MOMI SHARES| Skin Care Tips For The Spring Season

Mar 3, 2018 | Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| Skin Care Tips For The Spring Season

MOMI SHARES| Skin Care Tips For The Spring Season

Have you heard them say spring is the season of new beginnings?  Most probably because it is the season when fresh buds bloom, animals awaken, and farmers plant their seeds. It is also the season that the temperature slowly rises, thus we need to be extra attentive to our body and skin’s needs. 

Good thing there are skin care products that are appropriate for any time of the year.  Such is  Timeless Skin Care.  There is a skin serum for every season, as well as a microneedle roller to recreate the spa experience at home. In the winter, you should choose the skin serums with hyaluronic acid for maximum moisturizing effect. In the warmer months, moisturizing is still important, but sun protection is your first priority. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing skin care products for the spring: 

Choose Your Antioxidants Carefully

Antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E go together naturally with spring. They are present in all the fresh fruits and vegetables you associate with spring. As ingredients in skin care products, they offer protection from sun damage. Timeless skin care serums combine antioxidants with ferulic acid, which makes topical antioxidants work even better.

There is, however, a caveat about skin care products with vitamin E. If your skin is naturally oily, then you should not use products with vitamin E. It can make your skin even oilier. Timeless has antioxidant skin serums with and without vitamin E, to accommodate all skin types.

Pleasant Scents for Spring

You probably associate the springtime with pleasant scents. Timeless has refreshing skin sprays with light scents to remind you of the delights of spring. You can choose Timeless skin sprays that smell like rose, cucumber, orange, or lavender. Timeless serums are so light you barely notice them.

Sun Protection for Spring

Sun protection is the most important aspect of skin care in the warmer seasons. You should wear SPF sunscreen when you will be outdoors. Keeping your skin covered with clothing and wearing hats to shade your face will also help protect your skin. Timeless serums and sprays can also help protect your skin this spring. 

Skin tips for the spring season 

MOMI SHARES| Skin Care Tips For The Spring Season

MOMI SHARES| Skin Care Tips For The Spring Season

Spring is the season between winter and summer.  It is also when the temperature gradually rises, often affecting how our skin reacts to the weather. Thus, it is prudent that we know what skin care products to use during spring so we may enjoy it to the fullest 

Spring is here.  Enjoy it and don’t forget our tips to fully embrace the season. 


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  1. SiennyLovesDrawing

    So so true, love your beauty skincare sharing here. Personally so agreeable to the sunscreen protection & favourable scent 🙂 I prefer floral scent skincare personally 🙂 Thsnks for great sharing here


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