McDonald’s Celebrations For Keeps

Oct 30, 2019 | Likes, Love

Party planning is one enjoyable part of parenting.  We’ve got five boys and had our share of organizing a kiddie party.  It indeed entails a lot of work, but everything’s worth it, especially when all went well.

McDonald's Celebrations are For Keeps

McDonald’s Celebrations are For Keeps| Ms. Lani, considered by many as a formidable mommy and lady behind the Mommy Bloggers Philippines, gathered select members of MBP for a Halloween celebration.

Worry-free Preparation

For worry-free preparation, fast food chains like McDonald’s have party packages inclusive of the venue, meals, and workforce.  This hassle-free offer allows us to put together that ideal celebration we always want for our child!  Think of your little one’s birthday celebration or seventh birthday, for instance.  All we need to think about are the guests.

MBP Halloween Party at McDonald’s

McDonald's Celebrations are For Keeps

McDonald’s Celebrations are For Keeps

But McDo parties aren’t for the little ones alone.  It is just as perfect for the adults, too, who certainly would want to have a break from their normal adult life.  And just recently, we had the happiest Halloween Party ever.  We spent it with a select few Mommy Bloggers Philippines members at the McDonald’s BGC Forum.

More than the sumptuous food, McDonald’s provide a spacious party room complete with themed backdrop, activity sheets, balloons, and party hats. Both the kids and adults were ecstatic, too, when Grimace and Birdie had an appearance. Love, too, the game prizes and of course, the ever-energetic party host!  Our host had the knacks to get the party going.  He was able to easily encourage the mommies to participate in the games and even control the overly excited kids from running around the area.

McDonald's Celebrations are For Keeps

Team Bulaga who won the “Arrange Yourselves” Game

Did we mention the recent MBP Halloween Party was for keeps?  It was such a riot seeing again the mommy bloggers we haven’t seen for months.  Everyone was open to joining the parlor games, and of course, McDonald’s have been generous with prizes.  I, personally, haven’t played for years and laughed that hard.  A celebration worth remembering.  I realized I was smiling again when I  recalled those fun moments with my co-mommy bloggers and how my LittleMan enjoyed the food and games.

McDonald’s Celebrations

Now, we are thinking of a thanksgiving party for our dear followers and friends, and what better way to plan it but with a #McDoParty?  It is like keeping everyone’s happiness at the center and making the occasion a truly memorable one. 

McDonald's Celebrations are For Keeps

McDonald’s Celebrations are For Keeps| My Little Cowboy at the MBP Halloween Party 2019

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  1. eya_greyjoy


  2. mary rechell ann Ejemplar masacote

    yaay!ang perfect talaga mag celebrate ng party sa Mcdonalds

  3. Michi (@michisolee)

    Our family is not into big parties but we celebrated my son’s 1st birthday at McDonalds, after nun intimate party or travel na lang. Pero sobrang stress-free pag sa fastfood ang celebration, wala ka na gaanong iintindihin.

  4. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    Nice to see fellow mom bloggers enjoying themselves. we need these breaks from time to time.


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