A Mom’s Forever Love

Nov 25, 2020 | Life, Live, Love

The depth of the love of parents for their children cannot be measured. It is like no other relationship. It exceeds concern for life itself. The love of a parent for a child is continuous and transcends heartbreak and disappointment.     

James E. Faus

The forever love of a mother

This pretty much describes how my 65-year-old- mom loves her only daughter and her five grandsons. She may struggle to keep her irritability especially if one messes with her tidy home, but she is too generous to her family that often it hurts. Amid this inconsistency, she remains true to her very core – her forever love for her family. 

She accepted her daughter’s husband and treated him as her son. It pleases her to spoil her grandchildren and delights her more whenever the boys kiss or hug her to return the favor. And even when she has accomplished so much in life and should be retiring, she still works for her family. 

Have I mentioned her love hurts? 

She is already 65 years old and should be enjoying life. Instead, though, she still manages her non-life insurance business and shows no sign of retiring. She pays for my panganay’s education and even buys the needs of the boys. She would always reason out “maliliit pa ang mga bata, tutulungan kita hanggang kayo ko.”

Not that she belittles my husband’s capacity to provide for his family; it’s just that she is my mother and forever, she always thinks of her little girl. (Even though that little girl is old enough to take care of herself.)

The essence of a mom

That perhaps is the essence of being a mom. Knowing her child is secure and in good hands brings her unexplainable happiness and fulfillment. As long as she can, she will do everything for her child.

That also explains the legacy plan she got from AIM Philam Life, the AIA All-in-One. She showed me her policy and explained that should something happen to her, I have to contact her finance advisor. The plan has been fully paid, and we can get up to five times the amount of what she invested. In the case of accidental death, we may receive twice the amount indicated in the plan. She also explained that the plan has cash benefits, too, in case of an accident, disability, or critical illness.

The beauty of a life insurance

Perhaps, that life insurance is my mom’s way of telling me that no matter what, she still thinks about me and my future. After all, nothing beats the peace of mind that having life insurance brings. It lessens that feeling of anxiousness about the family’s future when the breadwinner, for instance, is gone. With life insurance in place to take care of such concerns, we can focus more on the things that matter in the present, and that is being strong for each other despite the recent loss of a loved one. 

My mom’s revelation about the insurance made me realize how much she loves me. That though not very common a thought, she felt she is designed to live for something greater than her own happiness. Aside from spoiling us of her gifts, it is her greatest dream that her loved ones wouldn’t endure any pain or hardship.  

As I look at my parent’s sacrifices, I now understand that her greatest joy in life is not the realization of her pursuit of happiness. Instead, it is her continuous quest of selfless desire to love her daughter and her family. Because when she achieves a new accomplishment, she tends to search for more. The pursuit becomes endless. Whereas when she focuses on bringing love to her family, she immediately feels satisfaction. She finds joy in making us happy and realize it is even more potent than any other achievements.   

The legacy of love and security

My mom dropped by our house the other day before going to the supermarket for her monthly grocery. I offered to drive for her. And she smiled. I somehow felt something inexplicably satisfying in seeing my mom smile upon hearing my offer. Her smile is worth far more than any selfless desire for material things. And that perhaps is most likely the same happiness my mom feels knowing she will leave her daughter a legacy of her love through the AIA All-in-One Plan.

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  1. Emily Ubal

    Very importive thanks for sharing ..Kaya Love na Love ko ang aking Nanay ..

  2. Yanpaladquisol

    Galing naman ng Mother mo Momi Berlin. Maganda talaga may investment plan o insurance para less worry in case kailanganin may aasahan ka.❤️❤️❤️

  3. Vivian Lazo

    Magandang Family Plan Ang Philam Life momi, Agree with momi di matutumbasan Ang tulong ng ating magulang para lang mabigyan tayo ng maayos na buhay kaya deserve nila, Buti nalang My Philam Life plan All in One for Better family’s future. Mas mabuti nang handa.

  4. Lyka Mitra

    Ako po iniisip ko rin po ito talaga para sa mga anak ko po.. hindi naman po sa sinisisi ko or what amg aking magulang pero ayoko po matulad ang mga anak ko sa kung ano mga napagdaanan ko po kaya hanggat kaya ko po mag work at kumuha ng mga investment para sa kanila,mag gagrab talaga ako kase gusto ko po maiba ang kanilang maging future para kahit alam ko po na marami akong pagkukulang eh sa bandang huli sila pa rin ang iniisip ko pati na rin ang kanilang future..

  5. Erin Palapag

    I agree momi. A Mother’s love is forever kahit may sarili na akong pamilya even my other siblings hindi pa din nawawala ang pagaalaga niya sa amin. Kapag bibisita kami sa kanila kulang na lang iuwi ko na lahat ng nasa bahay or kapag sila naman ang pupunta sa bahay she makes sure na meron pa din siyang dala. ❤️ I saw her sacrifices and love for us and I admire my mother for that.

