MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean-smelling abode

Apr 8, 2018 | Likes, Live, Only Berlin



MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean smelling abode

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean smelling abode

I love coming home to a clean abode.  I specifically love the alluring mix of fresh peony and pink roses mixed with irresistible cherry.  It makes me feel everything is just tidy and shiny.

I guess most of us would love to come home to a clean smelling house, too.  It gives us that smile on our face and a sense of happiness.  It makes our day brighter and even our head calmer.

A clean smelling abode gives peace

Perhaps because a clean smelling house makes us feel more at peace, knowing that our place is tidy and sanitized.  A peaceful ambiance makes us feel like we’ve cleared up our psyche, too, ready to start the week fresh.

A clean smelling abode pushes success

Having a clean smelling house has a spillover effect on me.  It makes me want to have a freshly scented bathroom, too, thus pushes me to clean it.  And as I set out to accomplish a goal like a clean bathroom, I gain confidence that I can succeed other tasks.  This makes me feel ready to take on other challenges.  I bet you feel the same way, too.

A clean smelling abode gives a sense of control

Moving around a fresh smelling space gives me that sense of control over my environment, too.  Have you thought of leaving your abode for a vacation and returning after a few days and the house is still in perfect condition plus smelling ow so clean?  The scent is so inviting that gives you happiness!  It calms your senses, leaving you more relaxed.  That’s the same effect a sweet smelling house gives to me.

A clean smelling abode reflects who you are

The crisp scent of a clean room is mood boosting, making you feel good.  It not only reduces stress and anxiety but pretty much reflects who you are, too.

A fresh smelling home most likely reflects a homeowner who doesn’t tolerate mess.   As he isn’t comfortable with any foul smell, he pretty much dislikes a messy space as well.  Thus reflective, too, on how he takes care of himself.

Come home to a clean smelling abode


MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean smelling abode

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean smelling abode

This homemaker has recently discovered a battery operated unit that automatically time-releases fragrance.   It is from Glade® and it is called Glade® Automatic Spray.  The unit quickly fills the room with freshness and eliminates odors.   It has an etched design that complements the decor of many rooms. It can be displayed just like how others display a porcelain jar on side tables or bookshelves.  Or one may opt to hang it on walls, perhaps near doors or windows. The unit also has an easy-open latch design that makes changing refills easy.

There are two ways to use it. You can set the time and choose one of the three time settings to select how often you would like your fragrance.  It may be set every nine, 18 or 36 minutes. Another way to use it is to boost button.  Just press the button for an extra burst of fragrance anytime you want it.

There are a variety of quality Glade®fragrances you may choose from.  My favorite so far is the Peony and Cherry variant.  It has the alluring mix of fresh peony and pink roses mixed with irresistible cherry that I love.   Another variant is the Lavender and Vanilla.  The scents of creamy vanilla and relaxing lavender flowers offer a symphony of sweet simplicity that lullabies one to a state of relaxation.  A refill may last 60 days when set at the 36-minute setting.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean smelling abode

The Glade® Automatic Spray quickly adds fragrance to the air.  It creates a more tranquil atmosphere, setting a more peaceful and happy mood.   This is my latest favorite and my source of happiness for days now.  I bet my boys would smell the district difference it creates in our small house.  My three children are still on vacation and will be arriving on Tuesday.  By then, I am positive, they will feel the warm welcome of  Glade® Automatic Spray as they enter our small abode.  Pretty much like the warm embrace of their mom who misses them to bits and pieces.

MOMI RECOMMENDS| Come home to a clean-smelling abode


  1. Louisa (@2livelovelaugh5)

    I think I’d like Lavendar and Vanilla because I like lavender alot. A nice smelling home is always inviting and relaxing. I often have oil fragrances wafting in our living room. I have yet to find an affordable and nice smelling apparatus for the bathroom.

  2. Jareds_mum

    It really pays to have a clean and good smelling home. It improves the over-all health and quality of life of the people living in it. It even inspires harmony and better relationship amongst the members of the family. As much as possible, am steering clear of chemical deodorizer, so am relying on baking soda and vinegar, as well as essential oil. I love tea tree oil as it not only helps maintain the cleanliness around the house but also gets rid of bacteria. I would love a citrus smelling home, so I should probably invest on lemon and similar essential oils next.


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