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Aug 15, 2017 | Life, Love, Only Berlin

Time has always been not that friendly to us especially when the kids are about to take their monthly and quarterly examinations.  As we review for a test, we tend to overspend time in one subject that before we knew it, it was evening already.  No more time left for other subjects.  Worst, no time spared for my other boys needing my help as well.

This time, though, I told the kids the need to organize our schedule.  And by doing so, we need each other’s help. Every evening, we review past lessons and study in advance. This way, we need not cram for exams as the kids are well reviewed of past lessons.

Review test and time management

Though this has been our system for some time, it’s only this month that we practice it with firmness.   We have been consistent with it.  Everyone abides by our rule.  Every day, I become less of a nag and the kids seem to manage their time independently, even in doing their homework and projects by themselves then asking me to recheck them later.

As the days progress, everyone helps and welcomes new tasks. Everyone shares responsibilities.   When the mother is busy with one boy, my two other kids are either washing the dishes or reheating the food for dinner.  Sometimes, someone is upstairs typing or creating review questionnaires for his brother.


This is our sweet Bunso helping me with his kuya M’s review test.

Responsibilities mount with age

Responsibilities mount with age. But at their tender age, I could see my boys’ eagerness to learn and do things on their own.  Good thing the initiative to welcome new tasks is something innate to them.

I hope this system would really help us cope with our house and school obligations.  And beyond that, may the kids see this not as a burden but something valuable.  It has always been my goal to help my children learn tangible ways to manage not just time but be independent and have the initiative and not be nagged into getting something done.

But why the fuss on making review test and putting more time in their studies?  Perhaps the three boys are a little shaken by the results of their first mastery exam.  After an impressive school standing last year, the three of them began to lag this quarter.  And they just don’t want that. 

So,  for next week’s examinations, good luck boys!


  1. Mumwrites

    The few weeks nearing my little one’s examination week are also the most challenging for me. I must admit I often fail in time management as we always wait until the exam week to review. I need to make changes around the home and review as early as possible so my son will get better exam results. Thank you for this reminder! For the time being, though, this mum gets to do all of the chores around the house. I sure hope that as Jared grows, he will be more willing to lend a hand in chores, especially those that are appropriate for his age.

    • momiberlin

      Surely your son will help ou with the household chores when the time comes he is able na. I also believe reviewing in advance is a nice option to get better grades on exams.



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