Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Feb 15, 2021 | Life, Only Berlin

Questions Fors Your Personal Injury Attorney

No one can predict when an accident happens. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the hands of a drunk driver crashing into you or if you’re on the operating table; no one sees them coming. Unfortunately for accident victims, the road to recovery can be challenging. From fighting challenges like mobility problems, needing PT, or adjusting to a new life where you can no longer do the things you’d like, many things can change following an incident. 

But what if that accident could have been prevented? What if the reason for the crash or incident was because of a negligent party? The good news is that while recovery may be a long road, you as an accident victim shouldn’t have to worry about paying for medical care or figuring out how to cover lost wages. It would help if you were focusing on recovery. These things are protected under personal injury law. Under the law, victims are entitled to compensation for any injuries that result from an accident caused by a negligent, reckless, or careless party. Civil cases can be against doctors, individuals, businesses, hospitals, etc.

Scheduling a Consultation

One of the first things you’ll want to do after an accident is scheduled a consultation with a personal injury firm. You’ll want to choose a firm that specializes in personal injury. The reason being is that they will have more resources, i.e., time and money, to devote to your case. In many situations, law firms that don’t specialize in personal injury cases cannot assist clients with more extensive issues, such as those with medical malpractice. When trying medical malpractice cases, you can expect a longer process, and often these can go to court. 

Depending on the extent of the injuries, the compensation may be substantial. You want to have the best firm in your corner to get you the most money possible. Don’t just accept a settlement from the insurance company without speaking to an attorney first. You should contact an attorney before even reaching out to an insurance company or talking to an adjuster.

Do I Have a Case?

One of the first and apparent questions a client will have is if they have a personal injury case. Keep in mind, not every case is one that a personal injury attorney will take. If you were in an auto accident, for example, and no one wasn’t at fault, this may not fall under the umbrella of injury law. It’s crucial to discuss with an attorney whether or not you have a case. Your attorney will assess the legal situation, such as who was at fault and if someone is to blame, and whether or not to proceed with legal actions.

How Much or How Do I Pay?

Personal injury attorneys don’t work the same way as criminal defense attorneys, family law attorneys, etc. They work on a contingency fee. This usually means that you won’t pay anything unless they collect on your behalf. The money that your attorney will receive comes directly from the settlement they help negotiate for you with the insurance company or person at fault. Most have a set standard fee, 33%, though this will vary based on the law firm you decide to work with. Most personal injury firms never charge upfront fees to injury victims.

Following a traumatic event like an auto accident, it’s essential to contact an attorney about your rights. GJEL Oakland offers free consultations to injury victims throughout the Oakland area. They provide representation for auto accidents, wrongful death, motorcycle accidents, and more. Their seasoned attorneys have helped recover millions for their clients and have earned a reputation for being client-focused and aggressive in the courtroom. 


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