Sun Life partners with Waze, Fitness First for Safety and Wellness

Jun 10, 2019 | Likes, Live

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This mother always feels happy every time she learns of new brand collaboration.  It means two or more brands are up curating unique product or services to attain a competitive edge at the market.  Often, such strategic partnership becomes beneficial to the target audience. More than carving a niche,  the team up promotes safety and wellness, just in the case of the tie-up of Sun Life with two brand giants.

Sun Life partners with Waze

One brand partnership that we find beneficial is Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. and Waze teaming up for road safety.  The number one life insurance company in the country partners with the social navigation pioneer to promote road safety awareness among Filipino motorists.  

Dubbed “Brighter Drive, Brighter Life,” this initiative will alert Waze users on accident-prone areas.  Such action will commence in the coming weeks as part of Sun Life’s Financial Independence Month campaign this June.  Likewise, it will also alert Waze users, who are also registered Lazada members, to insure themselves with digital life insurance.  It can be availed at Lazada for as low as P100.

We find this partnership as thoughtful and timely.   With the many Filipinos plying the roads every day, being reminded and advised of accident-prone areas is vital.  They are warned to be careful and be safe on the road.

Sun Life partners with Fitness First

Another partnership that we find valuable is Sun Life and Fitness First‘s health and wellness program.  The two renews their tie-up and  includes additional club benefits and preferential rates for Sun Life clients, advisors, and employees via GoWell.  GoWell is Sun Life’s health and wellness community.  

Sun Life partners with Waze, Fitness First for Safety and Wellness

Sun Life partners with Waze, Fitness First for Safety and Wellness

Under the partnership, Sun Life clients, advisors, and employees will enjoy free health assessment utilizing the latest state-of-the-art technology called Boditrax.  This precision body composition analyzer offers 15 clinically validated measurement, a complimentary one-day workout pass, and discounted membership rates at Fitness First branches. 

With the partnership renewal, both Sun Life and Fitness First make a more significant impact and help more Filipinos live healthier lives.

Sun Life’s Thoughtful Brand Collaboration

We hope that there would be more brand collaboration, such as these partnerships.  The team up not only grabs the interests of customers and market insiders, but also increases brand reach, knowledge sharing, and market share.  More so, with the partnership of Sun Life and Waze, they promote road safety.  And with Sun Life and Fitness First, both improve safety and wellness among the Filipinos.


  1. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Wow okay to momsh

  2. Julie Olleres

    wow may pa free health assestment❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Wow Ang nice Naman Ng insurance na ito momsh . Marami Kang makukuhang benefits .. love it


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