  6. Bessie Ramos

    a mothers love is forever . wlang mkakapapantay kaya dapat suklian ntn din sila ng walang kapantay na pagmamahal kaya dapat nkainsure din sila maganda ang philam life pra alam ntn na hanggang sa pagtanda may maasahan sila

  7. Cecile Bejer-De Castro

    Whenever the topic is about mothers or being one, it always hit home, it tugs something from my heart.

    Wala talagang makapapantay sa pagmamahal ng isang ina…napakadalisay, selfless, endless and undying. Dahil kahit matagal ng wala si Mama sa piling namim, ramdam ko pa rin ang love at pag-aalaga nya. I know she watches over us and she guides us everyday. She is my blessing and my inspiration sa aking baking journey.❤️

    And being in an insurance company for almost a decade, I know the importance of it. And I was glad I got her one before she left us kaya napakalaking tulong nito.

  8. Antoniette Sanchez David

    Ang pagmamahal ng isang ina sa kanyang anak ay umaapaw at wala hinihintay na kahit na anong kapalit kaya nakakahappy talagang bilang isang ina na ang pagmamahal mo sa iyong anak ay nakikita mo at talaga pinahahalagaha nya iti kata dapat talaga mahing securw tayo sa kinabukasan nila maganda kumuha tayo ng insurance na maganda hindi kang para satin para nadin sa buong pamilya natin … Kaya sapat philam life na ang kuhain natin…

  9. Jen Guzman

    True momi priceless talaga ang pagmamahal ng isang ina sa kanyang anak, kaya ngayong isang ina na din ako lahat ng ikabubuti ng aking anak ay aking ibibigay sa abot ng aking makakaya

  10. Rosebel De Vera

    True momi tayong mga nanay Iba ang pag mamahal ntin para sa Anak at pamilya ntin..

    Wow dami benifits ng Philam Life tlga secured po ang family ntin❤️ kailangan po ntin to pra din po sa family ntin..

  11. Karen

    Walang katumbas po talaga ang pagmamahal ng isang ina sa kanyang anak lahat kakayanin para sa pamilya kaya mganda po talaga momi nka insured ang ating kinabukasan para sa ating mga mahal sa buhay

  12. Criselda Benin

    Ang ating ina ang forever natin sa buhay hindi sila nang iiwan at hindi ka sasaktan❤️ magandang secured ang family, bilang isang ina kapakanan ng mga anak ang uunahin para Philam Life sinisigurado ang kinabukasan ng pamilya❤️❤️❤️

  13. MA Del

    Very true momi Berlin,bilang nanay gusto ko din po ma secure ang aking mga anak,ayoko pong mahirapan sila sa future kaya Tamang Tama po talaga Itong AIA Philam life legacy plan

  14. Rose Ann Obejas

    Walang sino man ang makakapantay sa pagmamahal ng isang ina. Gagawin natin ang lahat para mapabuti lang sila. Kaya nating magtiis at para sa kapakanan nila. Kaya bilang nanay dapat maging masigurado tayo sa future natin malaking tulong dito ang Life Insurance tulad nitong AIA Philam Life Insurance. Mas sigurado ang future ng boung family. Ang daming benefits na siguradong makakatulong satin para gumaan at maging secured ang ating kalusugan at kinabukasan.

  15. jennifer sarno cruz

    ganyan talaga tayong magulang inuuna ang kapakanan ng ating mga anak…isa paraan niyan ay ang pagkuha ng insurance lalo kung mayroon kang kakayahan sa panahon kasi ngayon iba ang secure ang future.

  16. Dhel Manog

    Ang pagmamahal ng isang ina walang katapusan at hangganan kahit tayong mga nanay na may mga anak na e nandyan pa rin ang ating magulang para tulungan tayo like po ng mother mo momi berlin nandyan pa rin po sya sa tabi mo para tulungan ka pa rin po.Maganda po itong AIA Philam life ang daming benefits po kailangan po talaga natin ng ganetong insurance para sa buong pamilya natin para panatag tayo sa kinabukasan.

  17. Jeng Manalo

    This is one of my favorite blog mo po momi Berlin, a mother’s love is unconditional at walang kapantay, even my mom ganito din siya sa akin.Thanks to AIA philam dahil maganda ang benifits insurance nila for the clients

  18. Cheng Broquiza

    Mother’s love to her Children is unconditional. Walang hinihinging kapalit o Anu paman. Magandang Meron tlagang insurance. Para alam mo na insured ka and secured. Daming benefits na tlaga nmang big help Saatin.


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