Pamper Your Skin on Purpose

Feb 10, 2021 | Likes, Live

Take some time to pamper your skin on purpose

Too often, we let stress consume our everyday life. Allowing such emotional or physical tension to rule us is often manifested in how we deal with others, the way we eat, and even make decisions. Stress also causes a chemical response in our body that can make our skin sensitive and reactive. That answers then the trigger of acne and even the dryness or oiliness of our face.   

Taking in some time to pamper ourselves is not only a great way to recharge but crucial to staying healthy both physically and mentally. Beyond the highly recommended “me time,” it would help if we treat our skin with a little tender loving care.


We all know that one common benefit of regular facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted impurities. Excessive dirt builds up on the skin’s surface and traps sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells. The lack of sebum on the surface of the skin allows bacteria to penetrate causing inflammation and eventually results in acne.

With facial cleansing, too, the beauty serum and moisturizing products we apply make it easier to properly penetrate the skin, making them work effectively. Likewise, facial washing helps the skin maintain a proper level of hydration, enabling sufficient water retention and making it hydrated, supple, and smooth.

We are currently using the Herbalife Skin Polishing Citrus Cleanser and we love how it refreshes our skin resulting in a healthy glow. It is vibrantly-scented with juicy orange and grapefruit and has jojoba beads that help remove impurities and again, refresh the skin.


Seriously, we don’t know the reason behind using facial toner. We find applying it irrelevant, making any skin regime too elaborately extensive. Until we’ve learned and seen how our flawless friends achieve such a luminous glow we’ve always longed for!

Facial toner! Yes, facial toner helps one’s face glow up, keeping it clean and revitalized, and even help in the minimal appearance of pores.

And so we tried facial toner. We started with the Energising Herbal Toner from Herbalife. It is aloe vera-infused, alcohol-free, and has a Mandarin citrus scent. We were told that its ingredients are what provide hydration to the skin and refresh tired-looking skin. It is highly recommended to use in the morning and at night to prepare the skin to better receive the moisturizer for maximum results. 

What we love about this Energising Herbal Toner is that it comes in a spray bottle, dismissing the extra move to use cotton and rub the face. Using it is just so simple as spraying it all over the face and pat dry!


There are a dozen and more facial sheet masks packed with a heavy dose of antioxidants among other vitamins and minerals. These face-shaped sheet fibers are oven soaked in nutrition-packed serum, making them fast, convenient, and easy to use. 

The good thing about it is that we can apply it even when we are at our busiest meeting that deadline or are just slumbering in our pajama. Yes, we can use them even when we are cleaning, reading, watching a movie, or just taking a nap.

Because it is fully soaked with concentrated serum left in the face for 20-30 minutes, the ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. The sheet mask then brings fast effects to bring a glowing effect on the skin, brighten it even and some make the face firm. We may say then such a sheet mask is an inexpensive and convenient way to pamper oneself compared to going to face clinics and spa. 

One sheet mask we love using is the Herbalife Vitamin Mask.  Formulated for normal, dry, or dehydrated skin, this moisturizing vitamin mask is packed with essence containing 12 vitamins complex, Aloe Vera, Jeju Sea Salt, and Rice Extract.  Love that this mask provides the right moisturizing effect that lasts throughout the day, leaving our skin hydrated, softer, and dewy. 

pamper your skin

Stress can build up and have a massive effect on our physical and mental health. Taking time out of our busy schedule may seem complicated but it is possible. And we may start with pampering our skin.  Such act will help us focus better, even clear our mind, and make us feel good about ourselves.  As pampering our skin may seem like an indulgence, it will be a worthwhile investment in the long run. Pampering on purpose can help us see we are beautiful which will naturally radiate as we decide, speak, and act.

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