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Oct 3, 2017 | Likes, Only Berlin

I was about five years old then.  I could remember my excitement every time I hear the click of my mom’s shoes.  She used to wear Stiletto heels, a pair of shoes with long, thin, and high heels.   And from our living room, I could hear my mom’s arrival from work because of that distinctive sound.  That started my love for shoes.


I love stiletto heels, too.  I swear I could run fast despite wearing one.  This mom can also balance herself even when standing on trains and buses.   And I love to pair them with a bag of the same color.  It was also my mom who taught me that bags, shoes, and belts should be of the same color- always.

My mom’s strong influence on me reflects as well my choice of fashion.  As most of my officemates would wear jeans and slacks, I would, on the other hand, prefer dresses and skirts.  And I love it as well when I hear the click of my shoes.


My stint in the corporate world was interrupted when I got pregnant with our fourth.  It was an unplanned pregnancy but nonetheless, a blessing.  I decided to be a homemaker and a stay-at-home mom.  It was during that time as well when I decided to focus on blogging.  Never did it occur to me that blogging can even present so many opportunities even for a homemaker like me.

Blogging gave me the chance to do the two things I love best – writing and dressing up.   I thought I will dump those dresses.  I still wear them occasionally when I cover events or attend school gatherings.  But I gave my stiletto shoes away.  I babywear my son and just gave birth to our fifth so I am a little uncomfortable wearing heels when with them.  I now prefer flat ones and they compliment both dresses and even casual wears.  That change gave me the chance to give flat shoes a second look.


Since I got a toddler and an infant to look after, my lifestyle changed.  But there are some things that remain.

MOMI SHOPS| online customized shoes

MOMI SHOPS| online customized shoes (lifted from FSJ Shoes Facebook page)

One of the shoe brands that I love is FSJ Shoes.  They’ve got the trendiest shoes and the choices are just endless from stiletto shoes to boots and even flats.  They even have those leopard print shoes if you are a fan of animal print designs.  And all my shopping is done online which is just so convenient for this mom who seldom goes out.

online customized shoes

Plus, shopping at FSJ Shoes is more enjoyable with the many choices presented before me with just a few swipes and ticks.  And what I love best about them is that I don’t fear to get the wrong shoe size. Why?  Because I could give them my own size and even customize a design I want.  How cool can that be!

To customize, I just upload an image of a pair of shoes I want to be copied with all the details and shoe size.  Or I may request a certain FSJ shoes be customized with my preferred heel height, size, and color.

MOMI SHOPS| online customized shoes

MOMI SHOPS| online customized shoes

Choice. Chance. Change.

FSJ Shoes (Funny She Jill) is a shoe brand.  The name suggests innovation and being adventurous.  It symbolizes the modern women’s life characteristics of pursuit for fashion and of quality.  And FSJ Shoes is my brand.

I may be given the chance to be a stay-at-home mom but that doesn’t mean my love for dressing up was gone too.  I just changed preference.  But my brand remains.

You may want to check this brand.  Perhaps you’ll find their products worth your time and money, too.

Momi Berlin Directory
FSJ Shoes website 

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  1. klaudia

    I could just keep going wow, wow, wow. I must admit I haven’t visited your blog for a while, so to me, it is a new look and I just love it! Great job. 5 babies …wow 🙂 So, you had another baby. Congratulations, this is amazing, I love kids. I also used to envy my mum for those heels that went so lovely clack click clack when she walked, did you never steal your mums and walked around in them? I did. Another wow for these shoes, customizable shoes?! That is cool, I have never heard of that before. Will certainly check out their website.


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