FILA Shower-in-a-can: Errand Essential Must-Have

Dec 14, 2020 | Likes

Running Essential Errands

Are you the typical mom who does a lot of errands in a week despite the pandemic? Grocery shopping, banking, paying bills, and getting gas, among others, are normal tasks on your to-do list. And though you wear masks in a public setting, adhere to social distancing, and use hand sanitizer, you still sometimes feel the need for more protection. 

FILA Shower-in-a-can: Errand Essential Must-Have

That makes this latest product we’ve recently discovered that perfect solution for your need to sanitize anywhere anytime.  

FILA Shower-in-a-can

Yes, FILA Shower-in-a-can effectively sanitizes you from head to toe, including your clothes. It kills viruses and bacteria, and cleans in minutes, thus giving you that instant disinfection whenever you need it. Such an ideal on-the-go shower-in-a-can when you’re outside and have no access to a shower, but wants some freshening up. It comes in a 100ml aluminum bottle, and so convenient to use before entering a place where there is no access to shower or entering the car after going in a crowded place.

This Shower in a can will soon grace Shopee, and we are beyond grateful to have tried it before its market debut. Our first impression was – it is non-drying. Perhaps because of its active ingredient Panthenol which acts as a moisturizer. Other ingredients are Ethyl alcohol, Water, Propylene Glycol, and fragrance. 

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  1. jennifer sarno cruz

    wow what a great product very timely ang pagkakaroon nito now a days…galing fila to come up with this product❤️

  2. Apple Chick

    The popular brand Fila was highly recommend and surely this Fila shower in a can will trend. Proper hygiene is a must especially today that we are facing pandemic crisis ❤️

  3. Karen

    Ganda pang sanitize nyan momi ang Fila shower in a can marami p cla n products like shoes n talagang maganda ang quality at cguradong matibay

  4. Jeng Manalo

    Good job ang fila dito sa product nato momi , napapanahon , easy to use and handy kaya pwedeng pwede ilagay sa bag! Keepsafe everyone


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