daily calorie allowance. Lose weight with us. You can do it if you remain consistent and intentional with your health goals.

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  1. Ma Gercel Elueso

    Simula nga po ng lockdown talagang ang laki Ng tinaba ko tapos ang hirap Ng magbawas Ng timbang well displina Lang ang need para makuha mong magbawas at maging healthy❤️

    • admberlin

      agree sa displina talaga.

  2. Ellaine Parame

    Maganda pala epekto ng VitaBears Fat Buster dahil napanatili nitong maayos ang ating kalusugan. Proper diet din at exercise regularly. Thanks for aharing this to us mommy.

  3. Owen Ponce

    This sounds a legit and true experience.. we gained a lot of weight and now we are looking for a healthy lifestyle and wellness and living.. an eye opener to me ,when I was hospitalised in the middle of the pandemic because of my calorie intake

  4. jennifer cruz

    good tips for us lalot marami sa atin ang matagal nang di nakakalabas ng bahay at lagi nang nakaupo…yes to staying active and healhty life style.

    • admberlin

      yey. hanggang makakaya, galaw galaw kaya dumaragdag timbang kasi di na rin tayo minsan natayo sa kinauupuan natin e

  5. Tina Jove Torres

    An daming magagandang benefits ng Organic and Gluten-Free Vitabears Fat Buster na itooo. Napasearch ako momi kung pwede sa breastfeeding. Nakakatuwa kasi ang mga positive reviews, aside from the fact na we can loss weight. It may also promote blood sugar regulation, improves health markers, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, and provide antioxidants. (nabasa ko lang 🙂 )

    • admberlin

      breastfeeding here at wala naman ako nakikita na effect sa anak ko.

  6. Maricel Alam

    Yes,I am one of the many who gain weight starting pandemic and it’s really hard to lose weight eapecially we stay at home and all we think is food and eating.Thank you for this article of yours momi Berlin.Worth to read and give me the deas to not skip breakfast meal eapecially.
    Being fit and healthy is discipline yourself and take supplement like vitabear.

    • admberlin

      tama. discipline talaga e

  7. Jen Guzman

    Kailangan talaga ng healthy food at proper exercise para maging healthy ang ating katawan . Samahan pa ng VitaBear Fat Buster makakatulong din sa ating pag papapayat ❤️

    • admberlin

      yes, important talaga un healthy food at proper exercise at mas maganda if sasamahan ng trusted supplement mo

  8. Lorenda R. Failano

    Though hindi naman kami palakain, medyo hirap pa rin ako mag-lose ng weight. Siguro dahil na rin sa slow metabolism. Ang need ko lang siguro umpisahan is yung exercise para makadagdag sa pag-burn ng fats n caloriesm

    • admberlin

      ako rin di ganung pala kain. pero mahilig kasi ako sa sweets at junk food.

  9. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ako nung bagong panganak ako tumaba din ako tapos nabully ng tao sabi para daw buntis kaya mas pinili kong pumayat Ginawa ko naglalaan ako ng 1hr par makapag work out 4 time a week or 5 time a week kasi para sakin iba na ang pakiramdam kapag napag pawisan kana parang ang payapa ng kaisipan mo

    • admberlin

      nakikita ko nga ung exercise mo at biking. hanga ako sa discipline mo at motivation

  10. Mariecar Tuquero

    Ngayong naglockdown momi madaming nag gain ng weight kaya naman itong tips na binigay mo ay magandang gawin. Exercise alone is not enough. Maganda nga sabayan din ng pag inum ng supplements.

    • admberlin

      yes, exercise alone is not enough. mahalaga rin talaga na un kinakain natin is healthy

  11. Pat Loyola

    Siguro same ways din po sa tulad ko namang gusto mag gain ng wait. Proper food intake, discipline at taking supplements. Since Bata kase ako payat n talaga ako.

  12. Maribel V. Cabunoc

    Yes po momi mas nag gain yung weigth ko simula nong pandemic, di na makapag jogging every morning… dahil din sa hilig ko rin ang magluto napapasarap na kumain, pero need mo disiplinahin sarili mo pagdating sa pagkain para narin sa kalusugan natin…

    • admberlin

      agree sa disiplina talaga ang need natin, at maging consistent


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