MOMI SHARES| The best spots in Prague for romantic Travelers

Nov 21, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

The amazing capital of the Czech Republic attracts more and more tourists from all over the world every year. This mysterious, romantic, and unique city is sometimes called the heart of Europe. Visitors don’t even need to think about what to see in Prague because there’s always something to see. No wonder that there are so many romantic places to visit and romantic things to do in Prague. This article is kindly provided by UAbrides.

MOMI SHARES| The best spots in Prague for romantic travelers

MOMI SHARES| The best spots in Prague for romantic travelers

Ancient streets and squares

Prague is famous all over the world for its narrow streets and incredibly spacious squares. Every corner here is filled with romance. The most famous street of the Czech capital is Karlova Street. Just strolling along it, you can see the diversity of Prague’s mysterious and inimitable architecture. Karlova Street ends with Malostranska Square. Here, you can rest in one of the cozy cafes or restaurants before you continue your night walk along the beautiful city. It’s impossible to see everything in one day, so book a room in the most romantic hotel in Prague, like the Art Deco Imperial Hotel, and go exploring the heart of Europe the next day.

The Charles Bridge

Visiting Prague and missing Charles Bridge is unforgivable. Even if you have less than three days in Prague, you must definitely see this architectural masterpiece. But walking around the city, or going to the downtown, you will probably come across it anyway, even if you don’t plan to visit it.

Old Town Tower

The beautiful Old Town Tower is just across the Charles Bridge. You won’t take your eyes off this masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You can spend hours looking at its delicate, graceful features, narrow rectangular windows, and sharp spires.

The Royal Road

This road with such a majestic name is a sure proof of how beautiful something abstract can be. For those who live in romantic Prague, the Royal Road is an ordinary route. The road didn’t change much over the last couple of centuries. But the architecture on both sides of the road has changed radically since then.


Usually, people visit museums to see exhibitions in them. Prague museums are magnificent architectural exhibits themselves. There are a lot of museums in the city: the National Museum, the Kafka Museum, the Wax Museum, etc. If you don’t like going to museums, you don’t have to visit them, but you have to take a look at them.


As calm and beautiful as Prague itself, the river Vltava cordially invites couples in love to romantic water trips. In Christmas, the river becomes even more beautiful when it freezes and gets covered with a layer of snow.

Petřín Observation Tower

The Czech Republic can be proud of its own Eiffel Tower built in the center of its capital, although this one is smaller. You can visit it in summer and winter right before Christmas. The top of the tower offers a charming view of the city center, the surrounding gardens, and all the romantic hotels in Prague.

In parks and gardens nearby, lovers can enjoy a quiet and romantic holiday. This place is a great option if you only have two or three days in Prague. Don’t puzzle about what to see in Prague – just take your loved one and go here.

Restaurants and cafes

You can walk in Prague for as long as you can. But even after that, the city won’t cease to fascinate you. There are a lot of romantic restaurants in Prague, which will provide an unforgettable holiday for you and your loved one. It’s so pleasant to drink coffee on a cozy terrace covered with fallen leaves in September and October. Sure, in winter, there are no terraces or fallen leaves. But you can enjoy a snowy city through the window of a cozy restaurant. In January, right before the Christmas Day, the city gets even more beautiful.

The best spots in Prague for romantic Travelers

These are just a few of the romantic places to visit and romantic things to do in Prague.  So if you have plans to visit this amazing capital of Czech Republic, don’t forget to bookmark this post.  


  1. Roselle Cee Tee

    Oh! Will I ever afford Europe?! May be I should limit my staycations to only once a year and start saving for travel outside Asia.

  2. momiberlin

    Of course you can afford Europe. 🙂 It would help if you limit your staycation. Nice idea rin ang limit staycations to once every quarter perhaps:)

  3. Stargazer Writes

    These are a handful of places. I’d love travelling with my boyfriend and I’d love to see these with him. I hope we’d be able to save up to avoid hassles. I am eyeing for the museums.

  4. nilyncartagena

    The million dollar question is: will I ever be able to afford going here or to Europe at all? LOL! For now, I can clearly say I can’t, but who knows, right? hehe. We’ll see! Dahil romantic ito, mas masaya talaga pag kasama ang labidabs dito. ♥


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