What is positive nagging?

Aug 7, 2020 | Live, Only Berlin

positive nagging

Nagging has been tagged as something negative. Often, parents, particularly mothers, are accused of being naggers. But the truth is, they only want to instill values in their children. It is the least of the elders’ intention to bombard their youngsters with repetitive instructions. The problem arises only on the approach of the parents. Often, they put pressure on every word that tends to be suffocating already.

What is positive nagging?

However, there is a kind of nagging that works well. It is gently nudging the youngsters toward a particular direction and taking a step back. Allow Momi Berlin to show how the other side of nagging produces positive results.

Remind gently

A parent does not need to shout or yell. Instead, he may opt for creative reminders like pinning them on places where the kid frequents. Or remind the child gently. Shouting at the youngster often suffocates him, making him create a negative impression of his parent.

Timing is everything

Often, the immediate desire to have something done only makes one forget about timing. A parent should discuss what he would like his child to do only after he had rested after coming from school, for instance. Nagging before a kid goes to school is bad timing as well. This only stresses the child, giving him a bad start of his day.

Demonstrate clearly

Sometimes, a parent tends to nag because, despite repetitive instructions, the child does not seem to care. This frustrates the parent.

A better way to do things is for a parent to demonstrate clearly how he wants things to be done his way. If he aims for a clean bedroom, for instance, clean the child’s room with the latter. That way, the kid has seen first-hand how to neatly arrange his clothes into the closet, make his bed, and tidy his toys.

Monitor and follow-through

A parent should monitor the child’s progress. He needs to check how the kid does things and give him a pat on the back for a job well done. He needs to be patient and show again how to do a specific task if the kiddo failed to impress him. The youngster needs to know that his parent is keen on seeing the task done right.

What is positive nagging?

Be attentive

A parent should not only be sensitive to the timing. He should likewise be attentive to his facial expression and tone of voice. Often, though he only aims for the better, his intention is regarded as unfavorable because of the way he talks and acts. A better way to fight the urge to shout is taking a deep breath, fanning himself perhaps with a hand, and relaxing.

Do not force

Often, being pushy yields negative results. The child may follow his parent out of fear, but his impression of his elderly has been tainted. A parent should remember that his role is to train his child positively and calmly. Being pushy, forceful, and insistent may hone the kid to be like that as well.

What is positive nagging?

Nagging connotes an adverse reaction. The same way when the wife requests her husband to contact the broken arrow plumber, for instance, to repair the toilet or sink. The husband finds it irritating how his wife demands immediate action.

Nagging, though, could also be used to persuade a child to produce positive results. The parent should be extra attentive, though, to his voice and gestures. He should calmly give instruction, supervise at first, and then let the child do it his way.

Positive nagging is still aiming for a result but done with a more conscious effort- to instill learning than fear, promote care than hate, and show love than indifference.

What is positive nagging?


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