MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| Choose happiness

Mar 26, 2018 | Life, Only Berlin

MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| Choose happiness

MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| Choose happiness

My son was invited by his school to deliver an inspirational message to the graduating students of the CASA Department.  These are the students who will be entering Grade 1.

At first, my 12-year old son declined the invitation.  He told the principal that he has a stage fright.  This mother got a call from my boy’s class adviser and was asked if I could convince my son to give an inspirational talk.

After a few convincing pieces, my son finally said yes.  I asked him to draft his speech.  I read it and I am positive, he is the right choice for the task.

Allow me to share with you my son’s inspirational message to the CASA students of his school.

The inspirational message

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”


Beloved director, principal and members of the faculty, proud parents, and above all, the graduates, good morning.  And my congratulations.


What do I mean with what I have just said a while ago?  That was a quote from John Lennon.  Anyone familiar with him?  He was one of the Beatles members and my mother’s favorite band.

What do you want to be when you grow up


I grew up reading that quote on our family freedom wall almost everyday.  You see, we have a wall in our house wherein we could write, doodle, or just pin anything we would love to say and express.  My mom printed that quote and pinned it on our freedom wall.


What am I driving at?


I am positive that most of you were asked by your teachers “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  As others would say “I want to be a doctor,” others would surely answer, “I want to be a teacher.”


Now, John Lennon was asked the same question.  And he answered, he wanted to be happy.  The teacher said John Lennon didn’t understand the question.  But John, being free-spirited, answered back that it was the teacher who didn’t understand life.


I was once a Casa student.  And I was asked the same question.  I told my teacher, I wanted to be a Fireman.  Now, I would want to be a lawyer.  How can we connect that to John Lennon’s happiness?

Choose happiness

MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| Choose happiness

MOMI SMILES AND CRIES| Choose happiness

Remember little misters and misses, at your age, the best thing you need to do is choose activities that make you feel better.   If you feel answering to be a doctor when you grow up makes you happy, then say I want to be a doctor.  Same with if you want to eat, sleep or draw, do so because it will give you happiness.


Happiness is a choice.  Just like being a fireman or being a lawyer.  You can choose to be happy.   There may be problems along the way, but it is your choice whether you let it affect you or not.


So fellow KMS graduates – yes, I will also graduate like you but from elementary – in everything you do, make sure that you are at your happiest because surely you will enjoy and success will follow.  Because when you are happy, you will surely give your best.  It is also when you are happy that you give more because it gives you happiness.


The purpose of our life is to be happy.  Do not complicate things.  If you do not know what to opt to do, choose happiness and you will never go wrong.


So let us all be merry.  That after all those assignments and waking up early, we are all marching one step higher to achieving what we would want to be when we grow up.


Thank you and once again, congratulations.






  1. Michi (@michisolee)

    What a lovely speech. The message is very clear and straight to the point, parang hindi bata ang nagspeech. Galing! I agree, let us choose to be happy.

  2. Clarice Lao | Camping for Women

    Wow! congratulations to your son. I believe that his message is really wonderful. I also believe that happiness is the key to life. I also agree that yes, we should stop complicating things.

  3. Milton Coyne

    wow, i love the message.. i know that the speech is intended for gradeschoolers but this can actually be applied to everyone. my frustrations in life actually lead me to conclude that happiness is just too much to ask.
    However, it turns out that I am trying to focus on my failures rather than the success I had. I focused too much on the bad side without realizing those simple yet great blessings that i am getting
    So yes, Happiness is indeed a choice. the more happy thoughts you think, the merrier your life will become

  4. Teresa Dumadag

    Congratulations to you and your son. It was a beautiful speech. I love that you shared that quote with your family. It made an impact on him. I agree. Whatever we choose to do, it should make us happy. 🙂

  5. Nilyn Ecm

    Can you please PM me with your kids’ IQ and EQ scores? haha! ‘Coz these kids just amaze me! Very good, Daniel! Congratulations, yes, you really are the man for the job! And to your Momi, kudos for convincing him! I would be very proud of him too! ♥

  6. Marya The BeauTraveler

    The letter gave me goosebumps and I can’t believe that this one comes from a 12-year-old. You’re a lucky mom, and so is he as your son. Keep up the good work, I know your son will go far! 🙂

  7. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Ang galing naman! Makes one mama really proud. His message was not just inspirational but powerful, it moved me. At his age, he’s been influential already, what more 10-15 years from now. You were blessed to have such a wonderful son, Momi Berlin!

  8. Indrani

    That is a very good motivational speech. I must say he is very wise for his age.
    He has observed and learned a lot from his life to be able to say it all so well. Commendable indeed.

  9. Melisa Sanchez

    Itong si Daniel parang na ding nasubaybayan ko ang kanyang milestone through your blog Berns, parang kaylan lang na meet ko tong batang ito ang liit pa ngayon binata na at napakabait,responsable, at masunurin sa mama na bata. Congrats to you momi Berns kasi napakahusay ng pagpalaki mo ng iyong mga aban, and congrats to Daniel. God bless!

  10. mariaisquixotic

    Congratulations to the whole family! He is a wonderful speaker and his piece is really a great and inspiring one. I guess he is very wise for his age. Indeed, he has been raised by a queen to know and learn about all of these. I hope he continues to inspire his fellow tweens/teens!

  11. yogoandcream

    What a beautiful speech! I also only learned choosing to be happy later in life than to focus on just a career. Yes, I truly believe that do what makes you happy and success will follow. So the students who heard your son’s speech are truly blessed. And your son is blessed to have a mom like you.

  12. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits

    This is such a great message for everyone from a 12 year old boy who knows life better than anyone could. I love how you were able to raised your son embracing and instilling the importance of happiness. Yes, doing the things that makes us happy is truly incomparable and it is always something that completes us. I’m sure that he really inspires a lot of young children including the old ones during his speech.

  13. Maan Laxa

    Wow, galing! That’s really something else – delivering an inspiring message to a class. Glad you really encouraged him to do it! It’s a lovely speech.

  14. Jareds_mum

    It is marvelous how this 12-year old young man knows more about life that most adults do! I am sure he inspired lots of younger children that day with his speech. You have a budding public speaker there, mum, and I bet he will be happy doing this for a living when he grows older. And, yes, I most definitely agree, it is best to always choose to be happy!

  15. Farhanna Kabalu

    amazing and witty speech Momi.^_^ clap clap clap! <3

  16. Hnhfua

    My heart melts momshie napakaganda ng sayings true that happiness is always the key to a happy life .. thank you for this very inspiring



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