BDO reminder: download its mobile apps from official app stores

Oct 4, 2021 | Likes, Only Berlin

BDO reminds clients to download its mobile apps only from official app stores

A year ago, we reported to BDO someone tried to use our mobile banking app. Thankfully, the bank addressed our concern promptly.  

This incident was a lesson learned. For our safety, it is prudent that we download BDO’s app only from official app store platforms. So nice of BDO, too, to make an announcement about this.  

BDO urges its clients to only download its apps for free from official app store platforms. BDO apps are as follows: BDO Checkout, BDO Deals, BDO Digital Banking, BDO Merchant, BDO Pay, BDO Securities Mobile App, and BDO Unibank SG.

Official app store platforms

The official app store platforms, on the other hand, are:

Moreover, mobile apps downloaded from unofficial app stores and other websites may be outdated, preventing users from using the app’s full features and total capacity. Often, too, mobile apps downloaded from unofficial app stores may contain malicious malware or software.

Consequences of downloading from unofficial app stores

For everybody’s information, malware creeps into mobile devices to collect saved confidential information like debit or credit card information, online banking username and password, and other personal data. Scammers, through this malware, use collected data to steal their victims’ identity, online bank account access, and money.

BDO reiterates the importance of downloading its mobile apps only from official app stores to avoid getting scammed. For those who cannot download these apps, the bank encourages them to use the web versions instead for their online banking transactions.

Where to report a suspicious incident

Clients can report suspicious incidents to [email protected] or get in touch with the bank’s representatives by logging in Messenger and looking for BDO Customer Care with the blue verified checkmark from Facebook. Clients may also call its hotline at 8631-8000 or email BDO at [email protected].

Remember, scammers are there to steal our information. And we can stop this from happening. One way is to download mobile apps from official app stores only.

Keep safe!


  1. Jen Guzman

    Need talaga maging mapanuri at maalam , isang pag kakamali mo lang matatangay ng iba ang iyong pinaghirapan. Buti at alisto ang BDO at laging nag papaalala sa lahat na gumamit ng legit BDO mobile app 😊

  2. Julie Suba

    Galing naman po talaga ng BDO.☺️ Dahil dito sa app nato mas safe na. Iwas scammers na. Dami pa namang naglipanang scammers ngaun. Kudos BDO👏

  3. Owen Ponce

    Very informative facts about it. I appreciate your help towards being aware of this! Public awareness and understanding ! Take into consideration. I find it helpful.

  4. Jessa Amor Dadivas

    Ganda talaga nitong mga apps ng BDO laking tulong talaga nito sa mga tao lalo na marami ngayong manloloko napaka ganda at galing talaga ng BDO

  5. Anarose Lucero

    Kaya ako sinunuri ko muna tlaga if legit ang mga Dina download ko,napaka daming scammer ngaun eh..salamat po sa paalala BDO and momi Berin

  6. Yanpaladquisol

    Dapat talaga dun lang mag download sa trusted na apps para sure na protected at safe ang account natin mahirap na ung pinaghirapan mawala nalang I di kaya manakaw identity natin. Thanks for sharing Momi. ❤️

  7. Joan lacida andal

    Meron din akong online banking napaladali pg meron ka nito ang dali mgsend ng pera.. Hindi kna pipila sa mga remittance center.. Mababantayan mo pa ang iyong pera

  8. Maribel Cordovilla

    Napaka helpful naman ng App na eto, and very convenient, pwede ka ang magtransact amytime, anywhere, and any place dahil nakadownload sa CP ang App ng BDO. Thanks for sharing this momi Berlin. Stay safe and god bless.

  9. jennifer sarno cruz

    Totoo na dapat talaga sa apps store tayo mag download for security at wag na wag tayo mag click ng mga links na snend through text messages ,alamin munang maigi kung legit ito…kami we use BDO online banking app very convinient dahil goodbye long line.

  10. Mitra Lyka

    Isa ito sa mga dapat maging paalala sa lahat ng mga may online bank app na laging mag iingat sa pag diwnload.

  11. Rose Ann Obejas

    Very helpful article Momi, lalo na sa panahon ngayon mas lalong dumarami ang mga manloloko kaya dapat mabusisi tayo at maging maingat sa pagbigay ng mga personal info dapat sa legit page at link.

  12. Karen

    Maganda na ang bdo app s official playstore natin i download para iwas sa mga scammer at mging alerto at mapanuri

  13. Karen

    Mahalaga na secure ang account natin para iwas sa mga scammers mgdownload s legit playstores


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