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Jun 26, 2017 | Life, Only Berlin

My little man woke up early.  I just finished preparing the boys’ food so I told my little man we could spend a few hours reading stories.  We read the story of the Cock and the Jewel.

The Cock and the Jewel

Be content with your life

Be content with your life

A Cock was busily scratching and scraping about to find something to eat for himself and his family, when he happened to turn up a precious jewel that had been lost by its owner.

“Aha!” said the Cock. “No doubt you are very costly and he who lost you would give a great deal to find you. But as for me, I would choose a single grain of Barleycorn before all the jewels in the world.”

The Hottest Mommas

I belong to a mommy group and we fondly call ourselves the Hottest Mommas.  We share blog opportunities and tips on how to improve our craft.  We also share a few petty problems and by the end of our conversation end up laughing.

What I love about our group is we tag each other on social media if we see opportunities.  If the opening calls for a beauty blogger, for instance, we call the attention of our blogger and Makeup artist friend Mhaan.  It is safe to say we support each other.  We also respect and acknowledge each other’s niche.

Be content with your life

Precious things are for those who prize them.

Opportunities are like those precious gems the cock found one day.  Sadly though, not all opportunities are meant for us.  There are chances and breaks intended for others, and it is but prudent to share those with them. After all, what benefit will those opportunities bring us if they aren’t for us in the first place?  I find being contented with life better than pushing for something not meant for us.


  1. Nerisa

    This is so true. I think I read a different story but with the same moral about a man traveling in the desert who is very thirsty. He found a diamond worth billions but felt very sad because he would exchange that same amount to a drop of water – because that is what he needed at that time. Not all opportunities are for us. Good to know you have a circle of friends who support each other.

  2. Czjai

    So true! Contentment = happiness 🙂
    Also, life has a way of making things happen. If an opportunity is meant for you, things will work out. 🙂

  3. Me-An Clemente

    I agree with you. We should be content with our lives. We may not have been to get a good opportunity but we end up getting a better opportunity that we haven’t expected. Thank you for this reminder.

  4. Rayrose Samson

    Yup, this article gives me boost of confidence and everything you have now is great.

  5. Michi

    Good for you that you belong to a nice group. It is really nice to have a group who will support you, hindi yung nagcocompete kayo sa isa’t isa. Ang dami nasisira ang friendship because of competition. Agree, na hindi lahat ng opprotunities para sayo so it is best to share the opportunities.

  6. Above Precious Rubies

    Yay! Hottest mommas! Pinanindigan na talaga ang name! Yeah! 😀 Seriously speaking though, contentment talaga plays a huge role in our lives. If we are contented, ‘di tayo naiinggit. ‘Di tayo natethreaten kung ano man ang naachieve ng isa. No matter how rich one is, if he isn’t contented, he’ll still not have joy.

  7. Janice

    There really are a lot of opportunities out there. We just need to keep our eyes open and pay attention. Then, we should learn to weed out those that aren’t really meant for us.

  8. Maan

    Contentment is key! While I have nothing against ambition (I am ambitious myself!), constantly chasing what the world values vs. what we should really value will get us nowhere.

  9. Jackie

    Yes, not every opportunity is for us but when they are, we should share our blessings. Great post! I had never heard of this story but it’s something I can share with my kids as well. 🙂 More power to your blog!

  10. Lhourdes Mercadero

    Can’t agree withbyou no more. Contentment makes life more easier and happier.
    Its goodnto know youbhave this group that supports each other.

  11. cieri of

    Nice and meaningful story. I am always glad to read the stories you share here. This is a good reminder. Sometimes, it makes us feel better to share opportunities if we can, especially if we know that it’s for the better.

  12. Carola

    Great lesson on being happy with what you have. And on helping others! It’s awesome that you have this group where you all help each other with opportunities. That’s amazing!

  13. May Palacpac

    I agree. Not all opportunities are for us. But not all opportunities that aren’t ours are obvious, though. It’s easier to let go of those that didn’t go our way, but for the rest, we need to make the right decisions for. 😉

    It’s nice to know you’ve found your blogger tribe. 🙂 I love mine too!

  14. TweenselMom

    Hundred percent agree with you. But contentment doesn’t mean stopping on being someone better. We should always be up for the challenge of being better versions of ourselves, as they say.


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