No More Brand Switch For Our Babies

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No More Brand Switch For Our Babies

No More Brand Switch For Our Babies

We know most people can relate to this: you’ve tried a hundred and one products that promise to make all your pimples disappear and leave your skin smooth and glowing. Well, it happened to me, too. The many products I’ve tried only made my skin condition deteriorate.

Some products caused my skin to itch and turn red that only pushed me to toss them, hurting my wallet even more. Also, a lot of the beauty products I’ve tried only led me to experience a breakout. My one to two zits seems to multiply, leaving me to realize later on that the product was probably not right for me.

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Perhaps, I have tried so many products which either contain too much or too little for my sensitive skin to fully appreciate. And so, when my pimpled face starts to affect me, I go back to the basic system. Such a system which we can fall back on to help center ourselves again, regain confidence, and remind us that there is still hope.

Finding the right brand for mama

There is this one product my cousin pediatrician recommended to me for sensitive skin. The same product friends would suggest that I try. But because it is way too familiar in grocery and drug stores, I doubted its efficiency.

Eventually, I gave it a shot, and indeed, its mild and non-irritating formulation soothes my skin. Moreover, it is designed to work for all skin types yet highly effective way to care for my skin. It’s simply Cetaphil.

Trusting the same brand for my little ones

Thus, each baby we had, we use Cetaphil to them. It is also their pediatrician’s recommended cleaner, and so we didn’t bother trying other soaps.

When I gave birth to our fifth child, there is this newly launched product I tried. Instinct told me that it would provide the same gentle and loving care, just like his mother’s loving touch. True enough, Cetaphil Baby, the Cetaphil specifically for babies, supports the natural skin development of my child even in his most vulnerable stage. It is gentle and hypoallergenic with 0% paraben. Cetaphil Baby also contains ⅓ baby lotion, leaving my baby’s skin soft and smooth. It also doesn’t contain alcohol or any animal origin ingredients. And best of all, its price isn’t too high to hurt our budget.

Loving the same brand all the more

Life happens, though, and we gave birth to another baby boy. We tried a cheaper brand for the two little ones, hoping it will also work wonders on the skin of our babies.

Our toddler easily adjusted to the new soap, but our newborn had patches of dry skin on his lower legs. When we consulted our pediatrician, her recommendation has always been the same.

We went back to using Cetaphil Baby for the two boys.  In no time, the flaky legs of my son turned smooth again. Perhaps, it is the soothing organic calendula extract that soothes my baby’s dry and sensitive skin. The calendula extract was derived from the marigold flower, which is used for centuries to soothe dry, sensitive skin.

No more brand switch


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Sometimes, my boys suffer from my inappropriate choices. Just like how my son suffered from scaly skin because even if I have tried and tested a baby product that suits him, I still gave some brands a try. And so I learned my lessons the hurtful way. That when it comes to our babies, there should be no compromise. 

No More Brand Switch For Our Babies

No More Brand Switch For Our Babies

Now, my husband and I are both committed to providing our little ones with the best and safest baby essentials. And so, we will no longer make that switch. Cetaphil has proven effective to an adult’s skin like me, and so does Cetaphil Baby is the best for our little ones.  Ow, by the way, even our teenagers – all are boys – use the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

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  1. Hnhfua

    Good morning momshie .. guilty talaga ako even on my skincare routine sa products palit ng palit kung saan yung maganda for ur skin.. sa dove maganda na talaga soap conditioner at shampoo nila so i believe po pati baby products nila maganda din

  2. angeliecuna

    Same here mommy… Yung hindi makuntento.. Alam naman ok na si baby sa product na yun pag may bago makita, try nga natin ito.. Hanggang sa masayang nalang kasi hindi rin maubos gamitin.. Tas bili naman panibago dun sa product na hiyang si baby.. Kahit din sa mga gamit ko for myself, hahaha pa bago bago din.. Now, I learned.. Kung saan ka hiyang dun ka na.. Para Di sayang pera.

  3. Farhanna Kabalu

    Good morning Momi. Ganyan po talaga when it comes to skin care Momi, trial and error, until you find the right one. Maraming pagdadaanan ang ating skin, we even take a risk na gumamit ng mamahaling skin care product pero andyan lang pala sa grocery or anywhere na abot kaya rin po pala ng ating budget. Hehe I am glad you found the right one Momi. Ako po kasi ay still looking for the best skincare for me. Hehe But my baby uses Dove as of now. Hehe

  4. Jessica Encomienda

    Baby ko din kung ano ano pinagamit ko sa knya pero wala n isa kita ko prin d babago ung skin kaya
    Pero now gamit nya ay johnsons top to tor prin hehe

  5. Julie Olleres

    hala ang galing nmn nkakawala dn pla to momsh ng pimples
    pero sa totoo lng na try ko to kaso d nahiyang baby ko kaya nag palit ako momsh eh hiyangan lng tlga

  6. Dhiasalazarrivera

    Cetaphil din gamit ni lo ko, ang bango bango ni lo ko kapag yan ang gamit nya

  7. Mary Ann

    Since nagkababy ako gamit ko is jhonsons Kasi pang baby sya pero habang tumatagal minsan nagangasim sya, at bakit Ang BBY ko dry Ang balat samantala Yung kasabayin nya is Hindi, binibigay ko Naman Ang tamang foods at liquid Sa kanila, but this time when I had my twins, ganun pa Rin kahit magpalit ako Ng ibang brand, but my sister Sabi Sa ajin na Bakit Hindi moni try Ang Cetaphil, nung time na Yun share nya Sa akin Ang gamit Ng anak nya at maganda ito SA Bata, kaso Hindi ko afford talaga,Kaya minsan Sa mumurahin din ako bumabagsak

  8. Love Compoc

    no compromises, tama ka Momsh. In our aim to look for a cheaper brands vs tester brand we tend to compromise our kids wellness. Ako Momsh i have tried diff known brands na rin and it works wonder naman sa skin ng kids. Glad di sensitive skin nila but i really put more plus points kay Cetaphil. When i gave birth kay 2nd ( only daughter ) , we noticed of her developing rashes sa face and neck. Weird kasi unlike kay kuya and even kay bunso smooth skin sila. I didn’t worry that much kasi normal lang accdg kay pedia but told us to ditch the cleanser we are using that time and go for Cetaphil. True enough, nawala in a week and smooth skin na siya . Recommended talaga esp for newborns.

  9. Dhiasalazarrivera

    I love cetaphil too

  10. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    Yup this is ung brand ung prescribed said anak ko nung ngka eczema sia and so on napakalaki ng tulong nito upang mas mabilis mapagaling ung skin disease Nia and thanks for this blog site to more about cetaphils thanks momi Berlin momiberlinshares

  11. Narcisa Berroya Pepito

    The best talaga Ang Cetaphil momi Berlin laki help sa skin ng anak ko at sa Apo ung rashes at eczema Dian gumaling

  12. Ma.Catherine Matugas

    Trusted brand taLaga itong Cetaphil momsh napaka smooth nya sa skin and sobrang care sa skin Ng babies and maganda dito for all skin types pa , mabango pa sya ..once ko Lang natry sa baby ko itoKasi medyo pricey di Kaya Ng budget . Highlights recommended ko Rin ito sa mga friends Kong mommies ..


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