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Aug 12, 2019 | Likes, Live

It seems pretty much normal for kids to misplace and lose their belongings at school. My boys, for instance, went home a lot of times without their lunchboxes with them. They likewise left their books and even handkerchief on school bus or classroom. This may be considered a petty concern but often results in stress and frustration for us parents. After all, we spent a fortune on school bags, lunch boxes, books, pencils, and other school items. Replacing them can be both hurtful for the budget and time. This is especially true when we don’t have a ready replacement at home.

Now, how to help our school children from losing things? Momi Berlin shares practical tips you may add to your failproof techniques, too.

Set up Routines

After about a dozen pencil replacement in a month, we advised our son to set up a routine. We told him after each use, make sure he returns the item on the same place he got it. Pencils are kept inside a pencil case while the pad paper goes back into the bag. Before packing all his school things and leaving his table, he needs to double-check all his belongings and look around him if there are still unpacked items on the table or floor.

[tweetshareinline tweet=”Repetition is a good practice for kids to master new skills” username=”SPk3(ad*e(5d4@pEwem@tnlADFb9ZZc8:1:1″]. When he makes it a habit to always put his pencil inside his pencil case after use, for instance, it will become a habit he will find too hard to forget.

Practice Mindfulness

Misplacing things isn’t a doomed case. Youngsters can improve in keeping track of their things and whatnots by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is the skill of paying attention.

Being mindful means focusing on a specific task and reducing distractions to easily take note or quickly retrieve things. To practice mindfulness, ask your school kids to do one task at a time and be sure to return materials on its proper places after use. More than not forgetting items, practicing mindfulness helps improve concentration level and even happiness.

Label belongings

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Putting personalized labels or name tags on belongings make it easier to retrieve lost items. With their names, section or even contact details on items, there is a better chance of having lost things returned.

Ideal customized labels are washing machine-safe and those that cannot be easily removed or erased. The children wouldn’t find these name labels a bore, too, if the colors, fonts, style, and designs used are their favorites. Such an example of these personalized stickers for children is Stickerkid we stumble upon online. They have different kinds of name tags from clothing label to book label, gift card, iron-on name label, and shoe name labels among other sticker names. Each sticker name is so easy to use; just peel off and stick anywhere that needs a label.

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Navigating the site is so easy the same with choosing the design, color, and font. Order processing and payment are quick, too. And when we got the package, we easily distinguished the quality of materials used to print the name labels. Each sticker paper is durable, indeed perfect for kids’ use.

Now, we would love you to try Stickerkid as well. Stickerkid is sponsoring a worldwide giveaway to all Momi Berlin followers. Simple mechanics below:

  • Follow Stickerkids on Facebook and Instagram
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  • Share this post and tag at least three friends. You have until August 20 to join.
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This is open worldwide and the winner will get to choose from the value packs the design, look, color, and font he prefers for his sticker label. Shipping is also free of charge!

Just like how Stickerkid power couple Chris and Doerthe describe most kids as real champions in losing and forgetting things, we can help our youngsters minimize if not put to past those lost items. Introducing to them a routine and helping them to be mindful are a few tricks, plus putting on labels helps a lot.

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Stickerkid Review + Giveaway

Money spent even on small school items easily adds up and as we wonder where our peso went by the end of the quarter, it’s in all those ballpens and lunchboxes. Now, with these practical tips and using sticker labels, we wish to reduce the stress in your life.  

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