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Mar 21, 2017 | Likes, Live

We love Spam®.  This little blue can has always been a necessary commodity in our kitchen.  The demand for Spam® in our household is constant.  And this mom tolerates it.  I, too, consider Spam® as my all-time favorite premium canned meat and my go-to ingredient.

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

Inside that blue can lies the delicious, crave-able meat that bursts endless possibilities.  Yes, I could just dice it and add to my onion, garlic, and red or white sauce.  I now have an irresistible spaghetti or carbonara for my boys to enjoy. Sometimes, I also include a generous amount of chopped Spam® in our soup or stir-fry vegetables.  My kids so love my sotanghon and upo soup with Spam®.  Or for breakfast, I just fry and serve it with egg and fried rice. Indeed, there are so many recipes one could do with Spam®.

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do| Spam as an ingredient in crunchy lumpia.

Very timely that everyone’s all-time favorite premium canned meat recently launched its newest campaign – SPAM® CAN!  The campaign lets us discover all new things that SPAM® CAN! do.

Held at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City, Chef Sharwin of Lifestyle TV’s Curiosity Got the Chef, showcased new ways on how one can enjoy this canned meat through the new SPAM-MAZING™ local recipes.  Who would have thought one could top his puto with SPAM® and make it more delicious and appealing even to kids?

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do| Puto made extra delicious with SPAM toppings.

With the many possibilities one could do with the SPAM® brand, it is no surprise that it could even launch its very own boyband.

ALL4SPAM™ boyband

Yes!  It was also during the event that people learned of ALL4SPAM™, a group of four perky and talented young boys who share their strong liking for the SPAM® brand.  Supreezy, the Bad Boy of the group, loves SPAM® Hot and Spicy while Pepper has always been in love with the classic SPAM® variant.  The two other boys are  Ace, the lover boy, who is all sweet and cheesy just like his go-to SPAM® Cheese; and Mad Mic the goofball just cannot get enough of SPAM® Bacon.

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

ALL4Spam boyband from left Ace, Pepper, Mad Mic, and Supreezy as they entertain guests during the SPAM-MAZING dat at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

SPAM-MAZING day and endless possibilities

The whole day event brought such refreshing change. First, it affirmed my crazy idea of including SPAM® as an ingredient in some of my recipes.  Indeed, SPAM® CAN! be that versatile.  Second, our favorite premium canned meat just proved Filipinos are talented not only in the kitchen but also regarding singing and dancing. With its newest ALL4SPAM™ boyband, SPAM® brand all the more reinforced just what it can do.  Lastly, the event just brought a positive change to Children’s Hour through the Make a Hero SPAMWICH™ booth.  All proceeds at the end of the event were doubled by SPAM® and were donated to the partner foundation.

A hundred and more ways SPAM® CAN! do

From left:  Children’s Hour representatives; Ms. Jaynee Sherman, Senior Brand Manager of the SPAM Brand, celebrity guests Andi Manzano and Delimar Arias, and Chef Sharwin of Lifestyle TV’s Curiosity Got the Chef during the awarding of the cheque donation.

About the SPAM® brand

Launched in 1937 as “The Meat of Many Uses!” this delicious American icon and global brand increased patronage in the arrival of the World War II.  The need for easily transported and protein that did not need refrigeration fueled the SPAM® brand’s incredible growth around the world.  Today, with over 17 varieties sold in more than 40 countries, this 80-year-old brand continues to ignite invention all over the world.


  1. Nilyn Matugas

    Sarap! Napangiti ako sa boyband, ang lupit ng Spam, may boy band na! haha. Sarap na sarap din ako dito sa Spam na ‘to e. But of course, dahil mejo pricey sya, minsan lang kami nakakabili nito. haha.

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Lupit no, sa boyband. But seriously, sarap nga kasi ng spam. If tinatamad akong magluto, spam agad ang sagot. Ehehe.

  2. Michi

    We love Spam too. It is always included in our grocery list. Naghoard ako pag sale siya sa S&R para makamura. I agree, ang dami pwede gawin na recipe sa Spam. 🙂

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Haha, same here sa hoarding Speaking of, sale sa SnR ngayon til April 1. At nag hoard na naman nanay ko. Binigyan kami. Hahaha.

  3. Shalene R

    I love Spam with misua soup, egg, upo, and veggies! I also like the idea of spam and puto. Spam is one of my fave de latas, and it’s perfect to eat anytime of the day.

  4. Michelle

    My family loves SPAM, too! But I’ve never thought of other ways on how we can cook it as our ulam. Na-curious tuloy ako sa Spam Shanghai on the photo. It looks yummy! Oh wait, I think it definitely is yummy kasi Spam yan e. 😀

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      Yummy sya, yes because of Spam. Ihihi. Galing no, we could use Spam pala aside from the usual fried serving.

  5. Carmela Francel

    I love spam so much! I always make sure there’s a box of spam in every balikbayan box I receive from my Dad haha! Spam on Shanghai looks yummy tho, I must try it!

    • Berlin | Momi Berlin

      A must try indeed. Love to receive balikbayan boxes too with lots of Spam. Ihihi.


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