MOMI SHOPS| Hey Mom for my family’s health and wellness essentials

Oct 16, 2017 | Life, Likes, Only Berlin

After a series of school commitments, our Big Bunso went home one day with a cough. The following day, I heard Firstborn wheezing as well. With a newborn and a toddler to look after, I just couldn’t leave the house and buy medicine. How I wish I could count on my husband to drop by the drugstore and get some bottles of Carbocisteine. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even leave the bed. He felt ill as well.

For sure you have experienced this, too, and felt you have no one to turn to. But –

Hey Mom!

MOMI SHOPS| Hey Mom for my family’s health and wellness essentials

MOMI SHOPS| Hey Mom for my family’s health and wellness essentials

Such perhaps is the same story of Hey Mom founder that led her to put up an online store exclusively for health and personal care. I, among the many individuals, am benefitting from this innovation. Allow me to tell you my story.

I am a stay-at-home mom. I am always left at home with a two-year-old son and a two-month-old child. Doing errands outside the house is a struggle.  I always need to think about the safety and convenience of the boys. Add to that, I am still recovering from a Cesarean section. Any help extended to us would greatly be appreciated.

In seemingly hopeless times, the only prudent thing to do is – still, to hope. And hope comes in the form of online shopping not only limited to apparel, accessories, and gadgets. There is actually an online store called Hey Mom where moms and even dads can purchase their personal and health needs. From children’s vitamins and medicine to personal care items, Hey Mom has a long list of trusted brands most parents and pediatricians trust. Adult vitamins, medicine, and healthcare needs are also available to give the whole family the comforts of shopping in just one store. On top of that, Hey Mom also has a complete range of best-selling items in bundles to provide shoppers with a better shopping experience. And as I browse through the categories, I must say that Hey Mom is indeed a mom’s partner for keeping her family’s health and wellness a priority.

My family’s health and wellness essentials

Did I mention both my two boys have a cough?

MOMI SHOPS| Hey Mom for my family’s health and wellness essentials

MOMI SHOPS| Hey Mom for my family’s health and wellness essentials

So I went to Hey Mom and readily signed up. I added to my virtual cart the things I need for the month. I got two bottles of Solmux for my two boys and one Biogesic Syrup for my toddler just in case he suffers fever from our recent vaccine. Saw Hey Mom has TrisoPure so I ordered one bottle as well.

After feeling confident with my order, I checked out and headed to the payment option.  Payment is either via cash or credit card. I opted for the former. After just a few minutes, I got an order confirmation via email detailing the items I ordered. Included as well was my billing address and contact number plus the mode of payment preferred. I also got a reminder to ready the exact amount I need to give to the courier upon delivery. But what impresses me the most is the text message I got the same day.  It details my order number, total amount to be paid, and the time and date of delivery.  There are times that I can’t always go online. Thus, a text message is a nice way to acknowledge receipt of order.

My life as a mom

I have come to realize that as we become a mother, there are errands we cannot simply do anymore in a breeze. What used to be a 15-minute trip to the drugstore, for instance, may take an hour or two. Because the hour multiplies as you park the car, get your kid from the car seat, and wear him on your back or front. Opting him to walk side by side with you may make the two hours even three because your toddler would love to make a round within the shop and even open the refrigerator and get his favorite drink.

As being childless can mean freedom and quick trips to drugstores, grocery stores, and even the Laundromat, it doesn’t mean it makes life any happier. Now with five boys, I dropped the idea of enrolling in a gym class, meeting girlfriends every Friday night, and even having my hair and nails done. As doing even the simplest errand seems nearing impossible with kids in tow, but that doesn’t mean my life becomes too difficult to handle.

Being a mom with five children, I often neglect the roses and do not stop to smell them anymore. I become bolder for myself and for my kids, but I often fear for their safety than my own. I also find that my boys’ pain is the worst in the world.

So when they are nearing pain or are in pain, I act fast. In seemingly hopeless times, I turn to hope for hope. And one hope I always love to run for help is Hey Mom. They simply understand that I can’t always find the time to visit the drugstore and buy my kids and even my family’s health and wellness essentials.  They deliver medicine, vitamins, and personal care items right at our doorstep, allowing this mom to tick off one less errand from her to-do list.

You may want to try Hey Mom as well. Sign up now.

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  1. MomsterTeacher

    Online shopping is definitely one of the best innovations. I hope Hey Mom is also available in the province, especially places where transportation is challenging.

  2. Michi

    I’ve been seeing a lot of post about Hey Mom! I haven’t tried this site yet because I’m not sure if they deliver to provincial address. But it is good to know that we can buy medicine and vitamins online.

  3. Nilyn

    When Nate had a cough and all pharmacies didn’t have Duavent (a nebule brand na very effective for him), I tried searching online and even checked Hey Mom! hoping it’s available there. I didn’t realize they only cater Unilab products. But Nate is using Ceelin so I’ll see about ordering here. 🙂

  4. Nerisa

    I tried shopping at HeyMom and had a wonderful experience with them. They call pa to inform when they would deliver the products. I didnt have any problems or issues with buying online at HeyMOm


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