MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling

Jan 11, 2018 | Likes, Only Berlin

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling

What can better go with lechon, rellenong isda, fried fish, and humba than my favorite atchara?  And I am most happy if in the company of friends who do not even touch the atchara on their plate.   That means I can get theirs and often, they would willingly offer it to me.  That’s how much they have known me to love atchara.

This post will not give you the secret recipe to a delish atchara, though.  I honestly haven’t tried making one.  I just buy atchara whenever I visit food expo and bazaars.  Sometimes, my husband’s aunt from Pangasinan would make a big jar for me and send it to her nephew.  But that happens only when husband visits Pangasinan to check on his piggery business.

What I would like to share with you are the ingredients I found in the best tasting atchara I have tried.   There is no exaggeration here as I have tasted a hundred perhaps of atchara and though they may look the same, and to some even taste almost the same, this particular brand has such distinct taste.

Possibly because of tradition.

The tradition

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling in every bottle of Atchara

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling in every bottle of Atchara (photo grabbed from Lola Deling’s Traditions FB page)

Tradition lies in the strong faith to hand down a belief, custom or legend from one generation to another.  It has a foundation to boast, most probably already surpassed the trial and error phase.

Such tradition is passed on every bottle of Lola Deling’s Traditions Atchara.  The tried and tested formula passed from one generation to another and now slowly gaining support because of social media and of course, word of mouth.

I do not personally know the owners of this brand. I just assume Lola Deling must have started the atchara as a simple tradition to go with lechon perhaps every Christmas or special occasion.  Then later the second generation or maybe the third continues the tradition until they have decided to offer their special atchara beyond the four walls of their home.

The ingredients

Lola Deling’s Traditions Atchara, has the sweet and sour flavor that we all love for an atchara.  But what makes it a stand out among other brands is possibly the inclusion of pineapple.  Not all atchara I have tried have pineapple in them.

It also has carrots, raisins, red bell pepper, and various spices.  Its shredded papaya is pickled in natural organic coconut vinegar, thus making it more appealing to everyone’s taste.

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling in every bottle of Atchara

MOMI SHARES| The tradition of Lola Deling in every bottle of Atchara | My Big Bunso’s school lunch for today, humba with Lola Deling’s Traditions Atchara.

The favorite

If Koreans have kimchi, Filipinos enjoy atchara.  And it can be paired with almost any dry dish from farm meat to fish and different kinds of seafood.  I also love to top my humba with atchara.  Many may find it weird but you must try it to know for yourself.  And from the many brands available in the market, the one that stands out for me, so far is Lola Deling’s Traditions Atchara.  Perhaps really, it must be Lola Deling’s tradition all the more pickled with love, respect, and passion.

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  1. Teresa Dumadag

    My Lola Caring used to make atchara frequently when she was still alive. I watched her make it countless times. But I haven’t tried makign one myself. Whenever I eat or see atchara, I am also reminded of my Lola. She was a great cook!


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